Aerospatiale AS355 ecureuil 2

AS355F1 Ecureuil 2


Powered by 2 Allison 250-C20F turboshaft engines, increased max weight by 100kg / 220lb

List of Operators of Aerospatiale AS355F1 Ecureuil 2

From Organisation with model AS355F1 Ecureuil 2
morocco Al-Darak al-Malikiy
    AS355 ecureuil 2 1982/   
france Armée de l'Air
    AS355 ecureuil 2 1984/   
france Douane
    AS355 ecureuil 2 5 1985/   
united kingdom Royal Air Force
    AS355 ecureuil 2 3 1993/06
Construction Numbers on database of AS355F1 Ecureuil 2


Construction Numbers

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5012 MY 9M-WST : Weststar Aviation noted 2011, ex ?
5030 1981 US N128NH : as355e to N355EA
US N355EA : to N355HR
US N355HR : reg Feb00; Aug02 noted Manhattan heliport; Africair In+
TT 9Y-TJO : Briko Air Services from Oct03, as F1 type w/o 20mar09
5033 1981 US N915EG : as355e ex N5777H, conv to AS355F1, canc Jul88
UK G-SCHU : McAlpine Sep89-Mar91
UK G-PASF : Police Aviation Services Mar91-Feb03
UK G-PASF : Feb03-Feb06
UK G-XLLL : Feb06-Jan10
UK G-XLLL : MW Helicopters from Jan10
09dec12 pictured (pic1) over West India Docks, Isle of+
18jun13 pictured (pic2) at Ascot heliport
23aug14 Nobles Hospital, Isle of Man
17oct15 brands hatch superbikes
10jan16 afternoon flying over London
24feb17 over Brentwood hovering over houses. mapping?
5043 1981 CA C-GBKH : as355e Kenting Acft Ltd at Alberta, Canada 1981-Apr86
UK G-BNBK : McAlpine Nov86-Feb87, conv to F1 type
UK G-BNBK : Western Power Distribution Plc Feb87-Jun12
UK G-LECA : HFS Aviation Ltd from Jun12; 30sep13 pictured at Norwic+
5107 1981 US N57906 : USA from1981
RTS Helicopter Services Corp at Montvale, NJ Aug95-Mar9+
NZ ZK-HPZ : New Zealand from May96; many owners 1996-2015
NZ ZK-HPZ : Helilink Ltd from Mar15; 08nov16 pictured at the head o+
5113 US N5786D : American Eurocopter 1995, to F-WQDP
FR F-WQDP : Eurocopter, conv AS355N, to OM-OTO
SK OM-OTO : Air Transport Europe; 2001 noted "Lucia"; to SP-TKM
PL SP-TKM : Normal, Poland 2003-2004, rtn as OM-ATH
SK OM-ATH : Air Transport Europe
5115 1981 UK G-WDKR : AS355F1, registered as G-WDKR Jul 1995. To G-NEXT Sep 1+
UK G-NEXT : Ex G-WDKR. Became G-NEXT Sep 1995, to UK MoD in 1999.
UK ZJ635 : ex G-NEXT. Delivered to ETPS at Boscombe Down in Dec 19+
5133 1982 US N354SC : as355f Shamrock Coal Company cnvt. F1 type toward other owner
private? re-registered to N355FF
US N355FF : private?; seen in movie 2012 The Dictator also Bell 407+
5137 CA C-GXPO : Okanagan Helicopters, canc Oct82
US N355EH : ERA Helicopters Nov82-Dec91; w/o 04nov88 offshore produ+
5141 1984 US N5793Y : PHI Oct94-Apr96
FR F-GOUT : Heli Inter SA Aug/Dec 1996
Jan97-May00, lsd
FR F-WQDL : Eurocopter France May00, conv to AS355N
GR SX-HIA : InterJet, Greece noted May04
FR F-GTKA : France 2005-May15, lsd
FR F-GTKA : MBH SAMU May/Jun 2015
CH F-GTKA : Swift Copters SA Jun15-Jan16
FR F-GTKA : Mont Blanc Helicopteres from Jan16
ES F-GTKA : Sep16 newscopter for TVE in Spain, op by Habock Aviatio+
5155 DE D-HUEH : Euroheli cnvt. to AS355F2 w/o 20Dec99
5156 US N5796A : 1988 to F-ZBAD
FR F-ZBAD : Douane; conv as.355f2
5159 US N5796B : PHi; 12mar95 pictured at Lafayette, LA; canc Jul95
FR F-GSAS : Heli Inter Polynesie
5164 1982 US N5796S : PHi; 12mar95 pictured at Lafayette, LA; Mar97 canc
UK G-OGHL : Grampian Helicopter Charter Ltd Apr97-Mar00
