Sud Aviation SE3210 Super Frelon

SA321J Super Frelon


Commercial transport version for 27 passengers

List of Operators of Sud Aviation SA321J Super Frelon

From Organisation with model SA321J Super Frelon
china People's Liberation Army Navy
    16 1975/??

Construction Numbers on database of SA321J Super Frelon


Construction Numbers

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168 CN cn168? : Chinese navy;
169 CD 9T-SPF : Zaire airforce; President Mobutu aicraft
ZA ZS-HTN : Executive Helicopters South Africa, noted 2009
2008 pictured appear in movie Dommsday, South Africa
w/o 14may07 crashed during firefighting wildfires at Si+
170 CN 9436 : Chinese navy; preserved naval museum
171 CN cn171? : Chinese navy
172 CN cn172? : Chinese navy
173 CN cn173? : Chinese navy d/d Apr77
174 CN cn174? : Chinese navy
175 CN cn175? : Chinese navy
178 CN cn178? : Chinese navy
9 C/N.