Agusta ab206



From Organisation with model AB206B-2
finland Rajavartiolaitos
    ab206 7 1968/12
austria Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte
    ab206 13 1969/09
croatia Policija
    ab206 1998/now
latvia Valsts Robežsardze
    ab206 2013/now
Construction Numbers on database of AB206B-2


Construction Numbers Help Us

8178 1969 FR F-GAMS : to G-BUZZ 13apr78
UK G-BUZZ : 28may10 Rise helicopters at Staverton
8234 DE D-HAVI : Rotorflug GmbH; w/o 07feb83 at Tylaching
8313 FR F-BKMR : Heli Time; Oct94 pictured at St-Gatien
8314 ME YU-HAW : Montenegro Police, reser 4O-HAW
ME 4O-HAW : Montenegro Police
8319 1970 YU YU-HAZ : ab206a Serbia, to SU-YAE
EG SU-YAE : Egypt, to G-SUEZ
UK G-SUEZ : from Sep98
UK G-SUEZ : Aerospeed Ltd from Aug99
8333 HR YU-HBC : Croatia Police, reser RC-HBC
HR RC-HBC : Croatia Police, reser 9A-HBC
HR 9A-HBC : Croatia Police
8339 1972 UK G-BAKS : from 28dec72, several owners;
1981 appears on 007 film For Your Eyes Only
Stephenson Marine Co Ltd from Jun94; 11jun95 picture at+
w/o 14nov97 crashed in fog, Cocking Hill, near Chichest+
8365 MK Z3-HHA : Policija d/d 1991
8380 FI OH-HRH : Border Patrol, to Latvia
LV YL-HMO : Border Guard
8492 AT OE-BXT : Austria, to D-HAFI
DE D-HAFI : Agrarflug Helilift GmbH Mar94-Sep07
UG AF-317 : Uganda from Sep07
8499 SE SE-HGU : to OY-HDC
DK OY-HDC : Air Alpha Greenland 1985
DK OY-HDC : Heliwork Greenland ApS
8540 1975 UK G-WIZZ : 28may10 Rise Helicopters at Staverton
8550 1978 AT OE-BXW : 1978-1989
CH HB-XSM : Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd Jun89-Oct12
KR HL9301 : from Nov12
8553 1978 UK G-BFND : several owners, Mar78-Nov81
UK G-BYSE : Bewise Ltd Nov81-Aug01
Alspath Properties Ltd Aug01-Mar11
CI Motors Ltd from Mar11
14 C/N.

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