UK G-OGHL : PLM Dollar Group Mar00-Oct01, reser G-JARV
UK G-JARV : PDG Helicopters / PLM Dollar Group Oct01-Apr06, reser G+
UK G-NETR : Network Rail (PDG) from Apr06
5166 US N5796T : PHi; 12mar95 pictured at Lafayette, LA;
US N5796T : Evac Llc at Alexandria Bay, NY Mar98-Dec10; to Canada ?
5167 1982 US N548SA Heli USA Airways : 06dic09 substantially damaged when the left engine cowl+
5169 1990 US N57967 : USA, canc Nov88
FR F-WYMD : Aerospatiale, conv to F2
VR-CCM : Cayman Islands, to SX-HNP
GR SX-HNP : Greece, to G-BYKH
UK G-BYKH : Alan Mann Jul/Aug 1999
UK G-EMHH : Hancocks Holdings Ltd Aug99-Jan10
UK G-JESE : Stepford Helicopters Mar/Aug 2010
Arena Aviation from Aug10
18apr15 pictured at Redhill. Notice camera mounted on n+
5174 1985 US N5798B : USA, 1985-Feb90 unk
CA C-FHNB : Heli-Max Ltd at Trois-Rivieres, QC Nov90-Feb95
CA C-FHNB : Four Seasons Aviation at Mississauga, ON from Jul97
22may17 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at its former Toronto Do+
2018 hombased at Brampton, ON
5182 1982 US N5797X : USA Mar83-Nov07
CA C-FFCE : Eclipse Helicopters Ltd at Penticton, BC from Feb08; 15+
w/o 27may18 north of Pitt Lake, BC; after landing toppl+
5184 1982 US N5799M : as355f to N87MH
US N87MH : rtn to N5799M
CA C-GHDV : AS355F1 type; Hélico 2000 Inc at Québec, QC Feb/Jun 2+
High Terrain Helicopters at Nelson, BC Jul06-Feb07
US N355MH : Monmouth Helicopter Services at Rumson, NJ from Feb07
NYonAir New York, noted Nov14
5186 1982 US N5801J : USA, to N101UC
US N101UC : RTS Helicopters Services Corp at Oklahoma City, OK fro+
5215 1982 BW ZS-HMF : as355f BDF, to Bophuthatswana as h5-?
NL PH-HVH : Heli-Holland, conv to AS.355F-1; 18aug97 pictured at SK+
NL PH-HVH : Coast Guard type:AS355F1 TwinStar; from 2005 operator H+
5225 ES F-GJSE :
5230 1982 US N606SP : to N606SR
US N606SR : reg 1991, conv to as355F2 type; Agusta USA Jan/Mar 2004
CA C-FXFX : Velocity Helicopters Jul/Dec 2004; conv to Heli-Lynx 35+
TT 9Y-TJP : NHSL from Dec04
TT SAUTT-02 : SAUTT from 2005
TT MNS-02 : MNS from 2011
TT NSOC-02 : NSOC from 2011
5245 MA CN-AIX : Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie
5247 MA CN-AIY : Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie; pictured at Marrakech aeroe+
5248 MA CN-AIZ : Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie; 23apr14 pictured at Marrake+
5249 1982 UK G-BKJX : as355f McAlpine Helicopters d/d 29oct82 for G-TOFF
UK G-TOFF : reg 30oct82 to Mailam Ltd and then Atlantic Computer Le+
UK G-STVE : reg 08apr88 to James Wilkes PLC
UK G-BTVS : reg 25jul90 to Walsh Aviation and BLS Aviation on 19dec+
UK G-OHCP : reg 14mar94 still to BLS Aviation then Cabair Helicopte+
UK G-OHCP : Staske Construction on 23apr08 (op by Atlas Helicopters+
UK G-OHCP : 18jun13 pictured (pic2) at Ascot heliport
V21 t/a Helicopter Services; w/o 30mar17 crashed in Rh+
5252 1982 AT OE-FXB :
5255 CA C-GYBA : as355f2 Blackcomb AS355F2 type from Jun10
5264 1982 DE D-HERP : May84 Köln/Universität Heliport, Germany
UK G-BOSK : McAlpine May88-Mar92
FR F-WGTM : Eurocopter France, conv to 355NP type
FR F-WQEP : 05jul06 pictured at Marignane with CGTM titles
5265 1983 FR F-GDLV : SAMU Bories Aerien
5274 CA C-FXBC : as355f2 Blackcomb AS355F2 type May06-Jun11
Blackcomb AS355F2 type from Apr12
5290 FR 5290 : AdlA /UA
5291 FR 5291 : AdlA; 1997 to Senegal as spares
