Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar

EC725R2 Caracal



Eurocopter EC725R2 Caracal

Franch Air Force Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) EC725 variant. The Caracal or Super Cougar is based on the AS532 Cougar and incorporates a five-blade composite main rotor, reinforced gearbox and an all glass cockpit

Model News

Exercise Dark Dune 2020, 27-Feb-20 : #DarkDune French Air Force performed helicopter aerial refueling from Hercules Tanker aircraft during Dark Dune 2020

Spanish Tanker Refueled French Caracal, 21-Oct-18 : #refueling A Spanish air force KC-130 tanker deployed to Istres in France to performed an aerial refueling exercise with a French EC725 Caracal helicopter

Exercise Dark Dune 2017-II, 08-Dec-17 : French Air Force Caracal pilots completed air refueling qualifications with USAF MC-130J at Cazaux in a new edition of the Dark Dune exercise

Operation Barkhane: First Air Refueling of Helicopters, 05-Nov-15 : A French Caracal helicopter, using an U.S. C-130 Hercules, made for the first time an aerial refueling during Operation Barkhane in Africa.

Cougar Completed In-Flight Refueling Tests, 15-Nov-00 : French Air Force Cougar Mk2 in combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) version completed aerial refueling tests from a KC-130 Hercules in October 2000

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List of Operators of Eurocopter EC725R2 Caracal

From Organisation with model EC725R2 Caracal
france Armée de l'Air
    Super Puma/Cougar 17 1991/   
france Eurocopter France
    Super Puma/Cougar 1992/13

Construction Numbers on database of EC725R2 Caracal


Construction Numbers

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2461 1998 FR F-ZKDA : as532ul Eurocopter France, to AdlA
FR F-ZKDA : conv to EC725R2 Caracal
FR 2461 : AdlA, test serial F-ZKDA; Jun09 EH01.067 /SA
from Sep09 /SA; EH01.067./SA pictured (top) at parade +
2012 EH01.067./SA
05/06jul14 pictured (bot) as EH01.061 /SA at Meeting de+
crash site Germanwings flight 9252 French Alps Barcelon+
2549 FR 2549 : AdlA in 2010 /SB; F-ZWBC
2552 FR F-ZKDT : Eurocopter; 5jun05 Istres air show
FR 2552 : AdlA; 2009 EH01.067./SE
as EH01.067 /SE participated in Bastille Day initially+
as /SE pictured at RAF Fairford
2555 FR 2555 : AdlA; 2009 EH01.067/SF
2619 FR 2619 : AdlA; Sep05 CEAM./330-SC participated in exercise Volca+
AdlA; 15mar07 pictured as 2619/SC with EH01.067 in Afgh+
2011 EH01.067./SC
2626 FR 2626 : AdlA; 2009 pictured as 2626/SD with eh01.067 in Afghani+
asg, EH01.067./SD flew in parade Quatorze Juillet
FR : Bottom: pictured as 330-SD probably same aircraft
2770 FR 2770 : AdlA F-UGSG; 2011 GAM00.056 /SG
2772 FR 2772 : AdlA F-UGSH; 2013 GAM00.056 /SH

2778 FR F-ZWDA : Eurocopter France
FR 2778 : AdlA, test serial F-ZWDA
as /SI pictured (pic2) in the helicopter flypast at Q+
2789 2013 FR 2789 : AdlA d/d 2013
EH01.067./SJ flew in parade Quatorze Juillet 2013
pictured (pic1) at Issy-les-Moulineaux
video from Radom Air Show Warszawa, Poland
pictured (pic2) during Angel Thunder action at Davis-M+
as /SJ pictured (pic3) in the helicopter flypast at +
2802 FR 2802 : pictured (pic1) as EH01.067 /SK during Grande Manifest+
02jun13 pictured (pic2) (pic3) again at Chateaudun, BA2+
pictured (pic4) during Angel Thunder action at Davis-M+
asg, EH01.067./SK flew in parade Quatorze Juillet

11 C/N.

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