Westland Lynx

Super Lynx mk95


Portuguese Navy Super Lynx. 3 new build and 2 ex HAS.3

List of Operators of Westland Super Lynx mk95

From Organisation with model Super Lynx mk95
united kingdom Westland
    Lynx 1971/00
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    Lynx 95 1976/17
portugal Marinha Portuguesa
    Lynx 5 1993/   
Construction Numbers on database of Super Lynx mk95


Construction Numbers

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336 1987 UK ZF559 : has.3s RN f/f 27nov87 d/d 04apr88; to HAS.3S type; conv Super +
dd to storage at RNAY Wroughton by Jan 1988 until c Nov+
UK ZH580 : To Yeovil by Dec 1990 for conversion for Portuguese Nav+
PT 19201 : Marinha Super Lynx mk95 type; ex Royal Navy HAS.3 ZF559+
embarked on NRP Alvarez Cabral during visit to Liverpoo+
338 1988 UK ZF561 : has.3s RN f/f 23mar88 d/d 04apr88; conv Super Lynx mk.95 ZH581+
RNAY Wroughton by Apr 1988. To Yeovil by Dec 1990 for +
PT 19202 : Marinha Super Lynx mk95 type; ex Royal Navy HAS.3 ZF561+
EHM by Aug 1999. Embarked on NRP Corte-Real during STA+
375 1993 PT 19203 : Marinha, test serial ZH582
pictured (pic2) with EHM at RNAS Yeovilton
27may10 pictured (pic3) on USNS LCPL Roy H. Wheat (T-AK+
at Montijo airbase
376 PT 19204 : Marinha. ex ZH583
377 1994 PT 19205 : Marinha. ex ZH584
5 C/N.