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    VIP version of Agusta AS-61/ASH-3D. Two ordered by italian Air Force for VIP duties, several ordered by Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia?

    List of Operators of Agusta ASH-3D/TS

    From Organisation with model ASH-3D/TS
    iraq Al Quwwa al Jawwiya al Iraqiya
        AS-61 1978/??

    Construction Numbers on database of ASH-3D/TS


    Construction Numbers

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    IQ 4314,YI-001
    IQ YI-002
    IQ YI-003
    IQ YI-004
    IQ YI-005
    IQ YI-006
    IR 6-9294
    IR 6-9295
    1975 LY ???
    SA 121
    SA 122
    SA 123
    12 C/N.