Sud Aviation S-58


This was a licence-built version of the Sikorsky S-58/H-34A for the French Armee de lAir.

  List of Operators of H-34A

Years Model Org
1956/?? france Armée de l'Air

  Global Distribution of H-34A


Construction Numbers

C/N Year History
SA.1 scrapped 1971 1956 FR SA.1
SA.2 scrapped 1980 1957 FR SA.2
SA.3 scrapped 1971 1957 FR SA.3
SA.4 1957 FR SA.4,SKY.479
SA.5 scrapped 1959 1957 FR SA.5
SA.6 w/o 1958 1957 FR SA.6
SA.7 1957 FR SA.7
SA.8 1957 FR SA.8,SKY.507
SA.9 1957 FR SA.9
SA.10 1957 FR SA.10
SA.11 1957 FR SA.11,SKY525
SA.12 1957 FR SA.12
SA.13 1957 FR SA.13
SA.14 scrapped 1972 1957 FR SA.14
SA.15 scrapped 1973 1957 FR SA.15
SA.16 scrapped 1971 1957 FR SA.16
SA.17 w/o 1961 1957 FR SA.17
SA.18 scrapped 1972 1957 FR SA.18
SA.19 w/o 1960 1957 FR SA.19
SA.20 1957 FR SA.20
SA.21 1957 FR SA.21
SA.22 1957 FR SA.22
SA.23 1957 FR SA.23
SA.24 scrapped 1973 1957 FR SA.24
SA.25 scrapped 1973 1957 FR SA.25
SA.26 w/o 1959 1957 FR SA.26
SA.27 scrapped 1973 1957 FR SA.27
SA.28 w/o 1961 1957 FR SA.28
SA.29 1957 FR SA.29,SKY.705
SA.30 1957 FR SA.30
SA.31 w/o 1961 1957 FR SA.31
SA.32 w/o 1959 1957 FR SA.32
SA.33 1957 FR SA.33
SA.34 1957 FR SA.34
SA.35 1958 FR SA.35
SA.36 scrapped 1981 1958 FR SA.36
SA.37 scrapped 1973 1958 FR SA.37
SA.38 1958 FR SA.38,SKY.832
SA.51 w/o 1964 FR SA.51
SA.52 w/o 1964 FR SA.52
SA.53 FR SA.53
SA.54 w/o 1963 FR SA.54
SA.55 FR SA.55
SA.56 FR SA.56
SA.57 FR SA.57
SA.58 FR SA.58
SA.59 FR SA.59
SA.60 FR SA.60
SA.61 w/o 1961 FR SA.61
SA.62 FR SA.62
SA.63 FR SA.63
SA.64 FR SA.64
SA.65 FR SA.65
SA.66 FR SA.66
SA.67 FR SA.67
SA.68 w/o 1963 FR SA.68
SA.69 FR SA.69
SA.70 FR SA.70
SA.71 FR SA.71
SA.72 FR SA.72
SA.73 FR SA.73
SA.74 FR SA.74
SA.75 FR SA.75
SA.76 FR SA.76
SA.77 w/o 1961 FR SA.77
SA.78 FR SA.78
SA.79 w/o 1973 FR SA.79
SA.80 FR SA.80
SA.81 FR SA.81
SA.82 w/o 1961 FR SA.82
SA.83 FR SA.83
SA.84 FR SA.84
SA.85 scrapped 1990 FR SA.85
SA.86 FR SA.86
SA.87 w/o 1961 FR SA.87
SA.88 FR SA.88
SA.89 FR SA.89
SA.90 FR SA.90
SA.91 FR SA.91
SA.92 FR SA.92
SA.93 FR SA.93
SA.94 w/o 1961 FR SA.94
SA.95 FR SA.95
SA.96 FR SA.96
SA.97 FR SA.97
SA.98 FR SA.98
SA.99 FR SA.99
SA.100 FR SA.100
SA.101 FR QA+471,SA.101
SA.102 FR SA.102
SA.103 FR SA.103
SA.104 FR SA.104
SA.105 FR SA.105
SA.106 FR SA.106
SA.107 FR SA.107
SA.108 FR SA.108
SA.109 FR SA.109
SA.110 FR SA.110
SA.111 FR SA.111
SA.112 FR SA.112

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