Sikorsky S-61 H-3

S-61N Mk.II



Engine: 2 x GE CT58-140-2 1500 shp
Capacity: 3 + 30
Length: (m)
Height: (m) 5.63
Blades: 5
Rotor diam.: (m) 18.9
Disc area: (m2) 280.5
Weight: (kgs) Empty: 5674     Max: 9300
Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 222     Max: 245
Range: (km) 833
Ceiling: (m) 3810
Rate/Climb: (m/min) 396

List of Operators of Sikorsky S-61N Mk.II

From Organisation with model S-61N Mk.II
united kingdom British Airways Helicopters
    S-61 H-3 1964/86
united kingdom British European Airways
    S-61 H-3 5 1964/86
greenland Air Greenland
    S-61 H-3 12 1965/   
united kingdom British International Helicopters
    S-61 H-3 17 1965/   
netherlands KLM helikopters
    S-61 H-3 1969/98
united kingdom Bristow
    S-61 H-3 1972/15
usa Carson Helicopters
    S-61 H-3 1973/   
norway Helikopter Service
    S-61 H-3 1974/   
united kingdom British Caledonian Helicopter
    S-61 H-3 1980/88
usa Croman Corp
    S-61 H-3 1980/   
ireland Garda Cósta na hÉireann
    S-61 H-3 6 1981/13
united kingdom HM Coastguard
    S-61 H-3 8 1983/08
canada Cougar Helicopters
    S-61 H-3 1987/   
canada VIH Helicopters Ltd
    S-61 H-3 1991/   
thailand Thai Aviation Service
    S-61 H-3 1993/   
united kingdom Brintel Helicopters
    S-61 H-3 1993/00
spain INAER
    S-61 H-3 2003/   
lebanon Akhdar Dayem
    S-61 H-3 3 2009/   
usa US Department of State
    S-61 H-3 2010/18
usa Brown Helicopter Inc
    S-61 H-3 2016/   

brazil Aeroleo Taxi Aereo
    S-61 H-3
brazil Omni Taxi Aereo
    S-61 H-3
canada Canadian Helicopters Ltd
    S-61 H-3
canada Rotor Maxx Support
    S-61 H-3
canada Okanagan Helicopters
    S-61 H-3
canada Coulson Aircrane
    S-61 H-3
canada Helicopter Transport Services Canada
    S-61 H-3
malaysia MHS Aviation
    S-61 H-3 5
south africa Court Helicopters
    S-61 H-3
spain Salvamento Maritimo
    S-61 H-3
usa Evergreen Helicopters
    S-61 H-3
usa CHI Aviation
    S-61 H-3
usa Sky Cats Puma Corp
    S-61 H-3
usa Siller Brothers Inc
    S-61 H-3
usa AAR Corp
    S-61 H-3
usa EP Aviation
    S-61 H-3
Construction Numbers on database of S-61N Mk.II


Construction Numbers

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61-220 1963 UK G-ASNL : BEA Dec63-Jul68; pictured (pic1) at Shell Base Lowesto+
NL PH-SBH : Schreiner Northsea Helicopters Aug/Oct 1969, lsd
UK G-ASNL : BAH Oct69-Oct83
11mar83 pictured (pic2) after ditched in the North Sea,+
US N4503E : Nov83 to USA unk
Carson, noted 1991
US N220WW : State Dept Nov10-2016
12jul16 GSA Auction on sale with N216WW. To be confirm+
US N626CK : Croman Corp at White City, OR from Dec16; It is used f+
Jun19 used in construction and wildland firefighting op+
61-221 UK G-ASNM : British Airways Helicopters
NL PH-SBC : Schreiner Northsea Helicopters
UK G-ASNM : British European Airways; w/o 15nov70 North Sea approx +
61-270 1965 CA CF-OKY : Airlift International, Sikorsky serial N10052,
May 1965 First transatlantic crossing of commercial hel+
