Agusta AB212

AB212 GE

Guerra Elettronica. Italian navy ECM/electronic warfare variant

List of Operators of Agusta AB212 GE

From Organisation with model AB212 GE
italy Marina Militare Italiana
    AB212 68 1973/   

Construction Numbers on database of AB212 GE


Construction Numbers

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5173 IT MM81100 : Marina 7-55. GUFO ecm/elint variant
Preserved Taranto
thirtieth anniversary of the constitution of the Stazio+
5175 IT MM81103 : Marina 7-56. GUFO ecm/elint variant
IT MM81098 : Marina 7-53. GUFO ecm/elint variant
Marina.; mar1999 type:AB212ASW? deployed aboard Euro F5+
IT MM81099 : ab212asw MMI; 2e Grupelicot./7-54
Marina 7-54. Conv ab212ge GUFO ecm/elint variant
4 C/N.