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    The S-80M-1 export variant of the MH-53E is the only variant of the S-80 series that found a foreign buyer, with 11 obtained by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). The initial buy was ordered in 1983, but due to political problems the first one was not delivered until 1989. The Japanese Sea Dragons are very similar to their US Navy equivalents, but lack the inflight refueling probe. The Japanese Sea Dragons have a secondary transport capability and may be assigned disaster-relief missions, which are a high priority for the Self-Defense Forces. They are now being replaced by 14 EHI MH-101 Merlins.

    List of Operators of Sikorsky S-80M-1

    From Organisation with model S-80M-1
    japan Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
        11 1989/   

    Construction Numbers on database of S-80M-1


    Construction Numbers

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    65-540 US JP N72653,8621
    65-542 US JP N72658,8622
    65-543 US JP N72661,8623
    65-548 US JP N72668,8624
    65-563 US JP N7267Y,8625
    65-564 JP 8626
    65-583 JP 8627
    65-585 JP 8628
    65-586 JP 8629
    65-587 JP 8630
    65-610 JP 8631
    11 C/N.