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50029 1998 UK ZH826 : hm.1 50029/RN06; 24jul99 asg 700Sqn at Fairford air show
conv to HM.2 type MCSP01; Aug12 first airframe at Yeovi+
UK ZH826 : detached from Boscombe Down to conduct Merlin HM.2 firs+
UK ZH826 : 28Jul16 HM.2 814 NAS/68-CU pictured at RNAS Culdrose fo+
50037 UK ZH827 : hm.1 50037/RN07; pictured during RNAS Culdrose Air Day 2008 +
conv to HM.2 type MCSP20; Jul14 820Sq (0)15
50043 UK ZH829 : hm.1 50043/RN09; 2009 829Sq
conv HM.2 type MCSP04, Nov14
50053 1999 UK ZH831 : hm.1 RN 50053/RN11; ff 04 Feb 1999; dd 11 Mar 1999, to CU; +
2007 820Sqn /14 ; 2008 814Sqn /14 ; 2009 814Sqn /11
Conv HM.2 type MCSP02, Mar14
UK ZH831 : Sep14, AEW prototype, fitted with dual Crowsnest ASaC s+
50057 UK ZH832 : hm.1 50057/RN12; 23jul02 QinetiQ
UK ZH832 : 03+04 July 2010 829Sqn. on board HMS Richmond (F239). P+
Jul10 pictured departing from Pool of London on HMS Ric+
conv HM.2 type MCSP08; Apr13 824Sqn /(5)85
31Jul14 with 824 NAS / 85, pictured in the flying displ+
50061 1997 UK ZH833 : hm.1 50061/RN13 f/f 03jun99, d/d 06jul99
del as Westland 05. To 824 Sq as its first Merlin by Ju+
18jul00 pictured (top) at RNAS Culdrose
2004 asg 829 NAS HQ
12nov13 pictured (bot) at Yeovil
conv HM.2 type MCSP13; Apr14 829Sq
50065 1999 UK ZH834 : hm.1 50065/RN14 d/d 2002. 2009 /86 824Sqn.
11Jul09 pictured as 824 NAS / 86 Tristan, at Yeovilton +
conv HM.2 type MCSP07; Jun13 824Sqn /(5)84
50072 1999 UK ZH836 : hm.1 50072/RN16; 2009 824Sqn
Conv HM.2 type MCSP18; May14 829Sq /(0)01
11jul14 pictured (pic1) at RIAT 2014
Nov14 asg 829Sq, embarked HMS St Albans
19jul15 pictured (pic2) at RIAT 2015, HM.2 type. HMS St+
Operating from HMS Ocean, with ZH850, during visit to G+
50074 UK ZH837 : hm.1 50074/RN17; 30jul09 pictured (pic1) at RNAS Culdrose as+
2011 829Sqn /503
conv HM.2 type MCSP11; Aug14 829Sq
28jul16 asg 829 NAS Sutherland Flt pictured (pic2) at R+
50085 1999 UK ZH840 : hm.1 700(M)Sq/537 by May 2003; to USA via Southampton Mar 20+
Culdrose storage by 1985; 829Sq HQ Flt/501 by Nov 2006;+
50085/RN20; 2006/09 829Sq /NL-38
829Sq Monmouth Flt/502 by Mar 2009 until May 2009; 824S+
2010 pictured as /81 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day
conv HM.2 type MCSP19; Aug14 820Sq /(0)14
50091 UK ZH842 : hm.1 RN 50091/RN22
18jul00 pictured at RNAS Culdrose
2009 824Sqn /CU-88
conv to HM.2 type MCSP10; Oct14 824Sq /(5)86
50093 UK ZH843 : hm.1 50093/RN23; Royal Navy 814Sqn
conv HM.2 type MCSP03, Feb12
50105 UK ZH845 : hm.1 50105/RN25; 2009 814Sqn
05Jul08 814 NAS / 265, pictured in the static display a+
conv to HM.2 type MCSP12; Nov13 824Sq (5)81
13jul17 doing circuits out of HMS Sultan (Gosport) befo+
50125 2000 UK ZH850 : hm.1 50125/RN30 d/d 09apr01; 814 Sq/266-R by Sep 2001 still+
19jul11 pictured (pic1) as /12 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day
conv HM.2 type MCSP09; Apr13 824Sqn /(5)80
05jul13 pictured (pic2) at RAF Waddington
24jul13 as 824Sqn /80 picture at RNAS Culdrose
17oct14 820Sqn /80 embarked RFA Argus for Sierra Leone
06apr15 pictured (pic3) disembarked for RNAS Culdrose f+
Operating from HMS Ocean, with ZH836, during visit to G+
2017 HM2 type 814Sq
50135 UK ZH853 : hm.1 50135/RN33; 2009 814Sqn
conv HM.2 type MCSP06; Apr13 824Sqn /(5)83
50147 2001 UK ZH856 : hm.1 d/d 20 Dec 2001, 814Sq/267 by Mar 2002 until Apr 2005, +
829Sq HQ Flt, in flying display at Devonport Navy Days +
50147/RN36 Royal Navy HM1; May 2011 pictured (top) at S+
26apr12 Falmouth exercise
conv HM.2 type MCSP16; Feb14 820Sq /(0)13
13jul14 pictured (bot) on static display at Royal Inter+
17oct14 820Sqn embarked RFA Argus for Sierra Leone. Dis+
50151 UK ZH857 : hm.1 50151/RN37
conv HM.2 type MCSP17; Jul14 829Sq
08jul17 as 824 NAS /86-CU pictured at RNAS Yeovilton Ai+
50164 2002 UK ZH860 : hm.1 50164/RN40. 829 sqn; 16may11 pictured (pic1) at NATO Ti+
08Jul06 814 NAS / 269 pictured (pic2) in the static di+
conv HM.2 type MCSP27; Sep14 820Sq /(0)16
10sep17 pictured (pic3) in Tiger c/s asg 814Sq on the E+
50171 UK ZH862 : hm.1 RN 50171/RN42; 2003 824Sqn ; 2004 820Sqn /CU-010
17jul10 pictured at the Royal International Air Tattoo +
conv HM.2 type MCSP05; Feb13 824Sqn /(5)82
50179 2002 UK ZH864 : hm.1 RN 50179/RN44 d/d 05 Dec 2002 Final RN airframe from f+
2003 824Sqn.; 2004 820Sqn./CU-011
19jul11 pictured (pic1) as 820Sqn /17 being towed at RN+
May12 as 820Sqd /17 at RNAS Yeovilton
conv HM.2 type MCSP14; Sep14 820Sq /(0)12
820Sq /17 Sep 2014 visited Gibraltar while operating fr+
17oct14 820Sqn embarked RFA Argus for Sierra Leone
06apr15 pictured (pic3) disembarked for RNAS Culdrose f+
20 C/N.

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