Aerospatiale AS355 ecureuil 2

AS355F Ecureuil 2


Powered by 2 Allison 250-C20F turboshaft engines, uses dual hydraulics

List of Operators of Aerospatiale AS355F Ecureuil 2

From Organisation with model AS355F Ecureuil 2
france Armée de l'Air
    AS355 ecureuil 2 1984/   
france Douane
    AS355 ecureuil 2 5 1985/   
united kingdom Western Power Distribution
    AS355 ecureuil 2 1987/12
united kingdom Royal Air Force
    AS355 ecureuil 2 3 1993/06
netherlands Marine Luchtvaartdienst
    AS355 ecureuil 2 2 1997/   

united kingdom UK Police Forces
    AS355 ecureuil 2
Construction Numbers on database of AS355F Ecureuil 2


Construction Numbers

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5006 1981 FR F-WQEA : Aerospatiale
PT CS-HEE : HTA Helicopteros from Jul98, AS355F1 type
5020 US N5776S : to PT-HSQ
BR PT-HSQ : Emar Taxi Aereo from Sep09
5057 1981 US N281AP : to N117LB
US N117LB : AS.355F1 type; Martin Tabor and Assoc at Stuart, FL Mar+
AU VH-YUQ : McDermott Aviation from Sep10
5074 1981 US N5782E : to N632BB
US N632BB : to N181EH
US N181EH : ERA Helicopters, to N181EA
US N181EA : to C-GSSI
CA C-GSSI : AS355F1 type; Transport S.S.V.L. at Ste-Croix, QC Apr94+
Heli-Lynx Helicopter Services at Stoney Creek, ON Jul/A+
US N685CC : Wells Fargo Bank Aug05-Aug06
CA C-FXHE : AS355F2 type; Héli-Excel Inc Aug06-Feb08; Helicraft 20+
CA C-FXHE : Heli-Inter Inc at Sept-Iles, QC Jun10-Dec13
US N270SH : Sundance Helicopters from Jan14
5088 1981 US N5788B : USA, to N400HH
US N400HH : to G-OITN
UK G-OITN : Independent Television News Ltd Oct89-Jul05
UK G-TAKE : Arena Aviation Ltd from Aug05, AS355F1 type
BBC News Chopper, op by Arena Aviation; 22mar15 picture+
5106 IT I-LTOP : Heliwest; ex N5792X
5110 US N355DS : Meridian Consulting I Corp Inc at Linden, NJ Jan96-Mar9+
FR F-WQDM : Eurocopter, conv to 355F2 type
GR SX-HEP : Greece
5118 1983 US N5791X : to N944MS
US N944MS : Northwest MedStar; pictured
US N944MS : RTS Helicopter at Oklahoma City, canc Jan03
AT OE-XRW : Knaus Helicopter, conv AS.355F1 type; w/o 25feb04 near +
5122 1981 US N57927 : to C-FXXU
CA C-FXXU : Heli-Lynx Helicopter Services Inc at Stoney Creek, ON a+
CA C-FXRJ : Heli-Lynx Helicopter Services Inc Aug05-Dec06, AS355F2 +
Jetport Inc at Mount Hope, ON Dec06-Feb13; c/n as 05122
US N65LG : Baron Real Estate Group Llc at Brookline, MA from Mar13
Jan/Mar 2016, sold Eurocopter AS355F-2 1981 Heli-Lynx +
Feb/May 2018, sold Eurocopter AS355F2 1981; 5,392 tota+
5130 CI TU-THD : IAS Cote d Ivoire 2002, ex Afrique Helicoptere
5131 1982 CA C-GSLI : Sealand Helicopters at St JohnS, NL, canc Mar86
CA C-GSLI : Canada Aug86-Jan90, AS355F1 type
US N931QS : USA, to N355ET
US N355ET : Pci Yachts Inc at Stevensville, MD Aug00-Sep14
AU VH-YUG : McDermott Aviation from Feb15
5133 1982 US N354SC : as355f1 Shamrock Coal Company cnvt. F1 type toward other owner
private? re-registered to N355FF
US N355FF : private?; seen in movie 2012 The Dictator also Bell 407+
