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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
47001 1976 US N9988K : Bell 222, cn 47001, ff:1976; reg Bell as N9988K, 1976, +
47002 1976 US N9992K : Bell 222, cn 47002, ff:1976; reg Bell as N9992K, 1978; +
47003 1978 US N222AX : Bell 222, cn 47003, ff:1978?; reg Bell as N222AX, 1978,+
47004 US N222BX : Bell 222, cn 47004, ff:1978?; reg Bell as N222BX, unk; +
47005 US N222CX : Bell 222 cn 47005, ff:?; reg Bell as N222CX, unk; wfu u+
47006 US N2759D : Bell 222 cn47006, ff:?; reg to Bell helicopters as N275+
222ut Feb83 noted as 222UT type at Fort Worth, TX
CA C-GBLL : 230 In 1990 Bell 222UT cn47006 went to Bell Canada at Mirab+
430 conv Bell 430 c/n 43901 f/f 03oct91; Oct94 noted as 430+
47007 US N2772E : Bell 222 cn 47007, ff:?; reg N2772E, unk; w/o unk.
47008 US N5007L : Bell 222 cn 47008, ff:?; reg US as N5007L, unk; wfu & b+
The Aviation Warehouse, El Mirage, CA
47009 US N5008Q : Bell 222 cn 47009, ff:?; reg US as N5008Q, unk; rereg N+
ZA ZS-RRC : conv Bell 222SP, unk; sold ZA as ZS-RRC, unk.
47010 US N5013H : Bell 222 cn 47010, ff:?; reg N5013H, unk; reg 9XR-???, +
47011 1980 US N50163 : Bell Helicopters
1980 appeared in Smokey and the Bandit II movie
CA C-GPRH : Pacific Rim Helicopters at Delta, BC 1990-1993
CA C-GPRH : Vancouver Island Helicopters Sep93-Jun94
CA C-GPRH : Trojan Helicopters at Delta, BC Oct96-Sep99
US N981AB : N981AB from Sep99
US N222ZX : Sunwest Construction Enterprises Inc at Hudson, FL from+
47012 US N230NX : Helicopters Inc; conv to 222SP; to N9225F
US N9225F fecorp : ex N230NX; to LV-WNP
AR LV-WNP : N9225F; loan to Argentine Presidency ( AAP ); 20jun07 p+
47013 US N2754T : Bell 222A, cn 47013, ff:?; del US as N2754T, unk.
BR PT-HTG : xfer Brazil as PT-HTG, unk; rtnd US as N2754T, unk.
CL CC-CNO : xfer Chile as CC-CNO, unk.
47014 US N1072F : Pan Am; early 1980s New York Shuttle Omniflight Helic+
US N1072F : P C Helicopter at Cincinnati, OH Nov88-Feb92
NZ ZK-HFQ : New Zealand, to TC-HMH
TR TC-HMH : Turkey, to ZS-HMS
ZA ZS-HMS : Henley Air, South Africa
47015 US N1074T : Bell 222 cn 47015, ff:?; reg US as N1074T, unk; w/o unk+
47016 1980 US N10745 : Bell 222; conv Bell 222SP
US N10745 : Pan Am
US N10745 : Worldwide Helicopter Sales Inc at Lafayette, LA Apr98+
24feb14 wreck pictured at El Dorado Aircraft Supplies, +
47017 1980 US N1082Y : Bell, to Japan
JP JA9547 : Okinawa Prefectural Feb80-Sep00, wfu; Jun02 Bell report+
47018 US N1085C : Bell 222A, cn 47018, ff:?; del US as N1085C, unk
DE D-HEAD : xfer Germany as D-HEAD, unk; rtnd US as N1085C, unk.
BR PT-HTF : xfer Brazil as PT-HTF, unk.
47019 1980 US N75GY : Bell 222 cn 47019, ff:?; reg US as N75GY, unk
US N75GR : rereg as N75GR, unk
US N75CR : rereg US as N75CR, unk
US N434WW : rereg US as N434WW, unk.
