Agusta AB212



Nucleo Lotta Anfibia. Airframes re-roled to the amphibious support stripped of asw equipment and fitted with defensive ECM and weapons systems
Set up on May 2, 1994, the Helicopter Assault Group, formerly denominated Amphibious Warfare Team (NLA - Nucleo Lotta Anfibia), provides the Italian Navy with a shipborne flight component, tailored to the Italian Navy specific requirements, which is primarily focused on the support to the San Marco Brigade Landing Force. The assault helicopter is fitted with Night-Vision Goggles (NVGs), a Passive Integrated Self-Protection System (SIAP- Sistema Integrato di Autoprotezione Passiva), providing armored seats for pilots, as well as Chaffs and IR Flares countermeasures. Armament includes two 12.7mm HMPs (Heavy Machine-gun Pods), two 42/59 MG pivoting machine guns, two 19/70 HL multiple rocket launchers. This helicopter can transport up to 5 Elite Forces personnel.

List of Operators of Agusta AB212 NLA

From Organisation with model AB212 NLA
italy Marina Militare Italiana
    AB212 68 1973/   

Construction Numbers

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5103 IT MM80936 : ab212asw Marina 7-04
5122 IT MM80948 : ab212asw Marina 7-16
5124 IT MM80950 : ab212asw Marina 7-19
1996 2 Grupelicot./7-19
5148 IT MM81083 : ab212asw Marina 7-38
Oct15 with SNMG2 aboard Zeffiro (F577)
Oct15 pictured (pic1) with Standing NATO Maritime Group+
Mar16 pictured (pic2) training hoist rescue with Vega (+
4 C/N.