MBB bo105






From Organisation with model bo105cbs-4
germany MBB
    bo105 1967/92
germany ADAC Luftrettung GmbH
    bo105 1970/07
argentina Policia Federal Argentina
    bo105 8 1972/now
germany DRF Luftrettung
    bo105 1972/09
argentina Policia de la Provincia de Buenos Aires
    bo105 9 1976/now
argentina Gobierno de Buenos Aires
    bo105 7 1978/now
germany Landespolizei
    bo105 1978/06
norway Norsk Luftambulanse
    bo105 1978/??
chile Fuerza Aerea de Chile
    bo105 9 1985/08
south africa Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
    bo105 1986/now
usa FBI
    bo105 1987/12
jordan Jordan Police
    3 1989/10
chile Armada de Chile
    bo105 7 1990/now
germany Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
    bo105 1992/now
japan Tohoku Air Service
netherlands ANWB Medical Air Assistance
    bo105 4 1995/06
netherlands Politie Luchtvaart Dienst
    3 2004/09
israel Lahak Aviation
    bo105 2005/now
sweden SWT Aero AB
    bo105 1 2006/now
argentina Modena Air Service
    bo105 3 2010/now

spain Cuerpo Nacional de Policia
usa State of North Carolina
usa ERA Helicopters
Construction Numbers on database of bo105cbs-4


Construction Numbers Help Us

S-425 1979 NL PH-RPX : POLITIE from 2005 original built as Bo105CBS-2
S-544 1981 NL PH-RPY : POLITIE from 2004 original built as Bo105CBS-2
S-606 1982 US N2913Z : ex D-HDSB, ntu N132EH
NO LN-OSB : Norsk Luftambulanse, conv CBS-4
CH HB-ZHS : Skymedia May06-May12;
Red Bull Air Race support helicopter (2006-2009); Nov08+
S-634 1983 US N2784V : from 1983 to 1987 original built as Bo105CBS-2
NO LN-OSE : 1987 to 2006 norsk luftambulanse
CH HB-ZHR : from 2006
S-644 1985 CA C-GSTV : 105cbs-2 MBB Canada; conv 105S CDN BS-4 Coast Guard; canc Jun85
CA C-GSTV : Okanagan, Jun-Aug 1985
CA C-GSTV : Alc Airlift Corp Aug85-Jan89
US N750H : Deutsche Credit Corp at Deerfield, IL from Jul89; canc +
US N750H : Omniflight ambulance; w/o 09dec91 at De Ruyter, NY. 3 +
S-676 MX XA-MBB : Pegaso; ex N4573H
S-702 DE D-HDVP : MBB toward N958MB
US N958MB : ex D-HDVP toward N153EH
US N153EH : ERA ex N958MB toward PH-NZY
NL PH-NZY : KLM/ERA from 1993 toward new owner 1995 ex N153EH
NL PH-NZY : ANWB from 1995 to Nov96 toward N153EH
US N153EH : ERA from 1996 ex PH-NZY
S-703 1985 DE D-HDVQ : MBB toward N962MB
US N962MB : ex D-HDVQ toward N148EH
US N148EH : ERA ex N962MB toward PH-NZX
NL PH-NZX : KLM/ERA from 1993 toward new owner 1995 ex N148EH
NL PH-NZX : ANWB from 1995 to Nov96 toward N148EH
US N148EH : ERA ex PH-NZX toward N911RJ
US N911RJ Air Med Services Llc : from 2003, ex N148EH; Aug11 Acadian Ambulance Service +
Oct12 as Acadian Air Ambulance at Lafayette LA
S-711 CL H-67 : fach possible as H-61; used as spares; ex D-HDVY
S-714 1984 DE D-HDRB : MBB test serial toward ?
DE D-HNWH : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1986 to 2005 tow+
DE D-HTSA : Eurocopter from 2005 to 2006 ex D-HNWH toward 4X-BJJ.
