Airbus Helicopters as365 dauphin 2

Derived from Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2

Airframes built before January 1st, 2014 listed as Eurocopter as365

Model News

TC-300 Cameras on Indonesian Navy AS565MBe, 12-Sep-19 : DSEI 2019 Indonesian Navy ordered two TrakkaCam TC-300 compact, high performance cameras as part of the mission equipment package of the AS565MBe Panther helicopters. The single-LRU multi-sensor surveillance system weights 20 Kgs ~ 44 lbs

Lithuania Renewed AS365N3+ HCare Support, 10-Dec-18 : #Lithuania Lithuanian Air Force renewed HCare Infinite material management support contract for the 3 SAR AS365N3+ Dauphin which achieved 97% average availability in first 3 years of service

AS565MBe Panther Service in Mexican Navy, 12-Dec-17 : An overview of the qualities of the AS365MBe in use by the Mexican Navy

Tenth and Last AS565MBe Panther to Mexican Navy, 06-Dec-17 : Airbus delivered last two of ten AS565MBe Panther helicopters ordered by the Mexican Navy in 2014

Indonesia PTDI Delivering Airbus helicopters, 30-Mar-17 : Benefitting from a partnership of over four decades, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) recently delivered a AS332/H215M, 2 EC725/H225M and 2 AS555 Fennec to the Armed Forces. AS565MBe Panther to follow

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Derivatives & Versions

AS365N3+ Dauphin 2 2014 Produced from 2009, for early airframes see Eurocopter
AS565MBe Panther 2014 Shipborne variant, powered with two Safran Arriel 2N engines which enhance hot and high conditions performance. Achieves a top speed of 278 km/h ...
H155 / EC155B1 2014 Airframes built before 2014 listed under Eurocopter EC155B1. Renamed H155 in February 2015
H160 2015 In 2011 Eurocopter announced development of the Dauphin replacement with codename X4. A 4-6ton five-bladed main rotor rotorcraft, is the first ...

List of Operators of Airbus Helicopters as365 dauphin 2

From Organisation with model as365 dauphin 2
japan All Nippon Helicopter
    AS365N3+ Dauphin 2 2014/   
japan Keisatsu-chō
singapore Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia
thailand Royal Thai Police
    AS365N3+ Dauphin 2 2014/   
japan Fire and Disaster Management Agency
lithuania Karines Oro Pajegos
    AS365N3+ Dauphin 2 2015/   
mexico Armada de Mexico
    AS565MBe Panther 2016/   
indonesia tentara nasional indonesia angkatan laut
    AS565MBe Panther 2017/   
kuwait Kuwait Ministry of Interior
    AS365N3+ Dauphin 2 2017/   
argentina Policia Federal Argentina
    H155 / EC155B1 2018/   
Construction Numbers on database of as365 dauphin 2 or its versions

6AS565MBe Panther

Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
6979 as365n3+ 2015 UK G-CIUC : Airbus Helicopters UK Nov15-May16, test serial F-WJXI
TH HS-LCF : King Power Intl Co Ltd, Thailand Jun16-Jun17
UK G-SSKP : Starspeed Jun17-Mar19
UK G-NHAD : Multiflight Services at Leed
UK G-NHAD : The Great North Air Ambulance Service, Northumberland W+
6981 AS565MBe Panther 2016 MX ANX-2155 : Marina, test serial F-ZWCG
6987 as365n3+ 2014 TH 3001 : Police d/d 23sep14, test serial F-WTCK
6991 h155 2015 UK G-CIOT : Airbus Helicopters UK Jul15-Apr16; M-ALFR ntu
SM T7-ALF : San Marino from May16
13mar19 13.55 hs landed at Leeds Bradford airport, UK
6992 as365n3+ JP JA66NH : ANH from Jul14
6993 h155 SG F-WTCR : AHSA, to Thailand
TH 93308 : Royal Thai Survey Department
6995 h155 2015 JP JA110U : Airbus helicopters Japan Jun/Dec 2016, test serial F-WW+
JP JA110U : Kagawa Prefecture Police from Dec16
6996 as365n3+ 2015 LT 41 : Lithuania airforce d/d 02jun15, test serial F-WWOK
6997 h155 LA RDPL-34237 : Lao People’s Liberation Army Air Force from 11oct15
6998 h155 2015 JP JA155H : Hyogo Prefectural Police from Feb15
6999 as365n3+ 2014 JP JA02KF : Airbus Helicopters Japan Nov14, test serial F-WWOH
JP JA02KF : Kawasaki City Fire Air Corps from Jul15
7000 h155 SG F-WWOR : AHSA, to Thailand
TH 93309 : Royal Thai Survey Department
7001 as365n3+ JP JA08AR : Nagoya City Fire Air Corps from Mar15
7002 h155 LA RDPL-34236 : Lao People’s Liberation Army Air Force from 11oct15
7003 h155 2015 MC 3A-MTG : Monaco, test serial F-WJXM
7008 as365n3+ TH 3002 : Police, test serial F-WTCH
7010 h155 CN B-70TD : China, to N10ZY
US N10ZY : Wing And Rotor Transportation Holdings Llc at Morristow+
7012 as365n3+ 2016 JP JA03FP : Airbus Helicopters Japan May/Dec 2016
JP JA03FP : Fukuoka Prefecture Police from Dec16; pictured
7013 as365n3+ FR F-WWOL : Airbus Helicopters jun15
LT 42 : Lithuania airforce d/d Sep15
7015 as365n3+ LT 43 : Lithuania airforce d/d Dec15
C/N is 7015
7018 h155 CN 61002 : Shaanxi Police from Nov16, test serial F-WWOF
7019 as365n3+ 2017 JP JA18AR : Airbus Japan Sep17-Jan18
JP JA18AR : Fukuoka City Fire Department from Jan18 based at Kobe
24jun19 at Fukuoka
7020 h155 2016 UK G-TBUC : Airbus Helicopters UK Jul/Oct 2016
UK G-TBUC : Noirmont (EC155) Ltd from Oct16
7023 AS565MBe Panther 2016 MX ANX-2156 : Marina, test serial F-ZWCL
7024 AS565MBe Panther 2016 MX ANX-2157 : Marina, test serial F-ZWCM; pictured in test flight at +
7028 AS565MBe Panther 2016 MX ANX-2158 : Marina, test serial F-ZWBG
7031 h155 2018 AR LQ-HWN : Argentina Federal Police from Aug18, test serial F-WWOP+
7032 AS565MBe Panther 2017 MX ANX-2159 : Marina
7034 as365n3+ KW KMOI-06 : MoI Police, test serial F-WWOD; 07dec17 pictured during+
7038 AS565MBe Panther 2017 MX ANX-2160 : Marina
7040 as365n3+ KW KMOI-07 : MoI Police from Jan18, test serial F-WJXP; pictured
7048 h155 2018 CN 31007 : Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau from Oct18, t+
32 C/N.