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  • Sikorsky S-70 H-60

    S-70B-1 Seahawk


    SH-60B variant for Spanish Navy designated HS.23

    List of Operators of Sikorsky S-70B-1 Seahawk

    From Organisation with model S-70B-1 Seahawk
    spain Arma Aerea de la Armada EspaƱola
        S-70 H-60 14 1989/   

    Construction Numbers on database of S-70B-1 Seahawk


    Construction Numbers

    Help Us

    70-481 ES HS.23-01
    70-482 ES HS.23-02
    70-483 ES HS.23-03
    70-484 ES HS.23-04
    70-485 ES HS.23-05
    70-2665 ES HS.23-10
    ES HS.23-06
    ES HS.23-07
    ES HS.23-08
    ES HS.23-09
    ES HS.23-11
    ES HS.23-12
    12 C/N.

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