47020 ZA ZS-HJK : Bell 222A, cn 47020, ff:?; del South Africa as ZS-HJK, +
US N3181D : xfer US as N3181D, unk
US N222LB : rereg US as N222LB, unk
US N222LD : rereg US as N222LD, unk
US N4391H : rereg US as N439TH [ntu], reg as N4391H, unk; wfu & b/u+
47021 1980 NO LN-OSB : Helikopter Service 26Jun80-Feb84; "Twin Mort"
IE EI-BOR : Westair from23Feb84, reser as EI-WBC ntu
US N222WX : Newtown Tramoreco at Waterford, Ireland Jul04-Sep11; Ne+
Expired Aug13. See c/n 47029
47022 US N1082Z : Bell Helicopter, D-HDAD ntu
JP JA9548 : Hyogo Prefectural Police Apr80-May89
US N6566C : Air Methods Jan95; canc Apr01; w/o ?
47023 RP RP-C1724 : Bell 222 cn 47023, ff:?; reg Philippines as RP-C1724, u+
US N111RS : sold Falcon Helicopters Inc, Lees Summit, MO as N111RS,+
47024 US N2772H : Bell 222 cn 47024, ff:?; del Omniflight Airways as N277+
US N222MJ : conv Bell 222SP, unk; reg N222MJ, unk; rereg US as N277+
US N5750M : USA, to Germany
DE D-HCHB : D-HBAD reserved Jun80, but NTU; D-HCHB Paderwerk Gebr.+
US N997RS : USA, to C-GDRH
CA C-GDRH : Canada, canx 16nov88
BR PT-HAC : Brazil 1989-1997
47026 US N27118 : Bell 222 cn 47026, ff:?; del US as N27118, unk
US N222HV : rereg US as N222HV, unk
US N299CK : rereg US as N299CK, unk
CA C-GFCB : sold Canada as C-GFCB, unk; wfu unk.
47027 1980 US N5754T : Bell 222A, cn 47027, ff:/; del US as N5754T, unk
DE D-HCAD : xfer Germany as D-HAAD [ntu], reg as D-HCAD, unk.
UK G-BLSY : Dec84-Dec91, many owners; Sep85 pictured with Air Hans+
DE D-HBTZ : rtnd Germany as D-HBTZ, unk
DE D-PBLP : rereg as D-PBLP, unk; wfu unk.
47028 ON SALE 1980 US N9B : Bell 1980
US N5733H : USA 1980 ntu?
