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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
4013 arh AU A38-013 : Australian Army Jul07; 2014 161sq /Samurai
28feb17 on display at Avalon 2017
4014 arh AU A38-014 : Australian Army Jul07
4015 arh AU A38-015 : Australian Army Oct10
4016 arh AU A38-016 : Australian Army
4017 arh AU A38-017 : Australian Army
4018 arh AU A38-018 : Australian Army
4019 arh AU A38-019 : Australian Army
4020 arh AU A38-020 : Australian Army
4021 arh AU A38-021 : Australian Army
31aug15 at Bramston Beach North Queensland
4022 arh AU A38-022 : Australian Army
5001 had 2007 FR F-ZWBP : Eurocopter France f/f 14dec07, first serial HAD French +
ES HA.28-18 : 5001/HAD/E01 Eurocopter España f/f Sep10
5002 had ES HA.28-07 : 5002/HADE02 as HA.28-07-10008; Feb14 as HA.28-10008
ET-707 d/d 15jan15 BHELA I from Airbus Albacete
21may16 picture (pic2) at El Bruch, Barcelona open day+
5003 had ES HA.28-08 : 5003/HAD/E03 ET-708 d/d Jan15. HA.28-08-10009
5004 had ES HA.28-09 : 5004/HAD/E04 ET-709 Jun15, HA.28-09-10010
5005 had ES HA.28-10 : 5005/HAD/E05 ET-710 Sep15, HA.28-09-10011
5006 had ES HA.28-11 : 5006/HAD/E06 ET-711 Jun17, HA.28-08-10041
6001 had 2010 FR F-ZWPB : Eurocopter f/f 17dec10; 1st HAD for French Army
FR 6001 : ALAT, test serial F-ZWPB
FR F-ZWPB : Aug14 with Airbus Helicopters at MSPO 2014, Poland
FR 6001 : 22jun17 as /BJA pictured (pic1) on display at Paris Air+
13/17nov17 as /BJA pictured (pic2) on landing qualifica+
6002 had 2012 FR F-ZWBV : Eurocopter France
FR 6002 : ALAT /BJB dd 10apr13, F-MBJB
14jul13 unit ?./BJB flew in parade Quatorze Juillet 201+
29jun/29jul 2014 asg 1RHC pictured in Djibouti during H+
6003 had FR 6003 : ALAT /BJC Aug13 EFA
6004 had FR 6004 : ALAT c/n 6004
14jul14 asg, EFA./BJD flew in parade Quatorze Juillet
10jun15 pictured arriving at LeBourget for Paris airsho+
6005 had FR 6005 : ALAT /BJE Oct13 EFA
6006 had FR 6006 : ALAT /BJF Dec13 1RHC
6007 had FR 6007 : ALAT /BJG, test serial F-MBJG; 2014 1RHC
6008 had FR 6008 : ALAT /BJH, test serial F-MBJH; Jul15
6009 had FR 6009 : ALAT /BJI, test serial F-MBJI
14jul17 pictured leading the ALAT section of the helico+
6010 had FR 6010 : ALAT /BJJ, test serial F-MBJJ
6011 had FR 6011 : ALAT /BJK, test serial F-MBJK; Oct14 as F-ZWBH
6012 had FR 6012 : ALAT /BJL, test serial F-FMBL; Jul15
6013 had FR 6013 : ALAT /BJM, test serial F-FMBM; 2015 as F-ZKBL
6014 had FR 6014 : ALAT /BJN, test serial F-FMBN; 2015 as F-ZKBU
6015 had FR 6015 : ALAT /BJO, test serial F-FMBO; Jul16
6016 had FR 6016 : ALAT /BJP, test serial F-FMBP
6017 had FR 6017 : ALAT /BJQ, test serial F-FMBQ
6018 had FR 6018 : ALAT /BJR, test serial F-FMBR; Feb16 as F-ZKBI
6019 had FR 6019 : ALAT /BJS, test serial F-FMBS; Feb16 as F-ZKBM
6020 had FR 6020 : ALAT /BJT, test serial F-FMBT; May16 as F-ZKBC; Sep16+

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