List of Operators of Breda Nardi NH500MC

From Organisation with model NH500MC
italy Guardia di Finanza
    NH500 63 1973/   

Construction Numbers on database of NH500MC


Construction Numbers

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11-0260M IT MM81000 : GdiF-76
16-0265M IT MM81005 : Guardia di Finanza GdiF-81; 1997 Comando Provinciale di+
25-0278M IT MM81048 : GdiF-90
26-0279M IT MM81049 : GdiF-91
27-0280M IT MM81050 : GdiF-92
28-0281M IT MM81051 : GdiF-93
29-0282M IT MM81052 : Guardia di Finanza GdiF-94; 1997 Comando Provinciale di+
30-0283M IT MM81053 : GdiF-95
31-0284M IT MM81054 : GdiF-96. w/o 08jun79 at Roma Centocelle
32-0285M IT MM81055 : GdiF-97. w/o 12jul91 Caorle coastline
33-0286M IT MM81056 : GdiF-98. w/o 31jan87 Bari
34-0287M IT MM81057 : GdiF-99
35-0288M IT MM81058 : GdiF-100. w/o 23jan04 Porto di Columbu
36-0289M IT MM81059 : GdiF-101
37-0290M IT MM81060 : GdiF-102
38-0291M IT MM81061 : GdiF-103
39-0292M IT MM81062 : GdiF-104
40-0293M IT MM81063 : GdiF-105
18 C/N.

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