List of Operators of Hughes 369HE

From Organisation with model 369HE
argentina Fuerza Aerea Argentina
    369 / 500 / H-6 30 1968/   

Construction Numbers on database of 369HE


Construction Numbers

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59-0101E 1969 US N9011F : to HB-XDO
CH HB-XDO : Fuchs Robert Nov71-Mar73
DE D-HACC : Inter-City-Flug Mar73-1976
DK OY-HCC : Denmark from 1976; w/o 18mar78 Nyborg
89-0106E AR H-21 : FAA d/d 03feb70; VIP white cammo; w/o 11jul79 Villa Rey+
89-0107E AR H-20 : FAA d/d 03feb70; VIP white cammo; wfu 1998; preserved g+
1090205E 1969 US N369HE : N369he Llc at Wickenburg, AZ from Aug06
119-0215E 1970 US N9024F : North Country Helicopter Inc at Watertown, NY Aug88-Apr+
CA C-GEOY : Yukon Helicopters at Winnipeg, MB Apr91-Mar02
RU RA-00046 : Aviation Warehouse, El Mirage Field, Adelanto, CA
59-0102E 1970 UK G-AYNK : UK Reg Dec 1970. De-reg Dec 1976 for West Germany; note+
6 C/N.