Kaman Seasprite



Kaman proposed the Model K-20 to fulfill the light utility role for the US Navy in 1957 and won! The Kaman design featured four blades on the main rotor and three blades on the tail rotor with a single General Electric T58-8F turboshaft engine located above the cabin. Kaman built four YHU2K-1 Seasprite prototypes in 1958-59. These were redesignated as YUH-2A in 1962.

List of Operators of Kaman YHU2K-1

From Organisation with model YHU2K-1
usa US Navy
    Seasprite 256 1962/01

Construction Numbers on database of YHU2K-1


Construction Numbers

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1 1959 US 147202 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 1, ff 02Jul59; del USN as YUH+
2 1959 US 147203 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 2, ff ?; del USN as YUH2K-1, +
Mar65 conv to UH-2B
3 1959 US 147204 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 3, ff?; del USN as YUH2K-1, 1+
1963 the third Seasprite prototype pictured during ditc+
Mar65 conv to UH-2B; May68 conv to NUH-2B
4 1959 US 147205 : Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 4, ff?; del USN as YUH2K-1, 1+
4 C/N.