5144 1982 US N57931 : to N355BP
US N355BP : 800BP Corp at Portland, OR May88-Feb91
SG 9V-BOX : to F-OHE
FR F-OHE : France, to 9M-BAV
AU VH-HRU : Australia from Nov99, to 9M-BDN
MY 9M-BDN : rtn to VH-HRU
AU VH-HRU : Helicopter Resources, noted 2004-2007
AU VH-HRU : McDermott Aviation from Jan11
5150 1982 US N57933 : USA, to N916EG
US N916EG : USA, canc May90
AU VH-NPS : Australia, to VH-PHM
AU VH-PHM : NSW Police, AS355F2 type; w/o 05mar93 1km S Little Bea+
5151 1982 UK G-BPRH : 1989-1991; ex N360E
UK G-TOPS : Sterling Helicopters 1994; 24apr09 pictured at Norwich
UK G-TOPS : 14Jan14 sold and moved by road from Norwich (NWI/EGSH) +
5160 FR F-ODDH : to F-GEXD
FR F-GEXD : conv to AS.355F1; to OK-MIQ
SK OK-MIQ : Air-Transport Europe; 20jun92 pictured at Berlin airsho+
SK OM-MIQ : to RA-1435K
RU RA-1435K : cur
5161 1982 US N5795M : USA
CA C-GTDF : Nova Gas Transmission Ltd at Edmonton, AB May88-Sep00, +
CA C-GTDF : VIH Nov00-Mar02
CA C-GTDF : Helijet International Mar02-Dec03
CA C-GTDF : United Helicopters Ltd at North Vancouver, BC Dec03-Jan+
AT OE-XGS : Heli Austria by 2016
5165 FR F-ODOM : conv F1 type; to F-GFAB
FR F-GFAB : Textron Finance Compagnie SA
5184 1982 US N5799M : to N87MH
US N87MH : rtn to N5799M
CA C-GHDV : as355f1 AS355F1 type; Hélico 2000 Inc at Québec, QC Feb/Jun 2+
High Terrain Helicopters at Nelson, BC Jul06-Feb07
US N355MH : Monmouth Helicopter Services at Rumson, NJ from Feb07
NYonAir New York, noted Nov14
5185 1982 US N5799R : to N107KF
US N107KF : as355f1 type; Eckhart Helicopter Sales Inc at Libertyvi+
UK G-MOBZ : Castle Aviation Sep/Nov 1996
UK G-BWZC : Castle Aviation Nov96-Mar99
UK G-OGRK : Anglia Aviation Mar99-Nov03
UK G-SKYN : Arena Aviation from Nov03; Sky News, noted 2004
Sky News; 04feb14 pictured (top) at Yeovil
18jul15 pictured (bot) at Tatenhill
5192 1982 US N365E : to G-BPHC
UK G-BPHC : European Helicopters Ltd Dec88-Jan89
UK G-SITE : Jan89-Nov98, conv to AS.355F1 type
UK G-ORMA : Autopilot Ltd Nov98-Jul01
Stratton Motor Company Jul01-Aug03
UK G-ORMA : MW Helicopters Aug03-Oct09
2006 used in movie Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker
UK G-IDEB : MW Helicopters from Oct09
5194 1982 US N367E : USA, canc Jun90
UK G-OHMS : WPD Jun90-Jun12, 355F1 type
UK G-OHMS : HFS Aviation Ltd from Jun12
5201 US N368E : canc 1989
UK G-BPRJ : conv AS.355F1
5204 1982 US N202SE : to N202SC
US N202SC : Tudor Investment Corp at Greenwich, CT from Apr08
5214 AT OE-XXZ : as355f2 23sep07 AS355F2+ type heli 3 at Kufstein
5215 1982 BW ZS-HMF : BDF, to Bophuthatswana as h5-?
NL PH-HVH : as355f1 Heli-Holland, conv to AS.355F-1; 18aug97 pictured at SK+
NL PH-HVH : Coast Guard type:AS355F1 TwinStar; from 2005 operator H+
5217 1982 ZA ZS-HKZ : South Africa, to F-GFEX
FR F-GFEX : ABC Helicopteres, conv to AS355F1 type; 14jun14 picture+
5236 1982 FR F-ZBEF : Securite Civile; conv as355f2
5249 1982 UK G-BKJX : McAlpine Helicopters d/d 29oct82 for G-TOFF
