Sikorsky S-65 H-53



Sikorsky YCH-53A

The US Marine Corps contracted Sikorsky for four YCH-53A (S-65A) prototypes. Due to budget cuts and by mutual agreement, Sikorsky built only two prototypes and used them extensively for testing. First flight of prototype was 14 October 1964.

List of Operators of Sikorsky YCH-53A

From Organisation with model YCH-53A
usa US Marine Corps
    S-65 H-53 282 1966/12

Construction Numbers on database of YCH-53A


Construction Numbers

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65-001 1964 US 151613 : Sikorsky S-65 prototype, c/n 65-001; del USMC as YCH-53+
65-002 1964 US 151614 : Sikorsky S-65 prototype, c/n 65-002: del USMC as YCH-53+
US N6983R : modified by Sikorsky to CH-53G std as N6983R unk; reg +

2 C/N.

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