Westland sea king




Westland commando

Tactical assault derivative developed from the Sea King HAS.1, with all the AS gear removed (including the radome aft of the main rotor) fixed undercarriage and removal of sponsons for 21 fully equipped troops or Medevac, ground attack or SAR role. ff 12 Sep 1973.
The Commando Mk.2, ff 16 Jan 1975 (as G-17-12), was developed from the Sea King HAS.2, but with Anti-Submarine gear and sponsons removed, leaving a fixed main undercarriage. Flotation bags added to the Sea King HC.4 (as the Commando Mk.2 is known in Royal Navy service) because of likely extensive over water operations.


Engine: 2 x RR Gnome H1400-1 1660shp
Capacity: 2 + 28
Length: (m) 22.15
Height: (m) 5.13
Blades: 5
Rotor diam.: (m) 18.9
Disc area: (m2) 280.55
Weight: (kgs) Empty: 5700     Max: 9525
Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 208
Range: (km) 445
Ceiling: (m)
Rate/Climb: (m/min) 616


From Organisation with model commando
united kingdom Westland
    sea king 1969/00
egypt El Qūwāt El Gawīyä El Maṣrīya
qatar Qatar Emiri Air Force
    12 1975/now
Construction Numbers on database of commando


Construction Numbers Help Us

wa 782 1973 UK G-17-1 : Westland re-registered to G-BBHO
UK G-BBHO : Westland ex G-17-1 toward 262
EG 262 : Westland Commando Mk.1, c/n WA782, f/f:?; reg G-17-1 fo+
wa 783 1973 UK G-17-2 : Westland re-registered to G-BBHP
UK G-BBHP : Westland ex G-17-2 toward 263
EG 263 : Westland Commando Mk.1, c/n WA783, f/f:?; reg G-17-2 fo+
wa 784 1973 UK G-17-3 : Westland re-registered to G-BBHR
UK G-BBHR : Westland ex G-17-3 toward 264
EG 264 : Westland Commando Mk.1, c/n WA784, f/f:?; reg G-17-3 fo+
wa 785 1973 UK G-17-4 : Westland re-registered to G-BBHS
UK G-BBHS : Westland ex G-17-4 toward 265
EG 265 : Westland Commando Mk.1, c/n WA785, f/f:?; reg G-17-4 fo+
wa 786 1973 UK G-17-5 : Westland re-registered to G-BBHT
UK G-BBHT : Westland ex G-17-5 toward 261
EG 261 : Westland Commando Mk.1, c/n WA786, f/f:?; reg G-17-5 fo+
wa 803 1974 EG 721 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA803, f/f:?; del Egyptian+
wa 804 1975 EG 722 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA804, f/f:?; del Egyptian+
wa 805 1975 EG 725 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA805, f/f:?; reg G-BDVL f+
wa 806 1975 EG 723 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA806, f/f:?; reg G-BDGS f+
wa 807 1975 EG 726 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA807, f/f:?; reg G-BDOV f+
wa 808 1975 EG 724 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA808, f/f:?; reg G-BDGT f+
wa 809 1975 EG 727 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA809, f/f:?; reg G-BDGU f+
wa 810 1975 EG 728 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA810, f/f:?; reg G-BDGV f+
wa 811 1975 EG 729 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA811, f/f:?; reg G-BDGW f+
wa 812 1975 EG 730 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA812, f/f:?; reg G-BDJI f+
wa 813 1975 EG 731 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA813, f/f:?; reg G-BDJJ f+
wa 814 1975 EG 732 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA814, f/f:?; reg G-BDJK f+
wa 815 1975 EG 733 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA815, f/f:?; reg G-BDJL f+
wa 816 1975 EG 734 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA816, f/f:?; reg G-BDJM f+
wa 817 1976 EG 735 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA817, f/f:?; reg G-BDLA f+
wa 818 1976 EG 736 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA818, f/f:?; reg G-BDLB f+
wa 819 1976 EG 737 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA819, f/f:?; reg G-BDLC f+
wa 820 1976 EG 738 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA820, f/f:?; reg G-BDLD f+
wa 821 1976 EG 739 : Westland Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA821, f/f:?; reg G-BDLE f+
wa 828 1975 QA QA20 : Westland WS-61 Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA828, ff 09Aug75; r+
wa 829 1975 QA QA23 : Westland WS-61 Commando Mk.2C, c/n WA829, ff 09Oct75; r+
SL SL-01 : Sierra Leone; Jul15 noted wfu at Dunsfold, UK
wa 836 1976 QA QA22 : Westland WS-61 Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA836, ff 10Mar76; r+
wa 837 1976 QA QA21 : Westland WS-61 Commando Mk.2A, c/n WA837, ff 16Mar76; r+
wa 866 1978 EG 744 : Westland Commando Mk.2E, c/n WA866, f/f:?; reg G-BFSE f+
wa 867 1978 EG 741 : Westland Commando Mk.2E, c/n WA867, f/f:?; reg G-BFSF f+
wa 868 1978 EG 742 : Westland Commando Mk.2E, c/n WA868, f/f:?; reg G-BFSG f+
wa 869 1978 EG 740 : Westland Commando Mk.2E, c/n WA869, f/f:?; reg G-BFSH f+
wa 919 1982 QA QA30 : Westland WS-61 Commando Mk.3, c/n WA919, ff 14Jun82; re+
wa 920 1982 QA QA31 : Westland WS-61 Commando Mk.3, c/n WA920, ff 24Jun82; re+
wa 921 1983 QA QA32 : Westland WS-61 Commando Mk.3, c/n WA921, ff 08Apr83; re+
wa 922 1983 QA QA33 : Westland WS-61 Commando Mk.3, c/n WA922, ff 13May83; re+
wa 923 1983 QA QA34 : Westland WS-61 Commando Mk.3, c/n WA923, ff 07Jun83; re+
wa 924 1983 QA QA35 : Westland WS-61 Commando Mk.3, c/n WA924, ff 15Jul83; re+
wa 925 1983 QA QA36 : Westland WS-61 Commando Mk.3, c/n WA925, ff 23Aug83; re+
wa 926 1983 QA QA37 : Westland WS-61 Commando Mk.3, c/n WA926, ff 05Oct83; re+
40 C/N.

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