IL 4X-BJJ : Lahak Aviation from 2007 to 2008 ex D-HTSA toward D-HMS+
DE D-HMSU : Eurocopter in 2008 overhaul returned to owner 4X-BJJ
IL 4X-BJJ : Lahak Aviation from 2008
S-737 1985 AR LQ-ZYR : Original built as Bo105CBS-4. Ex D-HDRY and N967MB. Cra+
conv bo105cbs-5; 2006 pictured at La Plata
S-738 1985 US N970MB : 105cbs-2 MBB 1985, demonstrator
AE N970MB : Aerogulf Services Co Dubai Apr86-Sep87, dry lease for O+
AU VH-MBK : Australian Aerospace 1987
DE D-HDRZ : MBB 1989, conv to CBS-4 type
UK G-CDBS : Bond Helicopters Sep89-Aug99; Bond Air Services from Au+
UK G-CDBS : Air Ambulances, op by Bond; Cornwall Air Ambulance from+
UK G-CDBS : 105dbs-4 28may10 Bond type:Bo105DBS-4 at Staverton
UK G-CDBS : Scottish Ambulance Services; Scotland Charity Air Ambul+
UK G-CDBS : On duty - Scottish Air Ambulance
S-751 1986 US N624MB : PHI 1986-2004, test serial D-HDXM
US N624MB : Metro Aviation 2004-2013
AU VH-NUB : Sky Ag Pty Ltd as RH & RO at Marian, Qld Oct13-Mar15
Papua New Guinea from Apr15
S-754 1986 DE D-HDXP : MBB, to N722MB
US N722MB : 1987 EastCare (Vidant Health), rereg N485EC
US N485EC : EastCare (Vidant Health) from 1991
US N485EC : US Helicopters Oct08-Jul09
AR LV-BZX : Modena Air Service, Argentina from 2010
May11 pictured (top) at Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, Bueno+
24dec13 pictured (middle) flying over Buenos Aires
09mar14 pictured (bot) at La Matanza
Flight Express SA
S-758 1986 US N725MB : test serial D-HDXT, to C-FDXG
CA C-FDXG : 105S CDN BS-4 type; Sunrise Helicopters Ltd, Jul89-Jan+
US N725MB : American Eurocopter Apr94-Mar95, ex C-FDXG
TT 9Y-THP : NHSL from Mar95
S-762 1986 DE D-HDXX : MBB toward D-HNWI
DE D-HNWI : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1986 to wfu 1995+
FI OH-HNS : SHT from 1996/7 to 2006 ex D-HNWI toward SE-HPJ
SE SE-HPJ : SWT Aero from 2006
S-768 1986 US N824MB : US Dept of Justice 1987-2011, test serial D-HDYD
S-771 1987 US N826MB : Chevron 1988-1991, test serial D-HDYG
SR PZ-HWC : HiJet Helicopters 1991-2008, Suriname
US N826MB : Panda Adventures Inc 2008
US N105LL : M & M Hello Family Llc 2009-2013
Astra Charter Inc 2013
VE CICPC 2 : Venezuela Police CSI; Centro de Investigaciones Cientí+
27jun17 helicopter attacks Venezuelas pro-Maduro Suprem+
S-777 1987 DE D-HDYM : MBB toward D-HNWJ
DE D-HNWJ : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1988 to 2006, ex+
DE D-HTSC : Eurocopter from 2006 to apr2006 ex D-HNWJ toward PH-RPZ+
NL PH-RPZ : POLITIE from apr2006
S-780 US N50588 : Chevron 1987, test serial D-HDYP
CL CC-CVY : Helifire Ltda, Chile 2006
AR LV-CQO : Helimedical, Argentina 2011
S-783 US N204PC Pacificorp Trans : Pacificorp Trans 1988; ex D-HDYS; w/o 06jan94 collision+
S-789 1988 US N5414F : MBB Corp, test serial D-HDYY
US N105LC : Lester E Cox Medical Centers at Springfield, MO; Cox Ai+
US N105LC : EAL Leasing Inc at North Bend, OR Nov08-Aug15
R Consulting & Sales Inc at Carson City, NV from Aug15
