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The Sikorsky S-61L first flew on 2 November 1961, and was 4ft 3in (1.27m) longer than the HSS-2 in order to carry a substantial payload of freight or passengers. Initial production S-61Ls were powered by two 1350shp (1005kW) GE CT58-140 turboshafts, the civil version of the military T58. The S-61L features modified landing gear struts without float stabilisers. Mitsubishi Heavy Insudtries received a license to produce the S-61L for the Asian market in 1961.

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M61-001 1962 JP JA9506 : Sikorsky S-61N, c/n 61-143, ff?; del Sikorsky as N94565+
M61-003 1963 JP JA9507 : Sikorsky S-61L, c/n 61-223 ff?; del Sikorsky as N317Y u+
US N317Y : SFO Airlines, USA ~1970-24nov76
UK G-BEID : BIH at Oxford from Nov76
w/o 18jul88 engine fire warning, a/c ditched in North +

2 C/N.