UK G-ATFM : British Airways Helicopters 1970-1986
UK G-ATFM : BIH 1986-1993
Newquay Helicopters Ltd (BIH) May04-Jul13
11 pictured at Falklands/Malvinas under MoD contract
BIH from Jul13
undergoing maintenance at Newquay
UK G-ATFM : Brintel Jan93-May00
UK G-ATFM : Veritair May00-May04
61-454 1972 US N4023S : S-61L Sikorsky S-61L, c/n 61-454, ff?; del US as N4023S, unk;+
UK G-BCEB : BIH Oct74-Jan93
BIH May00-Mar13
seen flying from Penzance
Normally based in Penzance. At Plymouth December 2004. +
06 pictured (bot) at Penzance Heliport
Sep12 has not been at Penzance for aprox two years comp+
UK G-BCEB : Brintel Jan93-May00
pictured (top) at St Marys Airport, Isles Of Scilly
US N618CK : Croman Corp from Apr13
12nov17 delivering four heavy loads to the top of a new+
61-470 1969 VR-BDN : Bristow reg Brunei 23Dec69, Jan70 from USA to Malaysia
MY 9M-ARV : Bristow Malaysia Oct72
UK G-BDRH : Bristow Feb76-Feb77, to Australia
Bristow Mar84-Apr87; to France
AU VH-BHY : Bristow Australia 1977-1984
ZA ZS-HXX : Court Helicoptrs South Africa, ex N9116Y
US N232AC : AUTEC/Csc Applied Tech West Palm Beach Florida from 20+
PAE Applied Technologies LLC, West Palm Beach, FL from +
61-471 1969 VR-BDO : Bristow reg Brunei 23Dec69, Jan70 from USA to Malaysia
UK G-BBGS : Bristow Aug73-Apr87; Aug77 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotla+
Noted at Aberdeen EGPD
ZA ZS-RAX : Court Helicopters South Africa, ex N9116R
Jul94 delivering supplies to VLCC M/T Kazimah on roads +
US N561EH : US Dept State Jul11-Jan16
US N471WR : US Dept State Jul11-Jan16
US N471WR : EP Aviation Jan16-Dec17
CA N471WR : Coulson Aviation (usa) Inc at Portland, OR from Jan18
61-473 1970 ID PK-HBT : Sikorsky serial N6982R, to G-AZRF
UK G-AZRF : Bristow May72-Apr87, to France
US N9115Z : canc Apr88
ZA ZS-HSZ : CHC, noted 2003; lsd as 8Q-BUZ
CA C-FTNK : Coulson Aircrane
61-474 1970 NO LN-OQL : Helikoptertransport Norway, noted 1971
MY 9M-SSS : MHS, noted 2003
US N61NH : EP Aviation Apr10-Jan19; N827AR ntu
US N61NH : Croman Corp from Feb19; 28feb19 flown from Melbourne, F+
07:30 hs at bracket field airport, la Verne, CA
61-475 1970 JP JA9513 : All Nippon Airways 1972, Sikorsky Serial N6984R 04jan71
NO LN-OSZ : Helicopter Service from 30mar76; w/o 23nov77 enroute f+
61-476 1970 UK G-AYOY : BCH Jun84-Jul85
UK G-AYOY : BIH Jul85-Jan93; 05nov90 during an inspection starboar+
BIH May04-Sep11
UK G-AYOY : Brintel Jan93-Sep00
UK G-AYOY : CHC Scotia Sep00-Nov02
UK G-AYOY : Veritair Nov02-May04
US N457ES : Carson Oct11
US N476AW : s-61t US State Dept Mar12-Jan16
US N476AW : EP Aviation Jan16-Dec17
CA N476AW : Coulson Aviation (usa) Inc at Portland, OR from Jan18
61-711 1973 UK G-BBUD : BAH Dec73-1986
UK G-BBUD : BIH 1986-Jun93
UK G-BBUD : Brintel Jun93-Oct95
CA C-GHJU : Helijet, noted 2000-2005
US N29111 : Nov95
VE YV-1032C : Venezuela, rtn to C-GHJU
US N905CH : Construction Helicopters Inc at Ypsilanti, MI from Jul0+
Jul15 seen with CHI At Caldwell, NJ
61-712 1973 UK G-BBHL : Bristow Nov73-Sep08, Sikorsky serial N4032S
