Westland Sea King

Sea King Mk.43B


List of Operators of Westland Sea King Mk.43B

From Organisation with model Sea King Mk.43B
united kingdom Westland
    Sea King 1969/00
norway Luftforsvaret
    Sea King 14 1972/   

Construction Numbers on database of Sea King Mk.43B


Construction Numbers

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wa1005 1990 NO 322 : Mk43B. ff as ZH566, to R Nor AF as 322.
wa1012 1995 NO 329 : Mk43B. ff as ZJ162, dd May 1996 to R Nor AF as 329.
wa1013 1996 UK ZJ163 : Manufacturer test serial; to Norway by Oct
NO 330 : Mk43B. ff as ZJ163, dd Oct 1996 to R Nor AF as 330.
pictured at Helidays, Weston-super-Mare, UK
3 C/N.