Sikorsky S-65 H-53



Further USAF H-65B/C/H upgraded by the Pave Low III program


Engine: 2 x GE T64-GE-415 4380 shp
Length: (m) 30.19
Height: (m) 5.32
Blades: 5
Rotor diam.: (m) 24.08
Disc area: (m2) 455.41
Weight: (kgs) Empty: 16482     Max: 22680
Speed: (km/h)     Max: 315
Range: (km) 2075
Ceiling: (m) 5640
Rate/Climb: (m/min)

List of Operators of Sikorsky MH-53J

From Organisation with model MH-53J
usa US Air Force
    S-65 H-53 78 1968/08

Construction Numbers

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65-253 US 68-10924 : CH-53C USAF
CH-53C type 601st TASS first 2 delivered for unit with+
at Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland supporting HMX-1 duri+
21st SOS, RAF Mildenhall
mh-53m conv to MH-53M; 20th SOS Hurlburt Field, FL
pictured as MH-53M type at LRAFB, AR after diverted he+
65-263 US 69-5784 : HH-53C USAF HH-53C type
pictured (top) as MH-53J type at RIAT 1997, Fairford, +
MH-53J type asg 21st SOS, RAF Mildenhall
mh-53m MH-53M type asg 21st SOS, RAF Mildenhall
pictured (bot) at Bierset air show, Belgium
65-269 US 69-5790 : HH-53C USAF; conv to HH-53H; conv to MH-53M
USAF; 21st SOS
65-274 US 69-5795 : HH-53C USAF HH-53C;
31jul94 MH-53J type pictured with 21st SOS at RAF Fairf+
mh-53m MH-53M type asg 21st SOS at RAF Mildenhall
early Jun07 MH-53M type with 21st SOS in Poland to supp+
16 Jul 2007, detached from 21st SOS at Mildenhall for a+
06oct07 to AMARC/HC0048
65-335 US 70-1625 : CH-53C USAF, first CH-53C second batch; CH-53C type 601st T+
conv to MH-53J; 27may95 pictured as MH-53J type 21st S+
21st SOS
mh-53m conv to MH-53M
20th SOS w/o at Bagram, Afghanistan
5 C/N.

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