UK G-BBHL : HM Coastguard, owned and maintained by Bristow; based +
US N364HH : Carson Oct08-Nov10
US N364HH : EP Aviation Nov10-Jul16
US N817AR : EP Aviation Jul16-Mar19
US N817AR : Construction Helicopters Inc at Howell, MI Mar/Dec 2019
US N712HG : Construction Helicopters Inc at Howell, MI from Jan20
61-713 1973
US N4033S : Manufacturer test serial; exported to UK Nov 1973
UK G-BBHM : Bristow Dec73-Dec91, Sikorsky serial N4033S; lsd Maldiv+
noted at Aberdeen EGPD
Bristow May93-, w/o 15jul02
Aberdeen to Dhaka, Bangladesh
MV 8Q-HUM : Maldives Islands Dec91-May93, rtn Bristow
UK G-BBHM : HM Coastguard, op by Bristow; 2002 based at Portland on+
61-716 1974 GL OY-HBE : Gronlandsfly 1974-1980
UK G-BIHH : BCH Nov80-Sep88
MY 9M-SSK : MHS Aviation Oct88-Aug92
UK G-BIHH : Bristow Sep92-Sep93
ZA ZS-RDV : Court 1993-1999
ZA ZS-RDV : CHC South Africa from 1999, to Canada as unk
US N408HH : EP Aviation Jun10-Feb19
2012-pre Afghanistan
CA C-GRMJ : Rotor Maxx Support Ltd (RMS) at Parksville, BC from Mar+
61-718 1973 UK G-BBVA : Bristow Feb74-Sep08, to N364FH
UK G-BBVA : HM Coastguard operated by Bristow
US N364FH : EP Aviation Apr10-May19
US N364FH : Construction Helicopters Inc at Howell, MI from May19
61-719 1974 NO LN-OSK : Norway, test serial N53046
MY 9M-SSR : MHS, noted 2004
US N61NW : US Leaseco at Wilmington, DE Dec06-Sep11
US Leaseco again from Jun14; pictured at Manta, Ecuado+
PE OB-1994-P : Peru 2012-2013, rtn to N61NW
61-720 1973 UK G-BBVB : Bristow apr74-Jan83, to Malaysia
MY 9M-PCM : Bristow Malaysia, to N15JX
US N15JX : Jun/Nov 2009
KR HL9484 : South Korea, Tongil Air Systems Nov09
61-721 1974 UK G-BCEA : BIH Jun74-Jan93
Registered 7 Jun 1974. Suffered repeated hammering vibr+
Bristih International May04-Nov11
UK G-BCEA : Brintel Jan93-May00
UK G-BCEA : Veritair May00-May04
US N721AW : US Dept State Jul12-Dec15
US N721AW : BHI from Jan16
61-722 1974 CA C-GOKA : Sikorsky S-61N-41; Okanagan from 16Jun74; May77 at Reyk+
Okanagan, canc Dec86
US N9847F : rtn to C-GOKA
CA C-GOKA : Universal Helicopters at Gander, Newfoundland, Canc Aug+
US N225BF : , noted at Seattle Boeing Field/King County, WA
CA C-GARC : Canadian Helicopters Ltd Aug90-Jun93
TH HS-HTC : TAS from Jun93
CA C-GJQG : Canadian Helicopters from Jan11; pictured at Mazar, af+
at Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada
61-735 1974 UK G-BCLA : Bristow Nov74-Oct86
noted at Aberdeen EGPD
MY 9M-ELF : Bristow Malaysia from Nov86
MY 9M-AVT : MHS, noted 2005
KR HL9297 : Aero Peace, South Korea by 2017
61-736 1974 UK G-BCLB : Bristow Dec74-Jul77
pictured at North Denes heliport
MY 9M-AVQ : Bristow Malaysia, ex G-BCLB
KR HL9275 : Tongil Air Systems, noted 2007-2009
61-737 1974 UK G-BCLC : Bristow Jan75-Jan08, for HM Coastguard
noted at Aberdeen EGPD
UK G-BCLC : HM Coastguard, op by Bristow; based at Sumburgh in th+
US N502SC : Sky Cats Puma Corp Mar08-Mar14; conv to S-61 Short
04jun11 pictured near Yorkville, Illinois
