Yamaha RMAX


Yamaha RMAX

The Yamaha RMAX remotely piloted helicopter is widely used in agriculture spraying having logged more than 2 million flight hours treating agricultural acres since its debut in 1997. As of 2016 tehere are 2,500 Yamaha RMAX helicopters in operation worldwide spraying more than 2.4 million agricultural acres annually.

  RMAX News

Yamaha RMAX Debuts Spray Service

Yamaha RMAX Debuts Spray Service

19-May-16 - New Yamaha office at Napa County Airport in California will serve as operations base for RMAX drone agricultural spray services in Napa and Sonoma
WSU Unmanned Helicopter Yamaha RMAX UAV

WSU Unmanned Helicopter Yamaha RMAX UAV

11-Aug-15 - Washington State University (WSU) and Digital Harvest Corp tested an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to blow rainwater off cherry orchards to avoid fruit losses.
Northrop Grumman / Yamaha presents Rotary-Bat

Northrop Grumman / Yamaha presents Rotary-Bat

08-May-14 - SAN DIEGO - Northrop Grumman Corporation and Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., have agreed to work together to develop and market an innovative small, unmanned autonomous helicopter system.

  Derivatives & Versions of RMAX

N-G Rotary-Bat

2014 The R-Bat is an Unmanned Autonomous helicopter System (UAS) that merges an airframe produced by Yamaha and the autonomous control and intelligenc ...

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Construction Numbers

C/N Built as Year History
L27-1-100111 US N546UY
L27-3-100116 N546WY

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