Bell 206

Bell 206B Jet Ranger


List of Operators of Bell 206B Jet Ranger

From Organisation with model 206B Jet Ranger
usa Bell Helicopter
    206 1962/   
israel chimnir
    3 1975/   
guyana guyana defence force
    2 1976/98
canada Blackcomb Helicopters
    206 1992/   
guyana roraima airways
    1 1994/95
sweden flygvapnet
    1 1994/97
chile Fuerza Aerea de Chile
    206 3 1998/   
sweden Försvarsmakten
    1 1998/04
bulgaria bulgarski voennovazdushni sili
    6 1999/   
honduras Policia Nacional de Honduras
    2 1999/??
canada Canadian Helicopters Ltd
    206 2000/   
belize astrum helicopters
    1 2005/   

canada Okanagan Helicopters
canada Government of Canada
usa State of Nebraska
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Construction Numbers

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03 1966 US N1300X : 206a Bell 206A Prototype, cn3, reg Bell as N1300X, 1966; con+
08 US N1369X : 206a Bell 206A, cn8, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1369X, u+
CA C-GQKV : xfer Helico Air Services, Canada as C-GQKV, unk; w/o du+
17 1967 US N7817S : 206a Bell 206A, cn17, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7817S, +
24 CA CF-CGK : 206a Bell 206A, cn24, ff:?; xfer Transport Canada as CF-CGK,+
CA C-FCGK : rereg Transport Canada as C-FCGK, unk
25 CA CF-CGL : 206a Bell 206B, cn25, ff:?; xfer Transport Canada as CF-CGL,+
CA C-FCGL : rereg Transport Canada as C-FCGL, unk; heavily damaged +
48 1967 US : 206a Bell 206A cn48, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N?????, 1+
PI-C1890 : xfer Philippines as PI-C1890, unk
PI-C842 : rereg Philippines as PI-C842, unk
RP RP-C842 : rereg Philippines as RP-C842, unk
AU VH-AJJ : xfer Australia as VH-AJJ, unk; conv Bell 206B JetRanger+
PG P2-AJJ : xfer Papua New Guineu as P2-AJJ, unk
ID PK-OBI : xfer Indonesia as PK-OBI, unk
AU VH-BRQ : xfer Australia as VH-BRQ, unk
AU VH-AAJ : xfer Australia as VH-AAJ, unk
427 US N2233W : 206a Bell 206A cn427, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2233W, +
US N83TA : xfer US as N83TA, unk
CA C-FGSD : xfer Canada as C-FGSD, unk
480 1969 US N2502M : 206a
US N203WB :
CH HB-ZBX : 18Aug99 registered, converted whilst registered HB-ZBX
UK G-CBYX : 05Mar03 registered to RCR Aviation Ltd; 25Aug07 registe+
UK G-SUER : Aerospeed Ltd from Sep11
714 1971 PG P2-PAA : Papua New Guinea, to VH-HIU
AU VH-HIU : Australia, to N7936J
US N7936J : USA, to VH-CHO
AU VH-CHO : Australia unk
18dec15 pictured at Tumut Airport
tail rotor driveshaft failure resulting in loss of cont+
ac deleted from reg Feb17 as destroyed
732 1971 CA C-FCVN : ex CF-CVN; Fishery Products Ltd at St Johns, NL, canc N+
Sealand Helicopters, canc May88
CA C-FCVN : Okanagan Helicopters, canc Sep89
CA C-FCVN : Canadian Helicopters, canc Jun95
EC HC-BUQ : Ecuador, to Police
EC PN-112 : Policia Ecuador
787 1972 CA C-FTWK : Blackcomb Jul07-Mar08
803 US N2955W : to Canada
CA C-GTQP : ex N2955W. reg C-GTQP to Okanagan Helicopters Ltd. de-r+
883 1972 CA C-FKKM : Blackcomb Jun07-Feb11
Blackcomb Jan/Nov 2012
982 1973 CF-DYL : Canada 1973
CY 5B-JSB : Cyprus, to UK
UK G-BLGV : Helicrops Ltd at Thruxton airport May84-Nov87; Land Air+
Heliflight (UK) Ltd at Gloucestershire airport from Jan+
11Jun17 pictured at RAF Cosford Air Show
1170 1973 US N58145 : First Lady Inc at Friday Harbor, WA from Sep05
1197 1973 UK G-BBOR : imported from USA; to G-BBOR by Mar 1982, exported to S+
re-imported from Sweden by Mar 1995.
1967 1976 AE A6-BCC : reg A6-BCC. accident ?; Wreckage at Heli-Leeds by Nov+
UK G-CRPS : ex A6-BCC; reg G-CRPS by Sep 1997; to Canada Jan 2001
CA C-FZYH : ex G-CRPS; to Provincial Helicopters, Manitoba by 2001.+
2245 US N5003F : Bell 206B-3, cn2245, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N500+
BR PT-HPL : xfer Brazil as PT-HPL, unk
US N5003F : xfer US as N5003F, unk
CL CC-CIT : xfer Chile as CC-CIT, unk
CL CC-CWD : xfer Chile as CC-CWD, unk
CL H-21 : xfer Chile Air Force as H-21, unk
2826 1979 US N2779U : to G-TREE Jun 1987
UK G-TREE : 11Jun17 pictured at RAF Cosford Air Show
3668 1982 US N5757M : to South Africa by Aug 1995
ZA ZS-RGP : To South Africa by Aug 1995 as ZS-RGP; to UK by Oct 199+
UK G-BYBI : ex ZS-RGP. Reg G-BYBI by Oct 1998
UK G-BYBI : through various UK owners until reg to Castle Air in No+
still with Castle Air Feb 2019
4007 1988 AU VH-UHI : Forest Air Helicopters (Aust) Pty Ltd from Sep97
20jan14 pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport
Rotor Solutions Australia Pty Ltd from May16
21 C/N.