S-792 US N7062W : J & C Investments at Provo, UT 19/20 Apr 1990, test ser+
BR PT-HVB : Heringer Taxi Aereo Ltda, Dec12
S-797 1989 JO P-01 : Police, test serial D-HDZG 1989-2010
NZ ZK-IBP : Oceania Aviation NZ from Apr13, ex jordan P01
S-801 1989 JO P-02 : Police, test serial D-HDZK 1989-2010
NZ ZK-IBO : Oceania Aviation NZ from Apr13, ex jordan P01
S-802 1989 JO P-03 : Police, test serial D-HDZL 1989-2010
NZ ZK-HVA : Oceania Aviation NZ from Apr13; canc fate unk
S-807 US N81552 : test serial D-HDZQ, to N299EH
US N299EH : ERA Helicopters from Oct01; w/o 10oct96 at Cameron, LA.+
S-810 1989 ES EC-EQY : Policia from 1989, test serial D-HDZT
S-811 1989 DE D-HFFF : DRF Luftrettung conv cbs-5;
105cbs-5 Jun04 Christoph 60
S-820 1989 ZA ZS-RBA : South African Police Service (SAPS) from 1991, test ser+
S-824 JP JA9997 : Tohoku Air Service Mar92-Apr10
NZ ZK-HYT : Rick Lucas Helicopters Ltd at Wellington, New Zealand f+
S-829 1990 DE D-HFCM : MBB, to N2235V
US N105CR : 1990-2010 unk, noted at Puerto Rico 2009/10; TCC Air Se+
AR LV-CSM : Modena from 2012, for SAME (Buenos Aires city medical s+
19oct13 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at Modena heliport
02nov13 pictured (pic3) over Buenos Aires
09mar14 pictured (pic4) at La Matanza
S-835 US N41854 : test serial D-HFCS, to N297EH
US N297EH : ERA Helicopters from Mar91; w/o 16jul98; canc Nov99
S-837 US N7161N : test serial D-HFCU, to 9Y-TIC
S-839 US N71581 : American Eurocopter 1992/1993
AR LQ-WFO : PFA d/d 1993 H-8, test serial D-HFCW; 09nov10 pictured +
09-11dec13 pictured (pic2) (pic3) at Rosario. Go with E+
10jan16 pictured (pic4) in Helvecia, Santa Fe province +
S-842 1990 US N65962 : test serial D-HFCZ, to N291EH
US N291EH : Era Helicopters May05-Jun13
CA C-FIHC : Hunter Helicopters at Langley, BC from Jul13. CDN BS-4 +
S-844 1990 US N6612K : test serial D-HFHB, to N293EH
US N293EH : ERA Helicopters May05-Jun11
S-845 1991 US N4186F : test serial D-HFHC, to N298EH
US N298EH : ERA Helicopters May05-May13
S-846 1991 US N6595A : test serial D-HFHD, to N294EH
US N294EH : ERA Helicopters May05-Jun13, to Canada as ?
S-847 1991 US N65380 : test serial D-HFHE, to N295EH
US N295EH : ERA aviation from Apr91; w/o 16aug92 at ship Shoal 90, +
AR LV-ZHO : Modena; serving Buenos Aires SAME (city public medical +
AR LQ-ZHO : Santa Fe Province police from Aug15; pictured (pic2), 9+
10jan16 pictured (pic3) at Sauce Viejo. AS350 LQ-BIN on+
S-848 1990 DE D-HFHF : MBB toward D-HGAB
DE D-HGAB : ADAC ex D-HFHF; May98 Christoph 20
in 2007 toward ZS-PVZ
ZA ZS-PVZ : THG ex D-HGAB from 2007 toward 9M-LLS in 2010
MY 9M-LLS : Layang Layang Aerospace ex ZS-PVZ from 2010
S-853 DE D-HAWI Heliservice International : w/o 02mar08 crashed in route from research ship Polarst+
S-854 1991 DE D-HFHL : DRF; 1991 delivered
105cbs-5 2007 type:CBS-5 Christoph 46
2008 type:CBS-5 stored/wfu Baden air park
10oct10 pictured wfu at Baden airpark