UK G-META : London Metropolitan Police Aug80-Dec96
PT CS-HDS : Omni Aviacao e Tecnologia from 1997
47029 1980 US N120NC : USA, reser N121NC
US N121NC : USA, reser N121NN
US N121NN : State of North Carolina at Raleigh, NC Nov82-Aug98
IE EI-TAR : Westair Aviation at Shannon, Ireland, Aug98-May00
IE EI-WRC : Westair Aviation at Shannon, Ireland, Nov11 (?!); Jan15+
IE EI-WRC : A paintball park in Exeter Devon U.K. has a Bell 222 fu+
EI-BOR, c/n 47021, was shipped to Wilmington delaware a+
47030 1980 AR LV-PIX : LAPA Lineas Aereas d/d 17sep80; to LV-OIT
AR LV-OIT : Gobierno de Tierra del Fuego 1983; ex LV-PIX; dam 19ma+
47031 1980 OM A4O-CG : ROP
UK G-BNDA : Air Hanson Sales Jan/Feb87, ex A4O-CG
UK G-OSEB : Walkfine Ltd 1987-1991
UK G-OJLC : John Laing Mar/Aug 1991
UK G-NOIR : 1991-1994 Arlington; 1994-2009 Goodman; 2009 Eastern At+
US N22ZW : repainted as an Airwolf replica; 2012 at Eastbourne Air+
47032 US N222TX : Bell 222A, cn 47032, ff:?; del US as N222TX, unk.
US N773WW : rereg US as N773WW, unk
MY 9M-AYX : xfer Malaysia as 9M-AYX, unk
22may13 at Balice airport, Poland
47033 US N10VC : Bell 222 cn 47033, ff:?; del US as N10VC, unk
CA C-GFCC : sold Canada as C-GFCC, unk
CA C-GFOC : rereg as C-GFOC, unk
US N355FG : sold US as N355FG, unk
EL-GIO : sold Liberia as EL-GIO, unk
US N222GQ : sold US As N222GQ, unk
US N73RX : rereg US as N73RX, unk
47034 US N27790 : Bell 222 cn 47034, ff:?; del US as N27790, unk; w/o unk+
47035 1980 JP JA9552 : Shizuoka Prefectural Police Sep80-May02; wfu with 3992 +
47036 1980 UY 071 : Aviacion Naval d/d Dic 1980; 1992 to civ as LV-VAH
US N30836 Cornerstone : Cornerstone Financial d/d 2002
2011 D.D.Y. Wing Aviation
47037 US N5754B : Bell 222 cn 47037, ff:?; del US as N5754B, unk
CA C-GCGP : sold Canada as C-GCGP, unk
US N222LV : sold US as N222LV, unk
US N222ML : rereg as N222ML, unk
47038 1980 JP JA9553 : del Nagano Prefectural Police as JA9553, Nov80; wfu Dec+
47039 JP JA9554 : del Aichi Prefectural Police as JA9554, Nov80; wfu Apr0+
US N38KK : sold K K Aircraft intl, LLC as N38KK, 01Apr04; w/o 2004+
47040 US N1085G : Bell 222A, cn 47040, ff:?; reg Bell as N1085G, unk
SE SE-HSF : del Sweden as SE-HSF, unk
FR F-WYMA : sold France as F-WYMA, unk.
FR F-WKHS : rereg F-WKHS, unk
FR F-WQAA : rereg as F-GKHS, [ntu], rereg as F-WQAA, unk
FR F-WKHS : rereg as F-WKHS, unk.
SE SE-HSF : rtnd Sweden as SE-HSF, unk.
FR F-GVAN : rtnd France as F-GVAN, unk.
US N22BV : rtnd US as N22BV, unk.
AU VH-OSU : private from Feb14
47041 1980 OM A4O-CH : ROP
UK G-BNDB : Jan/Feb 1987, ex A4O-CH, for G-JLBZ
UK G-JLBZ : Feb87-Feb90
UK G-VERT : Feb90-Aug94
UK G-OWCG : Aug94-May02
UK G-OWCG : Von Essen May02-Nov03, rereg G-VOND
UK G-VOND : Von Essen Nov03-Feb12; 26sep09 pictured (bot) at the P+
11jul10 pictured (top) at Cranfield. R44 G-OHJV on back+
UK G-VOND : Feb/Jul 2012, then Australia
AU VH-RLI : From Aug12
47042 US N123MH : del US as N123MH, unk
US N414WW : rereg as N414WW, unk
- : Airwolf replica
47043 1980 US N3895H : del US as N3895H, unk
US N602BA : rereg as N602BA, unk
MX XB-JBT : Cerno SA de C.V., ex N602BA to N222EX
US N222EX : rtnd US as N222EX , unk.
47044 US N3899S : Bell
YU YU-HCM : Yugoslavia
Police Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina until 1990, the+
1980 bought for the incoming XIV Winter Olympiad in Sar+
To my knowledge the comment made by "guest" in septembe+
US N322RM : USA Mar95-Sep98
US N30SV : Rocky Mountains Holdings Llc at Provo, UT 16-17Sep98
US N30SY : ntu; b/u
47045 US N183S : Bell 222 cn 47045,ff:?; del US as N183S, unk.
US N404WW : rereg as N404WW, unk.
