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Enstrom 280FX Delivered to Pakistan, 27-Feb-18 : Heli-Expo 2018 Global Services and Solutions of Pakistan took delivery of 4 Enstrom 280FX

Enstrom TH-180 Prototypes Seeking Certification, 02-Jun-17 : The TH-180 program has two prototype aircraft in the certification program, one is in flight test and the other engaged in a 100-hour ground run

Enstrom TH180 Moving Forward Towards Certification, 22-Feb-17 : Enstrom continues flying its second (and first fully conforming) prototype of the TH180 helicopter anticipating FAA certification by the end of 2017 and targeting an under $400,000 price point

Continuing Development of the Enstrom TH180, 17-Oct-16 : Enstrom continues flight tests on the second TH180 Flight Test Vehicle. The program is back on track after the delay caused by the accident with FTV 1

Enstrom TH180 Second Prototype, 31-May-16 : Enstrom resumed flight testing of the TH-180 with the first flight of the second prototype after last February accident

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Derivatives & Versions

280C Shark 1975
280F 1980
280FX 1985
480 1989
TH-180 2014 Unveil at Heli-Expo 2014, the TH-180 is a two-seats light piston-powered training helicopter scaled-down from the previous 280FX. Performed fir ...

List of Operators of Enstrom 280

From Organisation with model 280
chile Ejercito de Chile
    280FX 15 1989/02
kenya Everett Aviation ltd
    280C Shark 1 1999/   
pakistan Global Services and Solutions
    280FX 2018/   

