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123-0011 1964 US N9309F : Metco Helicopters at Springdale, AR Nov99-Oct10
NZ ZK-ING : w/o 11apr14 Fish River near Haast Pass, New Zealand. 2 +
35-0176 NL PH-KAH : from dec69 ex Belgium w/o 15feb72
45-0188 1965 IE EI-AOV : Reg to Trans World Helicopters Ltd by Nov 1965; to Keny+
KE 5Y-ADV : ex EI-AOV; to Kenya by Jul 1966.
45-0189 1965 US N8837F : Manufacturer test serial ?; to Ireland by Nov 1965
IE EI-AOU : ex N8837F; Reg EI-AOU to Trans World Helicopters Ltd by+
UK G-AVZC : ex EI-AOU; Reg to G-AVZC by Dec 1967
28 Mar 1990 w/o Hemingbrough as a result of heavy landi+
116-0292 US N9501 : At Paris Air Show 1967
DE D-HCAC : Germany, to OE-AXK
06dec68 at Viernheim
AT OE-AXK : Austria, to D-HCLE
DE D-HCLE : ex OE-AXK; subsequently w/o as D-HCLE
w/o 30may87
67-0317 1967 UK G-AVUM : reg G-AVUM Sep 1967
stored, dismantled, at Bourn by .
UK G-PLOW : ex G-AVUM, re-reg to G-PLOW Sep 1983
128-0400 NL PH-HPH : Heli Holland from 1989 to w/o 6sep05. Emergency landing+
21-0459 US N9567F : private at Newport, TN Dec97
w/o East Eustis, Lake County, FL after taking off from+
8 C/N.