47046 US N1075C : Bell 222, cn 47046, ff:?; del US as N1075C, unk
US N19FH : reg US as N19FH, unk
CA C-GHNX : xfer Canada as C-GNHX, unk
CA C-GVVG : reg Canada as C-GVVG, unk
GT TG-VVG : xfer Guatemala as TG-VVG, unk
47047 US N39017 : Bell, to N850E
US N850E : USA, to 4X-BCG
IL 4X-BCG : Gabriel Sherover Foundation Israel; to N70692 1997-200+
US N70692 : rtnd US as N70692, unk; wfu & b/u, Paine Field, WA, 201+
47048 1980 YU YU-HCP : Yugoslavia, to Turkey
TR TC-HMB : Turkey, to USA
US N222XZ : Sunwest Construction Enterprises Inc at Hudson, FL from+
47049 US N38929 : del US as N38929, unk
47050 UK G-METC : London Metropolitan Police; to CS-HDT
47051 US N729P : USA, to N60MJ
US N60MJ : Comtran International at San Antonio, TX Jul92-Nov96
RO YR-CLB : Romania, to C9-HMP
MZ C9-HMP : 19jul17 Mozambique, Makond Air-Link
47052 US N3899G : USA 1980
DE D-HVUM : HSD Jun92-?
US N34WH : CMI Trading Inc at Wilmington, DE Feb02-Jul03; N222HK n+
MX XA-JKM : Mexico reserial XB-LHO
MX XB-LHO : State of Tamulipas, Mexico ~2001; Governors VIP transp+
47053 US N112JH : Bell 222 cn 47053, ff:?; del US as N112JH, unk
US N145BA : reg US as N145BA, unk
US N29KH : reg US as N29KH, unk
47054 US N3906V : Bell 222 cn 47054, ff:?; del US as N3906V, unk
US N100YM : reg US as N100YM, unk
US N130YM : reg US as N130YM, unk
US N37VA : reg US as N37VA, unk
US N8140A : reg US as N8140A, unk
US N800HH : reg US as N800HH, unk
US N800HL : reg US as N800HL, unk.
47055 1981 UK G-METB : London Metropolitan Police Feb81-Dec96
Metropolitan Police helicopter based at Lippitts Hill, +
wfu 1993. Stored at Lippits Hill, still there by Dec 19+
PT CS-HDU : OMNI; served Portuguese Ministry of Health (INEM, Minis+
BR PP-MEH : Omni Taxi Aereo, noted 2008; Oct11 reg; Jan14 still
47056 KR HL9215 : Bell 222 cn 47056, ff:?; del S Korea as HL9215, unk
AU VH-RLY : xfer Australia as VH-RLY [ntu?]
47057 US N38998 : USA
BR PT-HSZ : Cotema Equipamentos e Peças Ltda Jul03
- : Apr18 now i am the owner. It does not fly anymore! I bo+
47058 US N39117 : Bell 222 cn 47058, ff:?; del US as N39117, unk
MX XA-STH : xfer Mexico as XA-STH, unk; reg cnx, unk
47059 US N22299 : Bell 222, cn 47059, ff:?; del US as N22299, unk; w/o un+
47060 US N222LH : Bell 222 cn 47060, ff:?; del US as N222LH, unk
US N222LG : reg US as N222LG, unk
US N222LL : reg US as N222LL, unk.
47061 DE D-HCHS : Bell 222A, cn 47061, ff:?; del Germany as D-HAAD, [ntu]+
UK G-BLSZ : xfer UK as G-BLSZ, unk
UK G-DMAF : reg UK as G-DMAF, unk
SE SE-HTN : xfer Sweden as SE-HTN, unk
US N40EA : xfer US as N40EA, unk
IE EI-ZZZ : xfer Ireland as EI-MED, {ntu] reg as EI-ZZZ, unk.
47062 1981 US N2221W : Bell f/f 13may81
US N303CK : USA, to N230LB
US N230LB : USA, to N992AA
US N992AA : Air Angels Inc at Bolingbrook, IL from Mar99; w/o 15oct+
Air Angels EMS helicopter; w/o 15oct08 hit a radio tow+
47063 US N2220P : Bell 222A, cn 47063, ff:?; del US as N2220P, unk; reg U+
US N82NR : reg Rockwell International as N82NR, unk
DE D-HHSH : xfer Germany as D-HHSH, unk
US N29WW : xfer US as N29WW, unk.