US N502SC : Heligroup 502 Llc at Missoula, MT from Mar14; CHI Aviat+
61-738 1974 NO LN-OST : MidtNorsk Helikopterservice from 07feb75, S-61N-46 type
NO LN-OST : CHC Helikopter Service, noted 2001-2004
VE YV-164C : Venezuela, ex LN-OST
ZA ZS-RXI : South Africa, ex YV-164C
VE YV235T : Venezuela, noted Dec07
US N408RC : Ep Aviation from Dec10
Mar18-Jan19 for sale Sikorsky S61N 1974; Class / Classi+
61-739 1974 UK G-BCLD : Bristow from Feb75; Jun05 to 9M-BED
noted at Aberdeen EGPD
Bristow Jul06-Jul09; pictured at Humberside; Jul09 to +
MY 9M-BED : Bristow Malaysia Jun05-Jul06, lsd G-BCLD
LB AD-1601 : Lebannon Akdar Dayem Jul09, ex G-BCLD
61-740 1974 NO LN-OSU : Helicopter Service, to OY-HDO
GL OY-HDO : Greenlandair Gronlandsfly Iceland 2002, lsd from CHC He+
UK G-CBWC : CHC Scotia Oct02-Apr03
IE EI-CZN : CHC Ireland from May03
IE EI-CZN : Irish Coast Guard 2003-2013, op by CHC
: USA by 2015
Mar/Sep16 for sale Sikorsky S61N 1974; SAR configured e+
61-741 NO LN-OSY : Helikopter Service ?
GL OY-HDS : Grønlandsfly "Narsarmiutaq" 1989-1990, rtn to Norway
ES EC-FTB : SASEMAR, test serial EC-429; cancel
61-742 1975 NL PH-NZF : Sikorsky S-61N-56 c/n 61-742, ff:?; del KLM Noordzee He+
61-745 1978 US N4040S : Evergreen Helicopters
UK G-BFMY : Bristow Mar78-Jun00; 23apr00 pictured at Wicken Park F+
BR PP-MNL : Aeroleo taxi aereo 2000-2010
US N420SC : Carson Jul10-Mar12
US N745AW : State Dept Mar12-Jan16
US N745AW : EP Aviation Jan16-Dec17
CA N745AW : Coulson Aviation (usa) Inc at Portland, OR from Dec17
61-746 UK G-BDDA : British Airways Helicopters from 1975 to Dec85
LB AD-1602 : del Akhdar Dayem, Beirut, Lebanon as AD-1602, Jul09.
61-747 1975 UK G-BDES : Sikorsky S-61N-50, c/n 61-747, ff:?; del British Airway+
UK G-BDES : gone from Hanningfield Metals by May 1995. Scrapped ?
61-750 1975 UK G-BDII : Bristow Sep75-Feb85; to Malaysia
Bristow Nov85; w/o 17oct88 crashed North Sea off Handa+
MY 9M-ELF : Bristow Malaysia Mar-Nov 1985, rtn UK
61-751 1975 UK G-BDIJ : Bristow Oct75-May83, to Malaysia
MY 9M-AYF : Bristow Malaysia May83-Jun84, back to G-BDIJ
UK G-BDIJ : HM Coastguard, op by Bristow; pictured; based at Lee-+
US N436LC : State Dept from Oct10, rereg N751AW
US N751AW : Baghdad, Iraq
seen flying along the coast adjacent to RAF Akrotiri, +
07jul15 at Coventry City, UK
12jul16 GSA Auction on sale with N216WW. To be confirm+
US N629CK : Croman Corp from Dec16
Nov18 undergoing rework at Croman Corp’s White City f+
61-752 1974 AU VH-CRU : Australia, Sikorsky serial N4024S
UK G-BIMU : Caledonian Helicopters Jan81-May90
UK G-BIMU : Bristow May90-Oct15
pictured (pic1) at De Kooy, Netherlands during Heldair+
rtn to UK after ending Dutch SAR contract. str at Norw+
pictured (pic2) stored at Norwich airport. Sister G-BP+
UK G-BIMU : HM Coastguard, op by Bristow; 24aug97 Main rotor tips d+
participated in SAR-Meet 2009 at Leeuwarden air base N+
US N7563W : Withrotor Aviation at Lakeview, OR from Apr16
61-753 1975 NL PH-NZG : KLM Noordzee Helicopters 1975-1998?
