Piasecki H-21



Two H-21B used for engine test, 1958-1960. Piston engine replaced by either one or two gas turbine engine of two different marks. Both later retrofitted with piston engines and delivered as UH-21B, 1962.

List of Operators of Piasecki H-21D

From Organisation with model H-21D
usa US Air Force
    H-21 214 1952/74

Construction Numbers on database of H-21D


Construction Numbers

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B-167 1958 US 57-2610 : h-21b Vertol V-42A, cn B-167, ff:?; ordered by USAF as H-21B +
B-168 1958 US 57-2611 : h-21b Vertol V-42A, cn B-168, ff:?; ordered by USAF as H-21B +

2 C/N.