47064 US N38TH : Sony Aviation Inc at Teterboro, NJ Jan/Apr 1991
DE D-HHSE : HSD; w/o 08dec95 crashed near Ahrensdorf. 3 fatalites
47065 1981 US N100TE : Bell 222 cn 47065, ff:?; del US as N100TE, unk
US N8SC : reg US as N8SC, unk
CA C-FJSM : xfer Fox Air Héliservice, Canada as C-FJSM, unk
US N824D : rtnd US as N824D, unk
CA C-FJSM : rtnd Canada as C-FJSM, unk
US N222NK : xfer Air Carolina, US as N222NK, unk
47066 1981 US N2105J : Bell 222 cn 47066, ff: 1981; del Anglo Services Inc, Wi+
47067 1981 KR HL9216 : Bell 222A, cn 47067, ff:?; del S Korea as HL9216, unk; +
47068 US N2057B : Bell 222 cn 47068, ff:?; del US as N2057B, unk
US N34NR : reg Air Angels, LLC, Santa Rosa, CA as N34NR, unk; reg +
47069 US N2152J : Bell 222, cn 47069, ff:?; del US as N2152J, unk; w/o un+
47070 US N800CN : Bell 222 cn 47070, ff:?; del US as N800CN, unk
US N24FH : reg Edwards & Associates, Bristol, TN as N24FH, unk
DE D-HDOK : xfer Germany as D-HDOK, 23May91; w/o unk.
47071 1982 US N222LB : Midland Helicopters Inc at Midland, Texas d/d new 1982 +
US N11SP : reg US as N11SP, unk
US N8114X : reg US as N8114X, unk
US N307CK : reg US as N307CK, unk
PT CS-HDX : xfer Portugal as CS-HDX, unk
IE EI-DZN : xfer Ireland as EI-DZN, unk
47072 1981 US N905X : USA 1981-1989
CA C-GINA : Huisson Aviation Ltd at Timmins, ON Dec89-Feb90
CA C-GINA : Helicopter Transport Services (Canada) Inc at Carp, ON+
US N222JC : USA 2003-2005
US N707LP : Moravia Inc at Houston, TX Nov05-Dec15
N-707LP Inc at Houston, TX from Dec15
47073 US N21SR : Bell 222 cn 47073, ff:?; del US as N21SR, unk
US N21NH : reg US as N21NH, unk
US N337RE : reg US as N337RE, unk
US N21NH : reg US as N21NH, unk
US N85PS : reg US as N85PS, unk
US N21NH : reg US as N21NH, unk
US N74XL : reg US as N74XL, unk
47074 US N18097 : Bell Helicopters, to JA9568
JP JA9568 : Kanagawa Police Nov81-Apr03
NZ ZK-HZD : New Zealand ntu
47075 US N222BX : Bell 222 cn 47075, ff:?; del US as N222BX, unk
US N454WW : reg US as N454WW, unk
CA C-FKNO : xfer Canada as C-FKNO, unk
US N990AA : xfer US as N990AA, unk; wfu & b/u, unk.