NL PH-NZG : Schreiner Northsea Helicopters 1998-2009?
returning from L-10A offshore platform touched water o+
BR PR-MEX : Omni taxi aereo by 2011
: Oct/Dec 2014 for sale Sikorsky S61N 1975 w external Car+
61-754 1976 UK G-BEDI : Sikorsky S-61N-59, test serial N4043S; BAH Oct76-Dec85
: France as Unknown Jan86-Feb90
UK G-BEDI : BIH Mar90-Feb93
UK G-BEDI : Brintel Feb93-Jul98
CA C-GSBL : CHC Jul98-Jun07
US N617HM : Carson Jul07-Jun11
US N617HM : State Dept Jul11-Jan14?
US N754WN : Carson Jul12?-Oct18
US N754WN : Robinson Air Crane Llc at Miami, FL Oct18-Jan20
US N754WN : TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+
61-755 1976 UK G-BDKI : BAH Jan76-Mar86
: France unk Apr87-Feb90
US N9118Y : 1990-1991, unk
UK G-BDKI : BIH Mar91-Feb93
UK G-BDKI : Brintel Feb93-Dec94
US N219AC : Helicopter Transport Services Feb97-Oct09
CA C-GHTN : Helicopter Transport Services Canada Oct09-Oct11
Helicopter Transport Services Ontario Canada Aug13-Oct+
CA C-GHTN : VIH Helicopters Oct11-Aug13
US N762HT : US Leaseco Inc at Aurora, OR from Oct15
HTSI contract to AAR for training at Yuma by
61-756 1976 NO LN-OSX : Helikopter Service; pictured (pic1) at Schiphol, Nethe+
ES EC-FVO : SASEMAR; date unk pictured (pic2)
28aug16 as /Helimer 210 pictured (pic3) in Lanzarote tr+
pictured (pic4) at Santander
61-757 1976 NO LN-OQH : S-61N-60 d/d Helikopter Services 27oct76
BR PT-YCF : Aeroleo Nov96-Jun05
US N461AL : Air Logistics Jun06-Sep06
CA C-FNCH : VIH Jun06-Oct06
CA C-FNCH : Cougar Oct06-Apr12
US N802AR : s-61t EP Aviation from 12apr12, S-61T type?
at Ghazni, Afghanistan
61-758 NO LN-OQE : Helikopter Services toward EC-717
ES EC-717 : oct94 ex LN-OQE toward EC-FZJ
61-760 1977 NO LN-OQS : S-61N-64, test serial N4223S; Helikopter Services d/d 0+
NO LN-OQS : Helikopter Service; w/o 26jun78 North Sea, 55 nm NNW of+
61-762 1977 NL PH-NZI : Sikorsky S-61N-65; KLM Noordzee Helikopters d/d 16Mar77
UK G-BHPU : British Caledonian Helicopters Apr80-Feb83, rtn PH-NZI
CA C-GYCH : Cougar Helicopters Dec90-Feb11
1997 appear in Titanic movie
The helicopter from Titanic was flying the KLM colors
It was owned by cougar helicopters during Titanic still+
CA C-GYCH : VIH Helicopters Feb/Apr 2011
: Aug14-Mar15 for sale Sikorsky S61N 1977 Utility Helico+
BR PR-HRV : HRT Netherlands Apr11 op by Omni
US N623CK : Croman from Oct15
61-765 1976 UK G-BDOC : Bristow Mar76-Sep10
in SAR-Meet 2009 at Leeuwarden AB, Netherlands
UK G-BDOC : Bristow owned and operated G-BDOC was assigned to Sumbu+
attended the fire and explosions at the Piper Alpha pla+
Owned and maintained by Bristow Helicopters on behalf o+
HM Coast Guard Oscar Charlie 1985-2007
US N426GE : US State Dept Nov11-2016?