5292 1983 NL PH-SLC : Netherlands, test serial F-WZFU
FR F-GFCP : France, many owners Nov87-Mar00
MC 3A-MVV : Monaco, to 9M-SSZ
MY 9M-SSZ : Layang Layang Aerospace, AS355F2 type; w/o 15nov17 at +
5300 1983 DE D-HEHN : as355f Germany to OH-HAJ
FI OH-HAJ : Finland, to G-BPVB
UK G-BPVB : AS.355F1 type; European Helicopters Ltd Apr/May 1999
UK G-DOLR : Dollar Air Services Aug89-Sep92
UK G-ECOS : Golden Harvest Ltd Sep92-Aug94; Pace Micro Tech Ltd Aug+
UK G-ECOS : Multiflight Ltd Aug97-Sep03
UK G-LNTY : LNT Aviation Sep03-Aug06
UK G-LNTY : Bristow Academy Aug06-Aug11
UK G-LNTY : 28may10 type:AS355F1 at Staverton
AU VH-YUR : McDermott Aviation from Aug11
5303 1983 UK G-GWHH : as355f Wimpey Homes Holdings Ltd Jan84-Jan94
UK G-FFHI : Ford Farm Helicopters Jan94-Feb96
UK G-FFHI : McAlpine Feb/Mar 1996, conv to AS355F1 type
UK ZJ140 : AS355-F1. ex G-BKUL (Jul 1983) to G-BWHH (Jan 1984) to +
24/25jul99 32Sqn. Fairford air show
UK G-BKUL : Premiair Apr/May 2006
UK G-VONH : Von Essen Aviation May06-Feb12
UK G-VONH : Premiair Feb/Nov 2012
UK G-VONH : London Helicopters Centres Ltd Nov12-Feb14, to Belgium
UK G-VONH : Apr13-Apr14, sold Eurocopter AS355F-1 1983 - Single Pil+
5305 1986 FR F-ODOQ : to OE-FXI
CA C-FXFX : Velocity Helicopters Apr/Oct 2005; conv to Heli-Lynx 35+
CA C-FXFX : Blackcomb Helicopters from Oct05
CA C-FXFX : Helicraft 2000 Inc Sep07-Jan08; West Coast Aircraft Sal+
5307 FR 5307 : AdlA
5308 FR 5308 : AdlA; conv AS355N; to F-WQAN
5309 FR 5309 : AdlA /UD
5312 1984 UK G-BLJL : McAlpine Aug84-May85, to G-CEGB
UK G-CEGB : Central Electricity May85-Jan90
UK G-WIRE : Central Electricity/National Grid Electricity May90-Jan+
UK G-WIRE : Smart Elicotteri Jan-Apr10, to I-MIAH
IT I-MIAH : Smart Elicotteri from May10, ex G-WIRE
5313 1983 AT OE-BXV : Austria, to D-HOSY
DE D-HOSY : Germany, to 3A-MCS
MC 3A-MCS : Monaco, to I-LGOG
IT I-LGOG : Italy, to G-TOPC
UK G-TOPC : Virgin Helicopters Ltd Jul97-Apr99
Skyhooper Ltd Apr/Sep 1999
Bridge Street Ltd Sep99-Sep07
UK G-TOPC : Kinetic Avionics Ltd from Feb07; Helicopter Services Lt+
5316 FR 5316 : AdlA /SJ EH3/67 w/o 06apr88
5317 FR 5317 : AdlA; 2003 ETE00.043./UE
5318 FR 5318 : AdlA /UF
5323 JP JA9639 : as355f2 Asahi 1988-2008, conv to 355F2 type
5325 1985 UK G-BLRI : McAlpine Aug/Oct 1985
UK G-NUTZ : Oct85-Mar96, lsd to Lake-Air Ltd, Powersense Ltd and Co+
UK ZJ139 : Twin Squirrel HCC.1 ZJ139 from Mar96 but ownership reta+
24jul99 32Sqn. Fairford air show
UK G-BLRI : Premiair Apr/May 2006
UK G-BLRI : Von Essen Aviation May06-Jan07
UK G-VONK : Von Essen Aviation Jan07-Dec11
UK G-VONK : Airbourne Solutions from Dec11
5326 1985 IT I-DEDA : to F-GIVX ntu, to G-PASK
UK G-PASK : Medical Aviation Services Ltd at Gloucestershire Jan/Ma+
UK G-MASK : Medical Aviation Services Ltd at Gloucestershire May96-+
UK G-MASK : Kent Air Ambulance; w/o 26jul98 hit power cables near B+
5327 1985 UK G-BMCY : McAlpine Aug85-May86
UK G-RMGN : May86-Jan93
UK G-OILX : Firstearl Ltd Jan93-Feb99, to RAF
UK ZH141 : RAF AS355-F1 but ownership retained by OSS/McAlpine He+
06may00 pictured (top) at RAF Brize Norton
UK G-OILX : PremiAir, ex-RAF ZH141, 13feb06 and operated as such wi+
UK G-VONG : Von Essen Aviation Ltd 04May06
UK G-VONG : 28sep08 pictured (bot) at Blackbushe. Dauphin G-DAUF on+
UK G-VONG : Airbourne Solutions from Nov12
51 C/N.

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