Sikorsky S-70 H-60

S-70A-9 Black Hawk


Export version for Australia, assembled by Hawker de Havilland. First 8 delivered to the RAAF (then transferred to the Army) with remainder delivered straight to the Army after rotary wing aircraft divested by the Air Force in 1989

Model News

HMAS Canberra Initial Operational Capability, 31-Aug-15 : The Royal Australian Navy’s Amphibious Ship, HMAS Canberra, has completed a graduated operational test and trials program to achieve a key milestone towards Initial Operating Capability (IOC).

Australian Operation Pacific Assist 2015, 30-Mar-15 : Australian humanitarian assistance continues to flow into the most heavily affected areas by Cyclone Pam of Vanuatu. More than 500 ADF personnel are deployed as part of Operation Pacific Assist 2015

Australian H-60s maintenance contract, 19-Jul-12 : SHELTON, Connecticut - Sikorsky Aircraft Australia Limited announced today the signing of a four-year agreement with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for ongoing logistics and engineering support for the Commonwealth of Australia’s fleet of BLACK HAWK (S-70A™) and SEAHAWK® (S-70B™) helicopters.

Spika to maintenan Australian Black Hawk, 01-Jun-12 : Spika Welding and Manufacturing, Inc., a leading manufacturer of aircraft maintenance platforms and maintenance support equipment, announces that it has been awarded a contract with the Australian Government Department of Defence to supply Black Hawk maintenance stands for Army Aviation facilities in Sydney and Townsville.

Battle Hawk Being Offered to the Australian Army, 16-Feb-99 : The Battle Hawk, based on the UH-60L, being offered to the Australian Army is a variant of the Black Hawk helicopter for the armed reconnaissance and attack applications.

List of Operators of Sikorsky S-70A-9 Black Hawk

From Organisation with model S-70A-9 Black Hawk
australia Royal Australian Air Force
    8 1988/89
australia Australian Army Aviation
    39 1989/   

Construction Numbers on database of S-70A-9 Black Hawk


Construction Numbers

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70-1067 AU A25-101 : RAAF d/d 31dec87; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
AU A25-101 : Pegasus 0854. f/f 11sep87. built in USA. to RAAF 9 squa+
2006 171Sqn.
Is actually the only Aussie S70A-9 that has a UH-60 air+
Mar15 airlifted by RAAF C-17 to Vanuatu for Operation P+
70-1089 AU A25-102 : RAAF d/d 11may88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
AU A25-102 : Arion 0876. f/f 10apr88
70-1107 AU A25-103 : RAAF d/d 05oct88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
AU A25-103 : Armageddon 0894. f/f 20sep88
70-1115 AU A25-104 : RAAF d/d 30jul88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
AU A25-104 : Rampage 0902. f/f 13jul88
took part in Bundaberg flood relief operations on 28 Ja+
70-1123 AU A25-105 : RAAF d/d 31aug88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
Sep88 pictured (top) at RAAF Townsville
AU A25-105 : Army Dauntless 0910; 30aug06 pictured (bot) with B sqd +
70-1127 AU A25-106 : RAAF d/d 18nov88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
AU A25-106 : Lancer 0914
70-1135 AU A25-107 : RAAF d/d 19dec88; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
AU A25-107 : Formidable 0921. f/f 6dic88
70-1140 AU A25-108 : RAAF d/d 27jan89; 1989 to A Sqd 5 Av Reg
AU A25-108 : Vigilance 926. f/f 13jan89
70-1144 AU A25-109 : Aegis 0930. f/f 12jan89
70-1146 AU A25-110 : Apocalypse 0932. f/f 12mar89
Mar15 airlifted by RAAF C-17 to Vanuatu for Operation P+
70-1160 AU A25-111 : Barbarian 0946
70-1172 AU A25-112 : Saracen 0958 f/f 20may89
08jul09 pictured on USS Essex (LHD 2) in the Coral Sea
70-1178 AU A25-113 : 0964, f/f 21jun89; w/o 12jun96 in night mid air collisi+
70-1186 1989 AU A25-114 : Army; Cossack 0972 f/f 18jul89; 25feb10 pictured conduc+
24jul12 noted flying over Campbelltown, Sydney
70-1292 AU A25-201 : Hercules 1078. built in USA
70-1299 AU A25-202 : Vengeance 1085
70-1309 AU A25-203 : Endeavour 1095. f/f 14sep89
70-1321 AU A25-204 : Warhorse 1107. f/f 5oct89
70-1324 AU A25-205 : Raptor 1110. f/f 28oct89
16apr15 pictured in Canberra during Special Operations +
70-1328 AU A25-217 : 1114. w/o 29jun92 near Oakey. 2 fatalities
70-1332 AU A25-206 : Resolute 1118. f/f 14nov89
70-1344 AU A25-207 : Calaphact 1130. f/f 8dic89
70-1346 AU A25-208 : Vanquish 1132. f/f 20dic89
70-1348 AU A25-210 : Dragoon 1334. f/f 27feb90
70-1352 AU A25-209 : 1138, f/f 5feb90; w/o 12jun96 in night mid air collisio+
70-1360 AU A25-211 : Viper 1146. f/f 13mar90
70-1364 AU A25-212 : Waler 1150. f/f 12apr90. dam 1mar96 struck trees with a+
70-1372 AU A25-213 : Tenacious 1158. f/f 4may90
70-1382 AU A25-214 : Tempest 1168. f/f 25may90
took part in Bundaberg flood relief operations on 28 Ja+
70-1387 AU A25-216 : 1173. f/f 4jul90. w/o 12feb04 near Mt Walker. no casual+
70-1392 AU A25-218 : Invincible 1178. f/f 14aug90
70-1406 AU A25-215 : Excalibur 1192. f/f 4jul90
70-1410 AU A25-219 : Harlequin. f/f 30aug90
70-1414 AU A25-220 : Hussar. f/f 7sep90
70-1416 AU A25-221 : Phoenix. f/f 11oc90. w/o 29nov06 rolled over the deck o+
70-1427 AU A25-222 : Sabre. f/f 24oct90
70-1432 AU A25-223 : Patriot. f/f 14nov90
70-1440 AU A25-224 : Destrier 1226. f/f 6dic90
70-1444 AU A25-225 : Bold 1228. f/f 14jan91
39 C/N.

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