US N765AW : EP Aviation Sep16-Jan20
US N765AW : Clayton International Inc at Peachtree City, GA by Feb2+
pictured with N493WR and N471WR in storage at Peachtre+
61-766 1977 UK G-BEKI : Bristow Apr77-Jun77, to Malaysia
MY 9M-AVO : Bristow Malaysia
US N103WF : EP Aviation Apr10
61-767 1977 CA C-GOKH : Okanagan from 02May77, Sikorsky serial N612EH
Okanagan Helicopters Mar83-Jan95
UK G-BHAH : Managment Aviation Ltd (North Scottish Helicopters) Oct+
US N138AR : Csc Applied Tech at West Palm Beach Apr05-Jun13
AUTEC, Apr07 at Snohomish County airport, WA
PAE Applied Technologies Llc at West Palm Beach, FL fro+
61-768 1977 UK G-BEKJ : Bristow Apr/Jun 1977 for Malaysia
MY 9M-AVP : MHS, noted 2003
61-769 1977 UK G-BEWL : Sikorsky S-61N-72; British Airways Helicopters Jun77-19+
NL G-BEWL : KLM Helicopters; pictured at Amsterdam Schiphol
UK G-BEWL : BIH from 1986 (inherits BAH) w/o 25jul90 crash helideck+
61-770 1977 UK G-BEON : Sikorsky S-61N-69; British Airways Helicopters d/d 27Ma+
61-771 1977 UK G-BEOO : BAH Aug77-1986
UK G-BEOO : BIH 1986-Jan93
UK G-BEOO : Brintel Leasing Ltd / BIH at Aberdeen Jan93-May94; Brin+
US N261F : Pacific Helicopters Services Llc at Kahului, HI
US N261F : EP Aviation Llc at Wood Dale, IL Jun10-Aug12; Cyair Llc+
CA C-FRMH : Rotor Maxx Support Ltd at Parksville, BC from Mar19
61-772 1977 UK G-BEWM : British Airways Sep77-1986
UK G-BEWM : BIH 1986-Jan93
at Schipol Amsterdam in basic British International li+
UK G-BEWM : Brintel Jan93-Dec99
ZA ZS-RLK : CHC Africa from 2000
US N408UD : EP Aviation 2010-Jan19
2012 in Afghanistan
US N408UD : Croman Corp from Feb19; flown from Melbourne, FL to Wh+
61-773 1978 NL PH-NZK : Sikorsky S-61N-74; KLM Noordzee Helikopters d/d 03Jan7+
pictured (top) at Antwerp, date unk
02jul93 KLM at De Kooy
NO LN-OMO : Norway unk
NL PH-NZK : Schreiner Northsea Helicopters, noted Jun01
CA C-FGDO : CHC 09nov05-23dec05
TH HS-HTO : TAS from Jan06 (or sep05)
CA C-FDCH : Canadian Helicopters from Oct08
pictured (bot) at Mazar I Shariff, Afghanistan
at Canadian Helicopters base in Les Cèdres
61-774 1977 BR PT-HJA : Sikorsky S-61N-62, c/n 61-774, ff:?; del VOTEC as PT-HJ+
BR PT-HJA : Jun13 fuselage/cabin section in the scrap yard at Perka+
61-776 1977 NO LN-OQO : Helicopter Service, to G-BXAE
UK G-BXAE : Bond Helicopters Jan/Mar 1997,
IE EI-MES : CHC Ireland from Mar97
IE EI-MES : Irish Coast Guard - Dublin
Ireland Coast Guard, op by CHC; 11jun11 pictured at the+
CA C-GSVO : CHC from Aug12
US N493RC : Carson from Jun13
US N908CH : Carson Sep17-Jan18
US N908CH : Heligroup Fire Llc at Missoula, MT from Jan18; CHI Avia+
w/o at Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan. 3 injured
61-777 1978 UK G-BFFJ : BAH Jan78-Mar86
UK G-BFFJ : BIH 1986-1993; 11may89 involved in a ground accident at+
BIH May00-Jul13: pictured (pic1) at Penzance
