Sikorsky S-69 XH-59


  • Sikorsky S-69 XH-59
  • Sikorsky S-69 XH-59

The ABC ( Advancing Blade Concept ) was designed to prove the viability of two counter rotating main rotors on a common axis as a means of achieving higher speeds and better agility. Its simple design eliminates the tail rotor for anti-torque and directional control with the additional advantage of eliminating noise. Rudders in the twin tail are used instead, as in a fixed-wing aircraft. The ABC has been extensively flight tested as a pure helicopter and, with auxiliary propulsion, flown at speeds in excess of 480 km/h

Derivatives & Versions

X2 2008 Benefiting from the XH-59 (Advancing Blade Concept) and X-49A experiences, the high-speed helicopter technology demonstrator made its first fligh ...

List of Operators of Sikorsky S-69 XH-59

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Construction Numbers on database of S-69 XH-59 or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
69-001 1973 US 73-21941 : US Army/NASA XH-59A ABC f/f 26jul73; tested in NASA Ame+
69-002 US 73-21942 : US Army/NASA XH-59A ABC; preserved at US Army Aviation +

2 C/N.

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