47076 US N2071Z : Bell 222A, cn 47076, ff:?; reg Bell as N2071Z, unk
KR HL9218 : xfer S Korea as HL9218, unk
US N32HS : xfer US as N32HS, unk
US N50RX : reg US as N50RX, unk
CO HK-3829 : xfer S Korea as HK-3829, unk; xfer US as N173YZ, [ntu],+
47077 US N2071X : Bell 222A cn 47077, ff:?; reg Bell as N2071X, unk
KR HL9219 : xfer S Korea as HL9219, unk
US N913VP : xfer Worldwide helicopters, Grant, FL as N913VP, unk; w+
47078 US N1982P : Bell 222 cn 47078, ff:?; reg US as N1982P, unk
US N18UC : xfer US as N18UC, unk
US N990JB : xfer US as N990JB, unk
CA C-GSVD : xfer Canada as C-GSVD, unk
US N32GH : xfer US as N32GH, unk
MX XA-SII : xfer Mexico as XA-SII, unk
US N444MA : xfer US as N444MA, unk
MG 5R-MOH : xfer Armée de lAir Malgache as 5R-MOH, unk; Caught fir+
47079 US N2291W : Bell 222A cn 47079, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2291+
US N66UT : 222ut conv Bell 222UT unk; xfer US as N66UT, unk
DE D-HKSL : 222ut xfer Germany as D-HKSL, unk
CA C-FFXX : 222ut xfer Foxair Heliservice, Canada as C-FFXX, unk; noted Q+
47080 US N20461 : Bell 222 cn 47080 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N20461,+
US N131GS : xfer US as N131GS, unk
DE D-HHSC : xfer Germany as D-HHSC, unk
US N994AA : xfer Air Angels Inc, Bolingbrook, IL as N994AA, 30Jun00+
47081 1982 US N969YC : Bell 222 cn 47081 ff:?; reg US as N969YC, unk
US N222TY : xfer US as N222TY, unk
US N222SG : xfer US as N222SG, unk
US N212DM : US Helicopter Charters Service from Jun01
47082 1982 JP JA9582 : Bell 222 cn 47082, ff:?; del Yamanashi Prefectural Poli+
47083 1982 US N23021 : Bell 222 cn 47083, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N23021+
BR PT-HTH : xfer Braziil as PT-HTH, unk; w/o unk.
47084 1982 US N5NJ : Bell 222 cn 47084 ff:27Aug82?; del New Jersey State Pol+
US N909SF : xfer US as N909SF, unk
47085 US N3176S : Bell Helicopters;1980s used in filming AIRWOLF TV show
DE D-HHSD : Hubschrauber Sonder Dienst, Germany; ambulance; w/o 06+
47086 US N3176T : Bell 222, cn47086, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3176T+
US N828WA : xfer US as N828WA, unk; damaged when struck electrical +
US N222 : conv Bell 222SP, unk; xfer US as N222, unk
MX XA-STH : xfer Mexico as XA-STH, unk
US N41EL : xfer US as N41EL, unk
MX XA-STH : xfer Mexico as XA-STH, unk
MX XB-JRB : xfer Mexico as XB-JRB, unk
CA C-GYMX : xfer Canada as C-GYMX, unk
47087 US N31764 : Bell 222A cn47087, ff:1983?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3+
US N415J : xfer US as N415J, unk
US N462 : xfer US as N462, unk
US N213ML : xfer Action Helicopter Service Center as N213ML, unk; C+
47088 1983 US N3176U : Bell 222A cn47088, ff:1983?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3+
US N222AB : xfer US as N222AB, unk
VE YV-163CP : xfer Aero-Servicios Alas, C.A., Venezuela as YV-163CP, +
47089 1983 US N424WW : Bell 222 cn47089, ff:1983?; del Worlwide Helicopter Sal+
47090 ? : Bell 222 cn47090, ff:?; unconfirmed
47091 ? : Bell 222 cn47091, ff:?; unconfirmed
47092 ? : Bell 222 cn47092, ff:?; unconfirmed
47093 ? : Bell 222 cn47093, ff:?; unconfirmed
47094 ? : Bell 222 cn47094, ff:?; unconfirmed
47095 ? : Bell 222 cn47095, ff:?; unconfirmed
47096 ? : Bell 222 cn47096, ff:?; unconfirmed
47097 ? : Bell 222 cn47097, ff:?; unconfirmed
47098 ? : Bell 222 cn47098, ff:?; unconfirmed
47099 US N2042X : Bell 222 cn47099, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2042X,+
47131 222B US N2226W : Bell 222B cn47131, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2226W+
JP JA9645 : del Japan as JA9645, unk
DE D-HRIC : xfer Germany as D-HRIC, unk
PT CS-MHD : xfer Portugal as CS-MHD, unk
US N8159Z : xfer US as N8159Z, unk
US N306CH : xfer Central Helicopters as N306CH, unk; w/o when crash+

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