Boeing-Vertol 234



Columbia Helicopters Intl conversion of nine 234ER/LR airframes to utility configuration. One lost in crash near Comox, Canada in 1997.

List of Operators of Boeing-Vertol 234UT

From Organisation with model 234UT
usa Columbia Helicopters
    234 1984/   
ecuador ICARO, S.A.
    1 1995/   

Construction Numbers

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MJ-001 1980 US N234BV : 234LR Boeing Vertol, for BAH
UK G-BJAC : BAH Feb81-Jan85; noted date unk
US N234CH : CHI from 1985
CA C-FHFH : Helifor, lsd from Columbia Helicopters; w/o 30oct97 at +
w/o 30oct97 destroyed during logging accident
MJ-003 1981 UK G-BISR : 234LR Boeing 234LR, c/n MJ-003/B-818, ff?; del British Airway+
US N237CH : sold Columbia Heicopters International as N237CH, unk; +
PG P2-CHI : leased to Columbia Helicopter International, Papua-New +
MJ-005 1981 UK G-BISN : 234LR BAH May81-1986
UK G-BISN : BIH 1986-Apr89
US N238CH : CHI from Apr89
Columbia Helicopters Jun98-Feb00, conv 234UT
CHI from Dec14
08apr15 at S.P.I. Brownsville Intl airport
15apr16 at Love Field, Prescott, AZ being accompanied b+
CA C-GHFP : Helifor Apr95-Jan96
CA C-FHFB : Helifor Feb00-Nov12
PG P2-CHY : Columbia Helicopters Papua-New Guinea, 2013
PNG from May17
PG N238CH : PNG from Dec16, remains N registered
MJ-006 1981 UK G-BISP : 234LR BAH May81-Jun89
US N239CH : CHI from Jun89; conv 234UT
CHI 1994-1999
CHI Jan00-May10
CHI again from Apr17
Nov17-Mar18 firefighting in Chile
May18 firefighting for US Forest Service
CA C-GHFP : Helifor Sep93-Jan94, lsd
CA C-FHFJ : Helifor Apr99-Jan00, lsd
PG P2-CHK : CHI Papua-New Guinea from May10
2010 operating in Papua, New Guinea
16mar17 ferrying to Melbourne Australia, will ship back+
19mar17 at Essendon Airport, Melbourne, Australia
18mar17 pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport
MJ-016 1985 US N234BV : 234ER ARCO Alaska 1985~1989
US N224TA : Trump Airlines ~ 1989-1991
US N241CH : CHI at Portland, OR from Jun91; conv 234UT
1997 pictured (pic2) appear in the Film The Lost World:+
CHI from Sep08; w/o 07jan13 crash at Amazonas jungle ne+
EC HC-CEN : ICARO, lsd again
MJ-017 1984 NO LN-OMK : 234LR Boeing 234LR, c/n MJ-017/B-861, ff?; del Helikopter Ser+
US N246CH : sold CHI as N246CH, Sep95; conv 234UT unk; current.
CHI Converted to 234 Combi (19 PAK/UT) Via STC June 200+
15jun10 pictured operating firefighting bambi bucket n+
18aug13 at Ghazni, Afghanistan. Operating as an air ta+
05feb15 at Aurora, Oregon; 11feb15 still
CHI from Jul16
08aug16 pictured (pic2) at Aurora State airport, Aurora+
23dec17 at camp HKIA Kabul, Afghanistan
PG P2-CHL : CHI Papua New Guinea Mar/Jul 2016
MJ-022 1985 NO LN-OMA : 234LR Helikopter Services 1985-1995, test serial N240BV
US N245CH : CHI from Sep95; conv 234UT
CHI Apr08-Apr10
EC HC-CEO : ICARO, S.A., lsd Columbia
PG P2-CHJ : Papua New Guinea Columbia Helicopters from 2010; Aug16 +
04jun18 arrived at Essendon
04jun18 to Wagga Wagga
US N245CH : Columbia Helicopters Inc at Aurora, OR from Jul18
MJ-023 1986 NO LN-OMB : 234LR Helikopter Service 1986~1989, test serial N241BV
US N225RA : Trump Airlines ~ 1989-1992
US N242CH : CHI at Portland, OR from Sep95; conv 234UT
CHI from Oct00
8 C/N.