US N65DA : 2012/2013 type:CBS-5 ex D-HFHL
S-860 1991 DE D-HMBR : MBB, test serial D-HFHR
US N4294R : PHI 1991
US N911JF : Acadian Air Medical
AR LV-GIE : Flight Express SA, Argentina from Feb14
S-861 1991 DE D-HELM : ADAC from 1991 to 2007 toward ZS-PWA
S-862 1991 AR LQ-BLS : Policia BsAs; conv Bo105CBS-5
20apr04 pictured at La Plata airfield
S-863 AR LV-BLT : BsAs Province. Bo105CBS-4; ex D-HMBT, N3151H; crash 8j+
AR LQ-BLT : S.863 crashed an was repaired in 1996. In 1996 the S.91+
Bs As Province Police; conv to Bo105cbs-5; 2011 assigne+
S-865 CZ OK-BYX : Czech Police; ex B-5265; to OK-AAA
CZ OK-AAA : Blue Sky d/d Nov.2010; ex OK-BYX
S-868 1991 DE D-HMBM : MBB Demonstrator, test serial D-HFHZ
US N3203K : American Eurocopter 1992
DE D-HLFB : Eurocopter Germany 1993, conv 105CBS-5
DE D-HLFB : ADAC Luftrettung from 1994; w/o 20jan03 /Christoph19 cr+
DE D-HLEB : 2006 preserved
DE D-HILF : preserved monument at Munich Airport
S-869 1991 DE D-HMBL : MBB, test serial D-HFNA
ES EC-FNO : Policia from 1992, test serial EC-982
10sep04 pictured (pic) at Valencia city Americas Cup s+
S-874 1991 DE D-HMBN : MBB, test serial D-HFNF
US N3203L : MBB USA 1991
DE D-HIII : DRF 1994-2008, CBS-5 type
AT D-HIII : Air Rescue Austria op by HTM 2002
KR HL9617 : South Korea from Dec15; w/o 30jan16 firefighting near G+
S-875 1991 DE D-HFNG : MBB re registered to D-HMBM
DE D-HMBM : MBB ex D-HFNG toward N4345F
US N4345 : American Eurocopter; from 1992 to 1993 ex D-HMBM toward+
DE D-HLLL : 105cbs-5 DRF; from 1994 type:CBS-5
Jun06 type:CBS-5 Christoph 46
2011 toward new owner HELOG
DE D-HLLL : HELOG from 2011 type:CBS-5; West African rescue associa+
S-876 CL H-68 : fach unk; to CC-45
CL 45 : Naval UH-05 type; HU-1; w/o 15jun00 destroyed by fire a+
S-878 CZ OK-BYY : Czech Police; ex B-5278; to OK-BBB
CZ OK-BBB : Blue Sky d/d Nov.2010; ex OK-BYY
S-882 DE D-HMBK : MBB, test serial D-HFNN
JP JA6702 : Tohoku Air Service from Mar99
S-883 1992 DE D-HFNO : Eurocopter to D-HUBE
DE D-HUBE : Polizei Bayern at Neubiberg Airport from Dec93, MBB ser+
105cb-5 PHuStBY 1993 - 2001
Polizei Thüringen at Erfurt/Bindersleben Airport, 2002+
DE D-HUBE : Rainbow Helicopters GmbH 2007-2008 op for Heli action C+
DE D-HUBE : European Flight Service GmbH Mar09
DE D-HUBE : Heli Aviation GmbH Jul09
DE D-HUBE : CHT Air Medical Service eK Jul10
DE D-HUBE : Heli Aviation GmbH 2010 as cbs-5 type
S-890 JP JA6735 : Tohoku Air Service from Jun00
S-891 1994 DE D-HFNW : Eurocopter to D-HBIV
DE D-HBIV : Landespolizei; PHuStBY from 1994
FI OH-HMB : Skärgårdshavets Helikoptertjänst AB, 2004 lsd Eur+
IL 4X-BJP : Lahak Aviation, to HL9630
KR HL9630 : South Korea
S-892 AR LV-WHI : BsAs Province. Bo105cbs-4 d/d 1994, as LQ-WHI; w/o 1995+
S-895 1994 US N204PC : MBB, test serial D-HMBY
US N730TS : Evergreen Helicopters
S-901 JP JA6752 : Tohoku Air Service from May01
61 C/N.

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