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  • MD Helicopters MD500E
  • MD Helicopters MD500E

Earlier airframes listed as McDonnell Douglas MD500E

Model News

Minnesota Department Of Natural Resources New MD500E, 07-Apr-16 : MD Helicopters delivered a new MD500E to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Division of Enforcement.

New MD500ER To South Africa, 08-Sep-15 : MD Helicopters (MDHI) announced the sale and delivery of a new MD 500ER single-engine helicopter to Bushveld Game Capture, Vryburg, South Africa.

Houston Police MD500E at ALEA 2015, 15-Jul-15 : ALEA 2015 MD Helicopters (MDHI) will feature one of 8 MD500Es in active service with the Houston Police at the 2015 Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA) Expo, July 15-17 in Houston, Texas

MD Helicopters Delivered 600th MD500E, 08-Jun-10 : MD Helicopters, Inc (MDHI) delivered its 600th MD500E to Eastern Atlantic Helicopters in West Sussex, UK


From Organisation with model MD500E
usa MD Helicopters
    MD500 1999/now
finland Maavoimat
    MD500 2008/now
switzerland Fuchs Helikopter

usa State of Texas
Construction Numbers on database of MD500E


Construction Numbers Help Us

Continue from McDonnell Douglas MD369E / MD500E
0542E 1999 US N31675 : to N554CP
US N554CP : to N554CR
US N554CR : to N629JK
US N629JK : Padgett Ag Air Llc at Palmer, AK
Rotor Blade LLC; w/o 04may16 during power line install+
0544E 1999 US N696XX :
UK G-WEBI : reg 10 Sep 2010
UK G-HUEZ : re-reg 14 Mar 2017
Attended 50th anniversary fly-in at Middle Wallop
0545E 2000 US N150JD : San Diego County Sheriff Dept (SDCO) from Nov00; conv t+
0546E FI HH-9 : Army MD500E; ex N7027P
0548E 2000 US N70402 : MD Helicopters
US N557CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from May00
US N557CR : Columbus Police (CPD) reser
US N599WW : Abraham Equine Inc at Canadian, TX from Apr10
0550E 2000 US N689F : Oklahoma City Police Dept (OCPD) from Mar01, test seria+
US N689F : Dec14-Jan15, sold McDonnell Douglas 369E 2000, 10314 hr+
0551E 2000 US N1726B : Anaheim Police Department Mar01-Feb14
NZ ZK-HTN : DJ & NA Shanks Ltd at Te Anau, New Zealand from Mar14
0552E FI HH-10 : Army MD500E; ex N7032R
0554E FI HH-11 : Army MD500E; ex N70324
0555E FI HH-12 : Army MD500E, ex N70505
02oct13 hit ground during training
0558E 2001 US N7049F : to N505MP
US N505MP : MESAPD from Apr03
0559E 2000 JP 8780 : Hughes 500E, c/n 0559E, ff?; reg N? Hughes unk; del JMS+
US N7009W MD Helicopters Inc, Mesa, Ariz :
0560E 2001 US N7020C : MD Helicopters Jun01
US N552CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from Nov02
0561E 2001 US N691F : Oklahoma City Police Dept (OCPD) from Jan03, test seria+
US N691F : Jul/Aug 2014, sold McDonnell Douglas 369E 2001 Total Ho+
0563E 2002 US N7033V : MD Helicopters Nov02-Jan03
CA C-GZUN : Province Of Nova Scotia, Department Of Natural Resource+
0564E 2003 US N564WP : Wichita Police Dept (WPD) from Sep03
0565E JP 8781 : JMSDF OH-6D 8781; Nov04 asg 211 Kyoiku Kokutai
w/o 12feb15 Ebino, Miyazaki Prefecture. 3 fatalities
0566E 2003 JP 8782 : Hughes 500E, c/n 0566E, ff?; reg N? Hughes unk; del JMS+
US N7066M MD Helicopters Inc, Mesa, Ariz :
0567E 2004 US N556CP : Columbus Police (CPD), to N556CR
US N556CR : Infinity Transport Consultancy at Henderson, NV from Ap+
0568E 2006 US N1576F : Houston Police Department (HPD) from Oct06
0571E 2006 US N551CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from Feb07
0573E 2007 US N9093P : MD Helicopters Sep07
US N558CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from Mar08
MD530F Sep15 conv to MD530F for CPD
0575E 2007 US N9020Q : MD Helicopters
US N554CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from May08
0578E US N108PP : PPD
May14, Still working for Pomona Police
0581E 2008 US N90806 : MD Helicopters from Jun08
US N553CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from Jan09
0583E 2008 US N951RP : City Of Riverside (RPD) from Aug09, ex N872SA; 27oct13 +
0584E 2008 CH HB-ZKC : Robert Fuchs AG from Feb/Mar 2009, MD Helicopters test +
IT I-ELLO : Italy
0585E 2008 US N8374F : Houston Police Department (HPD) from Dec08, test serial+
0586E 2008 US N8375F : Houston Police Department (HPD) from Jan09, test serial+
0587E 2008 US N5277F : Houston Police Department (HPD) from Jan09, test serial+
0588E 2008 US N5278F : Houston Police Department (HPD) from Apr09, test serial+
0590E 2009 CH HB-ZKD : Robert Fuchs AG from Aug09, MD Helicopters test serial +
15oct14 pictured on display at Helitech 2014, Amsterdam+
0595E 2009 US N40777 : Md Helicopters Feb09
US N556CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from Sep09
0596E 2009 US N5279F : Houston Police Department (HPD) from Oct09
0597E 2009 US N5280F : Houston Police Department (HPD) from Oct09
13jul15 on display at ALEA 2015, Houston, TX; pictured +
0598E 2009 US N501RM : MD Helicopters Sep09
US N501RM : Pasadena Police Department from Mar10
0601E 2010 US N43792 : MD Helicopters Nov09
US N43792 : Shier Aviation at San Diego, CA Apr10-Sep13
US N43792 : Two Bear Air Rescue from Aug13
0602E US N501RM : MD Helicopters, to N11965
US N11965 : to N911HY
US N911HY : Hawaii County Fire Department (HCFD) from Jul10
0606E 2011 US N4289Y : MD Helicopters from Mar10
US N557CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from Mar12
0608E SV 48 : FAS Oct12, test serial N43656
0609E SV 49 : FAS Oct12, test serial N4272E
0610E SV 50 : FAS Oct12, test serial N40899
0611E 2012 US N691PD : Kansas City Police (KCPD) from Oct12, test serial N4091+
0612E 2012 US N692PD : Kansas City Police (KCPD) from Sep12, test serial N4093+
03aug16 mech problem and emergency landing in downtown +
0613E 2012 US N690PD : Kansas City Police (KCPD) from Sep12, test serial N4104+
0617E 2013 US N41628 : MD Helicopters 2013
US N911GJ : Polk County Sheriff Office (PCSO) from Nov13
0619E 2014 US N6060S : MD Helicopters Canc Jul14
CN B-7779 : China reg 31dec14
0620E 2014 US N6100A : MD Helicopters 2014
US N911WJ : Polk County Sheriff Office (PCSO) from Jul14
0622E 2015 US N60220 : MD Helicopters, MD500ER type
ZA ? : Bushveld Game Capture from Sep15
0623E 2015 US N60302 : MD Helicopters May/Nov 2015
US N155NR : Minnesota Department Of Natural Resources (DNR) from F+
50 C/N.

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