UK G-TOFF : reg 30oct82 to Mailam Ltd and then Atlantic Computer Le+
UK G-STVE : reg 08apr88 to James Wilkes PLC
UK G-BTVS : reg 25jul90 to Walsh Aviation and BLS Aviation on 19dec+
UK G-OHCP : reg 14mar94 still to BLS Aviation then Cabair Helicopte+
UK G-OHCP : as355f1 Staske Construction on 23apr08 (op by Atlas Helicopters+
UK G-OHCP : 18jun13 pictured (pic2) at Ascot heliport
V21 t/a Helicopter Services; w/o 30mar17 crashed in Rh+
5266 1982 NG 5N-AYL : Nigeria, to G-BOSN
UK G-BOSN : private Aug88-Sep89
NG 5N-AYL : Nigeria Sep89-Dec99
UK G-BOSN : Helicopte Support Ltd at Gloucester Jan/Jul 2000
UK G-BOSN : Helicopter Services Ltd from Jul00
5272 1982 MY 9M-HFR : Malaysia, to JA9976
JP JA9976 : Japan, to VH-SEV
AU VH-SEV : Australia from Jun94, 355F1 type; 11june13 pictured de+
AU VH-SEV : Rotor Head Pty Ltd at Cronulla, NSW from Dec16
w/o 12mar18 engine caught fire after landing at Banksto+
5282 1983 GR SX-HBX : Olympic Aviation Greece, test serial F-WZKG
VR-BJC : as355f2 conv F2, to VP-BJC
UK G-PDGS : PLM Dollar/PDG from Dec12, as355f2 type
04oct13 flying over Stirling, Scotland
UK G-NLDR : PLM Dollar Group from Oct13
UK G-NLDR : National Rail as /Osprey63/PDG63, lsd from PLM; 01mar1+
5298 1984 FR F-ZBEK : Douane; conv AS355f1
5299 FR 5299 : AdlA; to F-ZBEL
FR F-ZBEL : Douane
5300 1983 DE D-HEHN : Germany to OH-HAJ
FI OH-HAJ : Finland, to G-BPVB
UK G-BPVB : AS.355F1 type; European Helicopters Ltd Apr/May 1999
UK G-DOLR : Dollar Air Services Aug89-Sep92
UK G-ECOS : Golden Harvest Ltd Sep92-Aug94; Pace Micro Tech Ltd Aug+
UK G-ECOS : Multiflight Ltd Aug97-Sep03
UK G-LNTY : LNT Aviation Sep03-Aug06
UK G-LNTY : Bristow Academy Aug06-Aug11
UK G-LNTY : as355f1 28may10 type:AS355F1 at Staverton
AU VH-YUR : McDermott Aviation from Aug11
5302 1983 UK G-BKUK : McAlpine from Jul83
UK G-BMTC : Marley Tile Co Ltd Dec83-Jan86
UK G-BSSM : Blue Star Ship Mgmt Jan86-Aug89
UK G-SASU : McAlpine Aug89-Jan90
UK G-SASU : Gulf and UK Ind Ltd Jan90-Dec94
Aeromega Ltd Dec94-Jan98
UK G-EPOL : Cambridgeshire and Essex Air support unit Jan98-Feb05
UK G-BMTC : Sterling Helicopters from Feb05; 23apr09 pictured at No+
UK G-BMTC : Norfolk Constabulary op by Sterling Helicopters Feb05-A+
UK G-BMTC : 14Jan14 sold and moved by road from Norwich (NWI/EGSH) +
RCR Aviation from Jan14
Sep14 Now being Parted out by Helispares Ltd
5303 1983 UK G-GWHH : Wimpey Homes Holdings Ltd Jan84-Jan94
UK G-FFHI : Ford Farm Helicopters Jan94-Feb96
UK G-FFHI : as355f1 McAlpine Feb/Mar 1996, conv to AS355F1 type
UK ZJ140 : AS355-F1. ex G-BKUL (Jul 1983) to G-BWHH (Jan 1984) to +
24/25jul99 32Sqn. Fairford air show
UK G-BKUL : Premiair Apr/May 2006
UK G-VONH : Von Essen Aviation May06-Feb12
UK G-VONH : Premiair Feb/Nov 2012
UK G-VONH : London Helicopters Centres Ltd Nov12-Feb14, to Belgium
UK G-VONH : Apr13-Apr14, sold Eurocopter AS355F-1 1983 - Single Pil+
37 C/N.

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