Sikorsky S-70 H-60

S-70B-2 Seahawk


SH-60B export variant for Royal Australian Navy assembled by ASTA in Australia

Model News

Skyline Aviation Group Acquired Australian Seahawks, 08-Nov-18 : #Seahawks Skyline Aviation Group acquired 11 ex Royal Australian Navy S-70B-2 Seahawk helicopters

Royal Australian Navy Retires S-70B-2 and AS350, 01-Dec-17 : The Royal Australian Navy formally retired the S-70B-2 Seahawk and AS350BA Squirrel from 723 and 816 Squadrons during a ceremony at Nowra

HMAS Canberra Initial Operational Capability, 31-Aug-15 : The Royal Australian Navy’s Amphibious Ship, HMAS Canberra, has completed a graduated operational test and trials program to achieve a key milestone towards Initial Operating Capability (IOC).

White Ribbon: End Violence Against Women, 16-Aug-15 : Royal Australian Navy HMAS Newcastle in the Persian Gulf in support of Operation MANITOU show their support for the White Ribbon campaign, national male-led campaign to end violence against women

List of Operators of Sikorsky S-70B-2 Seahawk

From Organisation with model S-70B-2 Seahawk
australia Fleet Air Arm (RAN)
    16 1989/17

Construction Numbers on database of S-70B-2 Seahawk


Construction Numbers

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70-461 AU N24-001 : RAN (8)70. ex N7265H
Preserved on display at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Nowra+
70-464 AU N24-002 : RAN (8)71. ex N72669
70-468 AU N24-003 : RAN (8)72. ex N72666
Known as Christine
preserved at Australian War Memorial in Canberra from D+
70-475 AU N24-004 : RAN (8)73. ex N72671
70-476 AU N24-005 : RAN (8)74. ex N72662
70-480 AU N24-006 : RAN (8)75. ex N72664
70-486 AU N24-007 : RAN (8)76, ex N72662
Oct06 816Sqn./76 homebase
70-489 AU N24-008 : RAN (8)77. ex N72664
70-490 AU N24-009 : RAN (8)78, test serial N72667; Dec89 to Nowra Seahawk +
Nov15 pictured deploying sonar buoy during Anti-Submari+
70-591 AU N24-010 : RAN 879
03mar13 pictured on display at 2015 International Airsh+
70-595 AU N24-011 : RAN (8)80 Skeletor
15jul13 816Sqn./80 embarked HMAS Perth FFH 157
13nov16 pictured on HMAS Arunta (FFH 151) departed HMA+
final flight in Bahrain with 816 Sq/Arunta Flt. 13 Apr +
70-597 AU N24-012 : RAN (8)81
RAN 816Sqn./881; 2005 deployed aboard HMAS Anzac FFH 15+
70-599 AU N24-013 : RAN (8)82
70-601 AU N24-014 : RAN (8)83
Oct06 816Sqn./83 homebase
70-604 AU N24-015 : RAN (8)84
70-609 AU N24-016 : RAN (8)85
16 C/N.

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