venezuela Guardia Nacional de Venezuela
Construction Numbers on database of 280 or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
10001 th180 2015 US N180TH : Enstrom TH180 prototype f/f 06feb15; 03mar15 pictured (+
Enstrom TH-180; w/o 12feb16 significant damage during e+
10002 th180 2016 US N181TH : Enstrom TH180 prototype f/f 26may16
08mar17 pictured at HeliExpo 2017 Dallas, TX
1011 280c 1975 UK G-SHAA : 28may10 at Staverton
1019 280c 1975 US N508H : to C-GWHL
CA C-GWHL : Gateway Helicopters at North Bay, ON Feb96-Nov04
US N133AB : USA, private many owners since 2004
w/o 24jan16 Near Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport Phoen+
1027 280c 1976 KE 5Y-EXS : Everett Aviation
1053 280c US N586H : Enstrom 280C
1056 280c 1976 US N581H : Toward G-MEAD
UK G-MEAD : from Feb86 to Nov87 ex N581H toward SE-HOO
SE SE-HOO : Osterman from Nov87
SE SE-HOO : Bjornerud Gard AB from Nov91; w/o 27Dec91 hit power l+
1067 280c US N598H : Enstrom 280C
1069 280c US N592H : Enstrom 280C
1073 280c US N607H : Enstrom 280C
1074 280c 1977 US N594H : Enstrom 280C
1077 280c US N602H : Enstrom 280C
1078 280c US N624H : Enstrom 280C
1081 280c US N627H : Enstrom 280C
1163 280c 1979 US N5687D : to G-BRZF
UK G-BRZF : Haversham Helicopters Mar90-May92
UK G-IDUP : Sthepenson Marine Co May92-Aug96
Antique Building Ltd from Aug96
1168 280c 1979 CA C-GVOC : Northland Helicopters Alta Ltd at Edmonton, AB
Big Sky Helicopters Ltd at Edmonton, AB Nov93-Aug95
private San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California+
US N67RE : GHL Inc at Yakutat, AK 2003-Apr09
private w/o 10may18 near Highway 287 and FM 309, Nava+
1182 280c US N595AR : Enstrom 280C
1187 280c 1980 UK G-BIBJ : several owners Aug80-Mar11
AU VH-YHD : w/o 28feb15 at Deception Bay, QLD, Australia
1207 280c VE GN-8096 : Guardia Nacional; 1998 CAAGN
1517 280f 1984 JP JA7697 : Japan, to C-FXKW
CA C-FXKW : Canada private from Feb96
Jun/Dec 2016, sold Enstrom 280FX 1984
2002 280fx US N5690E : Enstrom Feb79
US N86235 : C G Franke & Son Llc at Wilmington, DE from Mar03
Avhub Llc at Hayward, CA Feb/Aug 2014
New Course Aviation Co at Golden, CO from Aug14; Mounta+
2014 280fx 1987 US N214NG : to N704G
US N704G : to N409LH
US N409LH : Family Tree Corp at Lakewood, CO, noted 2006
New Course Aviation Co at Golden, CO from Jun09; w/o 08+
2030 280fx CL H169 :
2031 280fx 1989 CL H170 : Ejercito 1989-2002
CA C-GZYM : 940412 Alberta Ltd Aug02-Jan05; 1114621 Alberta Ltd Jan+
US N151BY : Corporate Leasing Services Ltd at Helena, MT from Mar06+
19dec13 pictured at Phoenix Deer Valley, AZ
2032 280fx CL H171 : wfu to N280ML
2033 280fx CL H172 :
2034 280fx CL H173 : Ejercito; preserved at Army Aviation Brigade (BAVE) Mus+
2036 280fx CL H174 :
2037 280fx CL H175 :
2039 280fx 1989 CL H176 : Ejercito Chile 1989-2002, to C-GZYK
CA C-GZYK : 940412 Alberta Ltd Aug02-Jan05; 1114621 Alberta Ltd Jan+
PL SP-GMB : Poland from 2006; w/o 12oct13 Wolica Kozia. 2 fatalitie+
2040 280fx 1989 CL H177 : Ejercito 1989-2002
UK G-WIZI : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd Jul02-Jan03
UK G-WIZI : Rotary Energy Droplet Company Intl Ltd Jan/Oct 2003
private many owners Oct03-Jul17
Cloud Telematic Llp from Jul17
2042 280fx CL H178 : wfu to C-GZZC
2043 280fx CL H179 : wfu to C-GZYP
2044 280fx CL H180 : d/d 89. wfu 02 to civ G-CBNH
2045 280fx 1989 CL H181 : Ejercito; 1989 noted at Menominee, Michigan, USA; sold +
CA C-GZZQ : 360377 Alberta Ltd from Aug02
2046 280fx CL H182 :
2047 280fx CL H183 : wfu to C-GZZG
2071 280fx 1992 BE OO-PVL : Super Heist; May92 pictured at Brussel
UK G-CKCK : Southern Air Ltd May95-Aug96
May05 many owners; 2014 still
2077 280fx 1993 UK G-PBYY : 28may10 at Staverton
2084 280fx 1999 UK G-OJBB : 28may10 at Staverton
2086 280fx 1999 UK G-DDOD : Sunseeker Sales UK Nov99-Jun01
UK G-OJMF : JMF Ltd Jun01-Feb09
Manchester Helicopter Centre Ltd Feb09-Mar13
Reidinger Helicopter Gmbh, Austria from Mar13; w/o 05a+
2088 280fx VE GN-01127 : Guardia Nacional Bolivariana; w/o unk
2089 280fx VE GN-01128 : Guardia Nacional Bolivariana
2090 280fx VE GN-01129 : Guardia Nacional Bolivariana
2091 280fx VE GN-01130 : Guardia Nacional Bolivariana
2096 280fx 2003 US N280BR : Flight Solutions Inc at Hendersonville, TN Feb/Apr 2004
BG LZ-RJA : Bulgaria
2101 280fx US N581EG : Enstrom 280FX
2110 280fx 2005 US N283SH : Valley Air Inc 2005-2010
US N283SH : Sharkeys Helicopters at West Lebanon, NH Jul10-Jul11
US N283SH : NEK Corp at Hamburg, NY Jul11-Aug15
TBT Aviation at Findlay, OH Aug15-Aug16
US N283SH : Indiana Helicopters Dec16-Aug17
Sweet Helicopters Aug17
2119 280fx 2006 US N45FX : Enstrom, to N282FS
US N282FS : to N286SH
US N286SH : Sharkeys Helicopter at West Lebanon, NH from Jun06; Va+
US N286SH : New Course Aviation at Golden, CO from May11
Air 37 Llc at Holdrege, NE from Sep11
2124 280fx 2006 US N280BR : Enstrom Jun06
US N280BR : Richardson Cotton at Wilmington, DE Aug06-Oct13
Coastal Carolina Helicopters at Castle Hayne, NC from F+
03mar15 pictured at HeliExpo 2015, Orlando, FL. N180TH +
2129 ON SALE 2007 US N280RB : private at Golden, CO from Dec08
2132 280fx 2007 US N983JW : Enstrom Aug07-May09
US N983JW : Helicopters, Inc; pictured (pic1)
US N962SM : Helicopters, Inc; pictured (pic2)
US N962SM : SRM Aviation at Columbia, LA Jun09-Sep17
US N962SM : Indiana Helicopters at Fort Wayne, IN from Sep17
2133 280fx 2008 US N45FX : Enstrom from Nov07
US N45FX : Austin Air at Rhome, TX from Mar08; 11feb12 pictured at+
53 C/N.

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