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Chinese AHL Without Date Yet, 16-Jun-17 : Russian Rostec and China AVIC may start the Advanced Heavy Lifter (AHL) development, based on the Mi-26, before the end of this year was announced at the Fourth China-Russia Expo in Harbin

Mi-26 Provides Fire Safety at the China’s G20, 05-Oct-16 : Chinese company Lectern Aviation’s Mi-26TS heavy helicopters extinguished three fires that threatened settlements where the G20 summit was being held.

Russia to Modernize Mi-26T2, 07-Sep-16 : Russian Mi-26 will be upgrade to the Mi-26T2V standard with advanced handling characteristics and more precise navigation and communication capabilities.

Russia and China AHL to be Signed by End of 2016, 11-Jul-16 : Now referred as advanced heavy helicopter (AHH) program, the Russian / Chinese Advanced Heavy Lift (AHL) contract expects up to 300 aircraft to be produced in 5 years

Mi-26TC Delivered to China, 30-Jun-16 : Russia delivered a new Mi-26TC to Lectern Aviation Supplies in China to be used in the Shandong province for fires control, transportation of equipment and oversized cargo.

Russia and China to Develop Heavy Lift Helicopter, 25-Jun-16 : Russian President Vladimir Putin signed agreement to develop the AHL (Advanced Heavy Lift) helicopter between Russian Helicopters and Chinese state company Avicopter

Mi-26, Mi-8, and Ka-32 Helps in Firefighting, 28-Jul-15 : Mi-26, Mi-8, and Ka-32 helicopters have been assigned to around-the-clock duty due to the risk of fires in southern Russia.

Mi-26T2 Serial Production Launched, 22-May-15 : HeliRussia 2015 Russian Helicopters has launched series production on the heavy Mi-26T2 helicopter at Rostvertol.

Mi-26T Completes Unique Transport Mission, 13-May-15 : The Mi-26T, produced by Russian Helicopters, has successfully completed a mission to transport the 14-tonne fuselage of a Mi-26 military transport helicopter from Yoshkar-Ola to Rostov-on-Don

Russian Helicopters and China Discuss the AHL, 28-Apr-15 : CEO of the Russian Helicopters discussed the joint development of the Advanced Heavy-Lifter (AHL) civilian helicopter project with partners from the Chinese corporation AVIC and the Avicopter company

Mi-26T Helps the UN in Sudan, 17-Mar-15 : Mi-26T helicopters are participating in missions of the UN and the World Food Program in the Republic of South Sudan.

Celebrating 30 Years of the Mi-26T Heavy-Lift Chopper, 21-Jan-15 : In January 2015 "Rostvertol", part of Russian Helicopters Holding, marks the 30th anniversary of the serial production launch of the world’s largest cargo helicopter, the Mi-26T.

Russia and China joint transport helicopter by early 2015, 11-Nov-14 : The technical configuration of the joint Russian and Chinese heavy-lift transport helicopter is going to be determined by February 2015 and most likely to be based on the Russian Helicopters Mi-26T

Mi-26 Helps Make New Geographical Discovery, 07-Nov-14 : Russian military Mi-26 carrying equipment to Novosibirskie discovered a new island in the Arctic Ocean. Yaya island, a sandy soil of 370 by 125 metres, rise one metre above Vasilevsky waters

Mi-26 Saves Polar Bear Cub, 07-Nov-14 : The crew of a Russian Mi-26 military helicopter saved a baby polar bear from starving to death in the Arctic after the young bear became separated from its mother.

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