Bell 214

Bell 214B


List of Operators of Bell 214B

From Organisation with model 214B
oman Silāḥ al-Jaww as-Sulṭāniy ‘Umān
    214 1976/   
norway Lufttransport AS
    214 1981/98
norway Helitrans AS
    214 2 2001/   
usa PJ Helicopters
    214 2005/   

australia McDermott Aviation
Construction Numbers on database of 214B


Construction Numbers

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28006 1976 OM 102 : Oman, test serial N9904K; reser 752
OM 752 : Oman, to C-FZYS
CA C-FZYS : HSS Helitech Support Services Inc at Surrey, BC 21jan03+
KR HL9157 : South Korea from 2003
28024 CA C-FVJE Black Tusk Helicopter : in 1995
US N214VC : VCSD Ventura County Sheriff cnvt. to type:214B-1 from 2+
28053 1980 JP JA9268 : Nakanihon Air Service, test serial N18091; China Airlin+
US N214KR : K-R Aircraft Inc at San Bernardino, CA Jan/Mar 2001
NO LN-OPO : Helitrans AS from 2001, 214B-1 type
US N214NP : Northern Pioneer Helicopters Llc at Big Lake, AK from J+
13oct17 on the back of a truck heading north of Brisban+
28054 NO LN-ORM : Lufttransport AS from 1981
SE SE-HLE : Helifly AB from 2000
SE SE-HLE : Osterman Helicopters AB from 2001
NO LN-ORM : Helitrans AS, noted Aug01; 2012 still
AU VH-SEK : McDermott Aviation from Nov17
28062 AE 121 : UAEAF
28063 1981 AE 122 : UAEAF 1981-200?, ex DU-102 (Red Crescent)
US N214BH : Bank of Utah Trustee Sep09-Jul11
AU P2-MBH : Papua New Guinea with McDermott Aviation by Jan17
28069 1981 US N18096 : Bell 1981
VE YV-O-KWH-4 : Venezuela, to N214HM
US N214HM : USA May99
US N216PJ : P J Helicopters Inc at Red Bluff, CA from Oct05
7 C/N.

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