Mil Mi-10 Harke

Derived from Mi-6 Hook

Model News

50 Years of Mi-10 record-setting load-carrying capacity, 27-Jan-15 : In 1965, the Mi-10, piloted by test pilot Raphael Kaprelyan, lifted a weight of 15 tons to a height of 2840 meters, as well as a 5-ton load to 7151 meters.

50 years of serial produced Mi-10 maiden flight, 18-Sep-14 : Rostov-on-Don - In September 2014, Rostvertol, a Russian Helicopters company (a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of State Corporation Rostec), celebrates the 50th anniversary of the serial produced Mi-10's maiden flight.

Derivatives & Versions

mi-10k Short legged version optimized for slung load duties. It also has a ventral gondola for a second pilot. 15 built (plus 2 conversion) between 197 ...

List of Operators of Mil Mi-10 Harke

From Organisation with model Mi-10 Harke
belgium Skytech International
    mi-10k 1 1991/96

Construction Numbers on database of Mi-10 Harke or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
01-02 CL CCCP-04102 : 2nd prototype. To Paris Air Show Jun 1965
Visited London Gatwick in Mar 1967
2161 mi-10k RU RA-04119 : Komiaviatrans Mi-10k type
2266 mi-10k RU RA-04124 : Komiaviatrans Mi-10k type
2294 mi-10k BE RA-04130 : Skytech in 1994
4 C/N.