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54508 2015 CA C-FCVI : Bell Canada May/Sep 2014
US N407CG : Bell Sep14-Mar15
CA C-GPWY : Bell Canada from Apr15
54539 2014 US N523YB : Bell, test serial C-FFOZ
US N765MT : GC Air Llc at Danbury, CT Mar/Sep 2015
US N765MT : Helifleet 2015 Llc at Norwalk, CT from Dec15; Med-Trans
US N765MT : Wings Air Rescue by Jul16, op by Med-Trans
54540 2014 US N522UC : Bell, test serial C-GADH
US N766MT : GC Air Llc at Danbury, CT Mar/Sep 2015
US N766MT : Helifleet 2015 Llc at Norwalk, CT from Dec15; Med-Trans
US N766MT : Wings Air Rescue by Jul16, op by Med-Trans
54548 US N524NB : Bell, test serial C-FHGV
MX XC-LOF : Mexico, reser XC-HDF
MX XC-HDF : SSP CDMX; 03may17 pictured at Mexico DF
54568 2015 US N534QB : Bell Helicopter Feb15, test serial C-FIXM
US N407XP : Bell Helicopter from 30jan15
Nov15 pictured on demo tour in Nepal
54576 US N536MQ : Bell from Feb15, test serial C-FIOE
BR PR-RSJ : Medalhao Ponto Com, Brazil d/d 03sep15
31aug16 pictured on display at LABACE 2016
54585 2015 US N709MT : MB Equipment Finance at Towson, MD from Jul15; Med Tran+
US N709MT : First Flight from Mar17, op by Med Trans
54587 2015 US N538CB : Bell Helicopters Mar15
US N372AM : Air Methods d/d 15jan16
54590 2015 US N538YU : Bell Apr/Sep 2015
ZA ZT-RGX : Sep16 on display at AAD 2016, South Africa
54592 2015 US N538FB : Bell Apr15
US N377GX : Bell May15
US N377SL : ALVAC Inc at Boise, ID from Aug15; Air St Luke
54617 2015 US N293AM : Air Methods from Apr16, test serial C-FKVQ
54618 2015 CA C-FKVG : Bell Canada Jun15-Nov16
NP 9N-ALT : Simrik Air from Jan17
54632 2015 US N585VB : Bell
US N732MT : Med Trans Corp Jan/Apr 2016
US N732MT : Wings Air Rescue by Oct16, op by Med-Trans
54633 2015 US N156BH : Bell Aug/Sep 2015
CO PNC-0930 : Policia Nacional; to be confirmed
54640 2015 US N591JA : Bell Oct15-Jun16
US N591JA : Top Flight Helicopters Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE fr+
26jul16 flying over Silecroft Cumbria
UK G-TOPI : Top Flight Helicopters at Isle of Man from Aug16
54649 2015 US N463AM : Bell Nov15
US N901NM : Air Methods from Dec16
US N901NM : North Mississippi Medical Center, CareFlight from Dec16+
54650 2015 US N603EB : Bell Nov15-Jun16
TR TC-HSE : Saran Aviation from Jul16, first 407GXP in Turkey; 07oc+
54653 2016 US N6908L : Bell Jan/May 2016
CZ OK-BHX : Bell Europe May16
BE OO-MML : Meurrens Machinery at Lummen, Belgium from Mar17
54685 2016 US N653PB : Bell Mar16
US N685MT : Med-Trans Aug16
US N914UF : Bank of Utah Trustee from Oct16; Medstar Air Care 1, B+
54686 2016 US N662YB : Bell Dec16
US N686MT : Med Trans
US N915UF : UF Health ShandsCair Flight Program
20 C/N.

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