Westland sea king

Sea King Mk.43


Westland Sea King Mk.43

SAR variant similar to Mk.41 for Royal Norwegian Air Force on behalf of Norwegian Coast Guard.

List of Operators of Westland Sea King Mk.43

From Organisation with model Sea King Mk.43
norway Luftforsvaret
    sea king 14 1972/   

Construction Numbers on database of Sea King Mk.43


Construction Numbers

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wa 746 1972 NO 060 : Mk43. DD to R Nor AF 1972, to 330 Skv by Apr 1991. Upda+
20aug94 pictured at RAF Lossiemouth, UK during the Loss+
RNoAF; 04oct94 330Skv. participated in SAR meet 94 from+
wa 747 1972 NO 062 : Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF.
wa 748 1972 NO 066 : Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF. 330 Skv by Jul 1990 still Oc+
wa 749 1972 NO 068 : Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF. At Kjevik as instructional a+
w/o 10nov86, hit power lines at Kristivatn near Bodø i+
wa 750 1972 NO 069 : Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF; 02apr88 crash on a rescue mi+
Aug79 pictured with 330Skv at Bodo
wa 751 1972 NO 070 : Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF. 330 Skv by Mar 1987. Updated+
wa 752 1972 NO 071 : Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF. 330 Skv by Jun 1994. Updated+
07dec05 pictured (pic1) during a rescue at Bodo
05jul08 pictured (pic2) at Trondheim port,
RNoAF; 1+2jun12 330Skv
wa 753 1972 NO 072 : Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF; w/o 30apr77
crashed while on a training mission west off Sola after+
One of the crew was Kjell Asbjørn Hoem
wa 754 1972 NO 073 : Mk43. dd 1972 to R Nor AF. 330 Skv by Jun 1990. Updated+
wa 755 1972 NO 074 : Mk43 f/f 30sep72, d/d 1972 to R Nor AF; 330 Skv by Jun8+
29sep14 emergency landing on island of Støtt,Nordland +
10 C/N.

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