Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2

AS555SN Fennec 2

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Airbus Recognized Royal Malaysian Navy’ Fennec, 21-Mar-17 : LIMA 2017 Airbus Helicopters and the Royal Malaysian Navy held a ceremony during LIMA 2017 to celebrate the excellent fleet availability record of the AS555SN Fennec fleet

List of Operators of Eurocopter AS555SN Fennec 2

From Organisation with model AS555SN Fennec 2
argentina Comando de Aviacion Naval Argentina
    4 1996/   
colombia Armada Nacional de Colombia
    2 1998/   
malaysia Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia
    6 2004/   
Construction Numbers on database of AS555SN Fennec 2


Construction Numbers

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5556 AR 0863 : accepted ARA jul96 as 3-H-301 then 3-H-131 after Hueys +
Mar17 pictured on ARA Almirante Brown (D10)
5585 AR 0864 : ARA jul96; 3-H-302 then 3-H-132 after Hueys arrived; 20+
5587 AR 0865 : accepted ARA jul96 as 3-H-303 then 3-H-133 after Hueys +
5589 AR 0866 : accepted ARA jul96 as 3-H-304 then 3-H-134 after Hueys +
5609 CO ARC-203 : Colombia Navy 203 d/d 1998
5613 CO ARC-204 : Colombia Navy 204 d/d 1998
w/o 09dec16 engine failure 12nm San Andres, 1 fatality
5709 MY M502-1 : Malaysian Navy; ex F-ZKBW
5711 MY M502-2 : Malaysian Navy, ex F-ZKBX
21mar17 pictured on display at LIMA 2017
5714 MY M502-3 : Malaysian Navy; ex F-ZKBY
03dec2012 pictured at Sitiawan Airfield,Malaysia.
5716 MY M502-4 : Malaysian Navy
06dec11 pictured at Langkawi, Malaysia
5717 MY M502-5 : Malaysian Navy; ex F-ZKBV; 05apr10 pictured at Lumut du+
5719 MY M502-6 : Malaysian Navy; ex F-WKCZ
12 C/N.

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