at Dunsfold as USMC VH-3 for movie The Special Rela+
16apr10 pictured (pic2) off the coast of Scotland on US+
Sep12 will no loger be flying fro Penzance, company pul+
UK G-BFFJ : Brintel Jan93-May00
UK G-BFFJ : Newquay Helicopters Ltd Jul13-May14; to Canada as unk
CA C-FLRM : Vancouver Island Helicopters; at Victoria Intl
CA C-FLRM : Rotor Maxx Support (RMS) at Parksville, BC May17-May18,+
US N904CH : TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+
61-778 1978 UK G-BFFK : Sikorsky S-61N-75; British Airways Helicopters 24Feb78-+
UK G-BFFK : BIH 1986-Jan93; Jan93-May94 c/o Brintel
UK G-BFFK : Brintel Jan94-Dec99
ZA ZS-RLL : CHC South Africa 2000; Aug13 still; Jul15 on sale 31527+
ZA ZS-RLL : Titan, 2017 ?; pictured (pic1) (pic2)
Feb15 sold Sikorsky S61N 1978; excellent utility helic+
61-806 1978 UK G-LINK : British Caledonian Airways Mar78-Jun87; Jun87 to Nash +
BR PT-HTT : Oct12 Rotting in a field (minus engines, avionics, tran+
61-808 1978 NO LN-OQN : Sikorsky S-61N-77, c/n 61-808, ff:?; del Helikopter Ser+
NL PH-NZR : KLM Helikopters, to N563EH
US N563EH : ERA 2005-2008
BR PR-AEL : Aeroleo
61-809 1978 UK G-BFRI : Bristow 1978-2006; to BIH
G-BFRI : UN 2000 (Bristow)
UK G-BFRI : British International Helicopters Aug06
used for personnel ferrying in JW14-2 during Oct 2014
06apr15 pictured (top) on USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) duri+
provided logistic support for JW15-1 from Stornoway dur+
13oct15 pictured (bot) on HMCS Halifax (FFH 330) off th+
61-812 1978 BR PT-HJK : Sikorsky S-61N-81, c/n 61-812, ff:?; del VOTEC as PT-HJ+
Votec; Jul80 transport Pope John Paul II during Visit +
BR PT-HJK : Jun13 fuselage/cabin section is in a scrap yard at Perk+
61-813 1978 BR PT-HJL : Sikorsky S-61N-81, c/n 61-813, ff:?; del VOTEC as PT-HJ+
BR PT-HJL : Jun13 fuselage section in the scrap yard at Perkasie He+
61-814 1978 NO LN-OQQ : Sikorsky S-61N-77; Helikopter Services 02Nov78
GL OY-HGG : Grønlandsfly "Kangoq" 1996-1997
NO LN-OQQ : Helikopter Service (?)
CA C-GBFZ : Coulson Aircrane Ltd at Port Alberni, BC Sep06-Jan07
US N615CK : Croman Corp at White City, OR from Jan07
Nov18 based in Hawaii supporting the company’s contra+
61-817 NO LN-ORC : Offshore Helicopters, Bergen; Helikopter Service d/d 1+
pictured at Bergen
IE EI-GCE : CHC Ireland
being dismanteled with EI-SAR at Weston, Dublin
IE EI-GCE : Irish coast guard, noted
61-819 1979 UK G-BGWJ : Bristow Aug79-Aug88; lsd BEAS Aug88-Jul00; Bristow Jul0+
23apr00 pic at Wicken Park Farm, Wicken, Northants
pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
UK G-BGWJ : BEAS Aug88-Jul00
US N364DZ : State Dept 29Sep08
US N819WC : State Dept 26Aug10
61-820 1979 UK G-BGWK : BEAS Nov82-Jul00, op by Bristow; to N1346C
US N1346C : USA unk
UK G-BGWK : Bristow Jul00-Jun09, to Lebanon
LB AD-1603 : del Akhdar Dayem, Beirut, Lebanon as AD-1603, Jun09.
