Sikorsky s-65 H-53



In 1966, the USAF awarded a contract to Sikorsky for development of a minimum-change CSAR variant of the CH-53A. It featured a retractable inlfight refueling probe, jettisonable external fuel tanks mounted to the outside of the sponsons, a rescue hoist above the crew entry door, armor plating, a Doppler navigation radar and three pintle mounted GAU-2/A 7.62mm miniguns for self defence. First flight: 15 March 1967. Early HH-53Bs featured T64-GE-3 turboshafts with 3,080 shaft horsepower (2,297 kW), but these engines were later upgraded to T64-GE-7 turboshafts with 3,925 shaft horsepower (2,927 kW).
The HH-53B first flew from Stratford, CT on 15 March 1967.

List of Operators of Sikorsky HH-53B

From Organisation with model HH-53B
usa US Air Force
    s-65 H-53 78 1968/08

Construction Numbers on database of HH-53B


Construction Numbers

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65-066 US 66-14428 : USAF; conv to MH-53J
US 66-14429 : USAF; conv to MH-53J
1973-74 I was at 1550 ATTW, Hill AFB with this
1974 in Airport 75 movie
2007 to AMARG, DM AFB
65-085 US 66-14430 : USAF; 40th ARRS w/o 18jan69
65-086 US 66-14431 : USAF; conv to MH-53J
1973-74 I was at 1550 ATTW, Hill AFB with this
1998 Ops loss 551 SOS, Kirtland AFB, NM, no fatalaties.+
65-087 US 66-14432 : USAF; conv to MH-53J
65-088 US 66-14433 : USAF; conv to MH-53J; 02sep10 pictured preserved at 58t+
65-089 US 66-14434 : USAF; 40th ARRS w/o 28jan70
65-090 US 66-14435 : USAF; 1550th ATTW w/o 23sep81
1551st CCTW, Kirkland AFB; w/o 29sep81, aircraft and c+
8 C/N.

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