Eurocopter super puma/cougar


AS332L2 Super Puma


Model News

UK and Norway to Clear Restrictions for Super Puma, 07-Jul-17 : UK and Norway restrictions, impossed following a fatal accident in April 2016, for the EC225LP and AS332L2 Super Puma helicopters to be lifted

EASA Lifts Temporary Suspension of Super Puma, 07-Oct-16 : EASA lift the temporary flight suspension of the Super Puma EC225LP and AS332L2 helicopters put in place on 2 June 2016 following the crash in Norway on 29 April 2016

CHC EC225LP Helicopter Accident in Norway, 29-Apr-16 : We regret to confirm that an H225 operated by CHC was involved in a fatal accident off the coast of Norway near Turoey outside Bergen on Friday 29th of April.

Angola SonAir Super Pumas G-Checks in Poland, 06-Oct-15 : SonAir Serviço Aéreo, Angolan helicopter operator, four Super Pumas helicopters will receive G-Check inspections at Heli-One’s facility in Rzeszow, Poland.


From Organisation with model AS332L2 Super Puma
norway Helikopter Service
    super puma/cougar 1990/16
france Eurocopter France
    super puma/cougar 1992/13
vietnam Vietnam Helicopter Company
    super puma/cougar 1994/now
thailand Royal Thai Air Force
    3 1996/05
norway Norsk Helikopter
    super puma/cougar 1999/09
united kingdom CHC Scotia
    super puma/cougar 2000/17
angola SonAir Serviço Aéreo, SA
united kingdom Bond Aviation Group
    super puma/cougar 2001/16
brazil BHS Taxi Aereo
    super puma/cougar 2002/now
hong kong Government Flying Service
    3 2002/now
united kingdom Bristow
brazil Aeroleo Taxi Aereo
    super puma/cougar 2004/now
saudi arabia Ministry of Interior
    2 2006/now
norway Bristow Norway AS
    super puma/cougar 2009/16
belgium NHV
    2 2012/now

china CITIC Group
    super puma/cougar
malaysia MHS Aviation
    super puma/cougar
nigeria Bristow Helicopters Nigeria
    super puma/cougar
Construction Numbers on database of AS332L2 Super Puma