On the AD apron at Beirut
61-821 1979 UK G-BGWL : Bristow Oct79-May80
CA C-GMQF : Dome Petroleum Ltd at Calgary, AB, canc Jul87, to N9104+
Raven Lake Exploration at Abbotsford, BC Aug87-Mar88
Thomson Industries Ltd at Prince Rupert, BC Mar/Jun 198+
CA C-GMQF : Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd Jun88-Jan90
CA C-GMQF : Carley Logging Ltd at Victoria, BC Jan/Mar 1990
CA C-GMQF : Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd Mar90-Apr91
CA N611RM : USA 1991-1994, Coulson ?
CA C-FMAG : Coulson Aircrane Sep94-May01
US N264F : Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee May01-Nov04, op b+
? : Papua New Guinea as unk Dec 2004, op by Coulson ?
CA C-FXEC : Executive Transport Airways Ltd at Port Alberni, BC Dec+
CA C-FXEC : CHC Feb06-Oct07; PR-HFJ ntu
CA C-FXEC : Coulson Aircrane Dec07-Jan11
CA C-FXEC : Canadian Helicopters Ltd Jan11-Jan13
CA C-FXEC : Coulson Aircrane Ltd from Jan13
contracted by Bolivian Gov for Amazon firefighting in +
12jun20 Kupang, Indonesia after flying from Darwin
61-822 1979 IE EI-BHO : Irish Helicopters 1979-1989, all red livery
Irish Helicopters 1991-1997; Rescue for the Department +
UK G-BPWB : Bristow May89-Feb91
Bristow May97-Nov15
pictured at De Kooy, Netherlands during Heldair show
rtn to UK after ending Dutch SAR contract. str at Norw+
picture stored at Norwich
UK G-BPWB : HM Coastguard, op by Bristow; asg Portland and carri+
GL OY-HUF : Airgreenland; Mayor inspection at Nuuk
61-823 1980 CA C-GROL : Sikorsky S-61N-87, c/n 61-823, ff:?; del Okanagan as C-+
61-824 1980 UK G-BHOF : Bristow Feb80-Apr94, to LN-ONK
Bristow Jun95-Jul99
NO LN-ONK : May94-May95
UK G-LAWS : Laws Helicopters Ltd Jul99-Nov04
UK G-DAWS : Air Harrods Nov04-May06
UK G-VIPZ : BIH May06-Jun09
flew on this to Tresco Island, Isles of Scilly. After +
UK G-VIPZ : Heli Med Ltd Jun09-Jun10
US N824WA : s-61t US State Dept Jan11-Sep16, also as N408SC
US N627CK : Croman Corp from Sep16; training at Yuma by
This aircraft was never designated as an S-61T. In US S+
Jun19 used for pilot training aircraft for customers ou+
61-825 1980 UK G-BHOG : Bristow Mar80-Sep97, to Brazil
Bristow Sep02-Aug06
BR PT-YEK : Aeroleo Taxi Aereo 1997-2002
UK G-BHOG : BIH Aug06-Sep11
US N457FC : Carson Oct11, cur
US N825WL : US Dept State Oct11, cur
61-826 1980 US N15456 : Siller Brothers
US N826WC : US State Dept Aug11-Dec15
US N826WC : BHI from Jan16
61-827 1980 UK G-BHOH : Bristow Apr80-Mar07; 23apr00 pictured at Wicken Park Fa+
US N616CK : Croman Apr07-2015?; 2008 all grey livery; 2009 yellow/+
US N806AR : EP Aviation Dec15-Nov19
US N806AR : Construction Helicopters Inc at Howell, MI from Nov19
70 C/N.

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