Construction Numbers Help Us

2348 1993 FR F-GLHS : Eurocopter May93-Sep94, test serial F-WTNR
VN VN-8608 : SSFC offshore at Cuu Long JOC 2007-Jan16
2366 VN VN-8609 : VN-8609; to LN-OHH
NO LN-OHH : Helikopter Service; to 9M-STR
MY 9M-STR : MHS Aviation 2006
2380 VN VN-8610 : SSFC
2388 1996 FR F-WQDY : Eurocopter 1996; To Thailand
TH H9-1/39 : RTAF Oct96; std late 1997 following crash of c/n 2455; +
SA PS-01 : del Saudi Arabia, MOI, Police as PS-01, 2006.
2390 1996 TH H9-2/39 : RTAF Oct96; std late 1997 following crash of c/n 2455; +
SA PS-02 : del Saudi Arabia, MOI, Police as PS-02, 2006.
2393 1994 NO LN-OHC : CHC Helikopter Service 1994-2011, to VP-CHC
KY VP-CHC : CHC Cayman Islands Apr11-Dec12
UK G-WNSC : CHC Scotia from Jan13 at Aberdeen, Scotland
KY VP-CHC : CHC Cayman Islands from Jun13 for Royal Dutch Shell off+
Flown in Benin, Gabon, Benin, Turkey (Istanbul) and fi+
2395 1996 NO LN-OHD : CHC Helikopter Service 1996-Sep05, to G-CHCI
UK G-CHCI : CHC Scotia from Sep05, ex LN-OHD
2396 NO LN-OHA : CHC Helikopter Service
2398 1993 NO LN-OHB : Helicopter Service, to Angola
AO D2-EVP : SonAir 2004-2012
UK G-CHCY : CHC Scotia from 23may12; Jul12 at Aberdeen, UK
KY VP-CHE : CHC Cayman Islands from Jun13 for Royal Dutch Shell off+
2455 1997 TH H9-3/39 : RTAF; w/o 19sep97, 14 killed, 7 injured
2467 1998 UK G-PUMO : CHC Scotia from Sep98
2471 JP JA6800 : Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport fr+
2474 NO LN-OHE : CHC Helikopter Service
2477 1998 UK G-PUMM : CHC Scotia 1998-2004; to PR-HPG
BR PR-HPG : Aeroleo; ex G-PUMM; to LN-OHM
NO LN-OHM : CHC Helikopter Service; ex PR-HPG; to G-PUMM
UK G-PUMM : CHC Scotia rtn
2484 1998 NO LN-OHF : CHC Helikopter Service 1998-Jul99, to G-PUMN
UK G-PUMN : CHC Scotia from Jul99, ex LN-OHF
2488 1999 NO LN-ONH : Norsk Helikopter 1999-2011
UK G-CGTJ : Bristow Jan/May 2011
NG 5N-BNU : Bristow Nigeria 2011-2015
UK G-CGTJ : Bristow Jan/May 2015
UK G-CGTJ : Airbus Helicopters UK from May15
20Apr16 in maintenance at Vector Aerospace, Fleetlands
2493 NO LN-OHG : CHC Helikopter Service
2500 1999 NO LN-ONI : Norsk Helicopter Jul99-Apr09; 17jun99 handover ceremony+
NO LN-ONI : Bristow Norway Apr09-Jul10
NG 5N-BNC : Bristow Nigeria from Jul10; NTU ?
2503 2000 AO D2-ESZ : SonAir 2001
2504 2000 UK G-PUMS : CHC Scotia from Aug00
03aug12 pictured at Aberdeen
2535 2001 FR F-WWOY : Eurocopter, to B-HRL
HK B-HRL : Government Flying Service from 2002
2543 2001 FR F-WWOT : Eurocopter, to B-HRM
HK B-HRM : Government Flying Service from 2002
04mar13 pictured overflying Hong Kong International Air+
15Nov15 at Hong Kong
2547 FR F-WWON : Eurocopter, to B-HRN
HK B-HRN : Government Flying Service from 2002
Apr06 pictured on USS Mobile Bay (CG-53)
2565 ID H-3204 : TNI-AU; ex F-WQPP
16jun13 at Bali International Airport
2567 2001 UK G-CHCF : CHC Scotia from Dec01
2570 BR PP-MUM : BHS; w/o 26feb08 crash into ocean due tail rotor failur+
2572 2003 FR F-WQDJ : Eurocopter, to PP-MZM
BR PP-MZM : BHS 2003-2012, lsd CHC
UK G-CHLF : CHC Scotia 02/26 Nov12
BE PH-NHR : NHV from Nov12
2573 ID H-3222 : TNI-AU VIP; ex F-WWOU; 31jul09 with vice-president at D+
2576 2002 FR F-WWOT : Eurocopter, reserial F-WQRE
FR F-WQRE : Eurocopter, to G-JSAR
UK G-JSAR : Bristow from Sep02; w/o 21nov06 ditched into the sea ne+
RO - : Sold to Eurocopter and re-furbished. Apparently to Roma+
2577 TM EZ-P710 : Turkmenistan ?
2578 TM EZ-P711 : Turkmenistan ?, test serial F-WQDG
conv to SAR type by Global Aviation Interior Services w+
2582 2002 NO LN-OHI : CHC Helikopter Service 2003-2011
KY VP-CHB : CHC Cayman Islands Apr11-Apr13
15nov12 pictured (pic1) at Gypsy Cove/Cabo Cangallo, Fa+
05apr13 pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen, Scotland
UK G-WNSB : CHC Scotia from Apr13
w/o 23aug13 ditched in North Sea 2nm W off Sumburgh, Sh+
2587 MA CN-AZT : Royal Gendarmerie
2590 2003 AO D2-EXN : SonAir 2003
2592 2003 UK G-CHCG : CHC Scotia Jul03-Aug16; Dec10 wfu and listed for sale
May14, still operating in Aberdeen and was never wfu in+
13aug15 08:24UTZ flightradar24 Operating in Germany: La+
UK G-CHCG : Wilmington Trust SP Services (Dublin) Ltd from Aug16
Sep16 on sale
2594 NO LN-OHJ : CHC Helikopter Service
2599 2003 BR PP-MTM : BHS 2003-2012, test serial F-WWOO, lsd from CHC
UK G-CHLJ : CHC Scotia Feb/Mar 2013
BE PH-NHS : NHV from Mar13
2601 2003 UK G-CHCH : CHC Scotia from Dec03
02jun06 pictured (top) taxing at Aberdeen with eldest b+
31mar09 pictured (middle) at Aberdeen
09apr14 pictured (bot) at Sumburgh
2608 2004 UK G-REDJ : Bond Offshore Helicopters from May04
10apr15 pictured at Aberdeen
UK G-REDJ : Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
2609 CN B-7960 : CITIC; w/o 11jun08
2610 2004 UK G-REDK : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Jun04, test serial F-WWO+
14may13 pictured at Aberdeen
UK G-REDK : Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
2612 2004 UK G-REDL : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Jul04; w/o 01apr09 crash+
06May05 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
2613 NO LN-OHK : CHC Helikopter Service
2614 2004 UK G-REDM : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Jul04
06Mar05 pictured (pic1) at Aberdeen, Scotland
12aug13 pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen
UK G-REDM : Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
2616 2004 UK G-REDN : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Aug04, test serial F-WQD+
12aug13 pictured with a blue unmarked EC225 for Norsk H+
UK G-REDN : Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
2617 2004 FR F-WWOS : Eurocopter toward LN-OHL
NO LN-OHL : CHC Helikopter Service 2004-2011, to G-CHCU
UK G-CHCU : CHC Scotia from Feb11, ex LN-OHL
14may13 pictured at Aberdeen
2622 UK G-REDO : Bond Offshore Helicopters, "Jigsaw" SAR aircraft
UK G-REDO : Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
2632 MY 9M-SPA : MHS Aviation; w/o 05nov05 ditched in the South China Se+
2634 UK G-REDP : Bond Offshore Helicopters "Jigsaw" SAR aircraft
UK G-REDP : Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
2636 MY 9M-SPB : MHS Aviation; test serial F-WWOO
2639 MY 9M-SPC : MHS Aviation
2643 AO D2-EXU : Sonair
2646 AO D2-EXV : Sonair
2655 MY 9M-SPD : MHS Aviation
2664 VN VN-8614 : SSFC; ex F-OISY
2672 VN VN-8616 : SSFC; ex F-OISZ
56 C/N.

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