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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
23001 1992 CA C-GAJH : Bell Canada
US N230FW : Bell Helicopter
RP RP-C8180 : Philippines, reser RP-C8288
RP RP-C8288 : to N230XX
US N230XX : Aircraft Services Resales LLC at Wilmington, DE Dec06-N+
DE D-HHHA : LGM Luftfahrt GmbH from Nov07
DE D-HHHA : Meravo Luftreederei GmbH from Apr10
DE D-HHHA : Sep13-May14, sold Bell 230 1992 - COM Dual King KTR 908+
23002 1992 CA C-FOXW : Bell 230 cn 23002, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters (Canada) +
US N4425R : xfer US as N4425R, unk
JP JA6705 : xfer Japan as JA6705, unk
US N4425R : rtnd US as N4425R, unk
US N30SV : Sioux Valley Hospitals and Health System; ex JA6705
US N903SH : Sanford AirMed Health Air Ambulance; ex N30SV
23003 1992 CA C-GAEP : Bell 230, cn23003, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters (Canada) +
CA C-FPJR : xfer Canada as C-FPJR, unk
US N230AX : xfer US as N230AX, unk
TR TC-HRK : xfer Turkey as TC-HRK, unk
US N209RS : xfer US as N209RS, unk
BR PP-MRF : xfer Brazil as PP-MRF,unk
23004 1992 CA C-FPEF : Bell 230 cn23004, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters Canada as +
US N230HS : 1993 pictured at Helitech 93 with German flag on the ta+
TR TC-HNH : xfer Turkey as TC-HNH, unk
TR TC-HHH : turkey private; also TC-HNH
US N82246 : xfer US as N82246, unk
US N500HC : xfer US as N500HC, unk
US N500HG : xfer US as N500HG, unk
US N230H : PHI from 2002
23005 1993 CA C-FPOI : Bell Canada 1993
DE D-HHEH : HDM-Flugservice GmbH; Jun94 at ILA airshow Berlin
US N230E : USA, to 9M-BCN
MY 9M-BCN : Malaysia; to N60856 ntu, to SX-HTG
GR SX-HTG : Greece, to N9161X
US N9161X : private Alliance Airport, Fort Worth, TX May/Dec 2005
BR PP-LBP : Diamond Taxi AĆ©reo, Brazil
546 Participacoes Ltda Jul10-Sep14
Sep14, sold Bell 230 1993 Total Time: 2,150.3 Hours. Cy+
23006 CA C-GLZS : Bell 230 cn 23006, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters Canada as+
US N230UD : xfer US as N230UD, unk; xfer Japan as JA????, unk; xfer+
MX XA-SJT : xfer Mexico as XA-SJT, unk
US N8060V : xfer US as N8060V, unk; xfer Dominican Republic as HI-.+
23007 CA C-GFNL : Bell 230 cn 23007, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters Canada as+
US N230PA : xfer US as N230PA, unk
ZA ZS-REV : xfer South Africa as ZS-RPM, [ntu]; xfer South Africa a+
BR PP-BBR : xfer Brazil as PP-BBR, unk
US N526GY : xfer US as N526GY, unk
US N230EF : xfer US as N230EF, unk
23008 CA C-GADL : Bell Canada
US N230CN : Bell USA
CL 49 : Armada Chile d/d 1994 for evaluation
US N230CN : Bell Helicopters, canc Dec00
EC HN-401 : Aviacion Naval d/d 1998
23009 CA C-FOFH : Bell 230 cn 23009, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-FOFH+
US N230UN : xfer US as N230UN, unk
US N230SL : xfer US as N230SL, unk
23010 CA C-GAED : Bell 230 cn23010, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-GAED,+
US N230TX : xfer US as N230TX, unk
US N230TB : xfer US as N230TB, unk
RP RP-C8858 : xfer Philippines as RP-C8858, unk
US N230RM : xfer US as N230RM, unk
DE D-HHHC : xfer Germany as D-HHHC, unk
US N230RM : xfer US as N230RM, unk
ZA ZS-HMP : xfer South Africa as ZS-HMP, unk
23011 CA C-GFNY : Bell 230 cn23011, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-GFNY,+
US N230EM : xfer US as N230EM, unk
23012 1993 CA C-GLZW : Bell 230 cn23012, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-GLZW,+
US N231UM : xfer US as N231UM, unk
US N206CM : xfer US as N206CM, unk; xfer US as N860SF, [ntu]; remai+
US N206CX : xfer US as N206CX, unk; xfer US as N530SH, [ntu]; remai+
US C-FLRU : 2009 C-FLRU, ex N206CX
23013 1993 CA C-GLZH : Bell 230 cn23013, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-GLZH,+
US N232UM : xfer US as N232UM, unk
US N208CM : xfer US as N208CM, unk; xfer US as N890SF, [ntu]
US N208CV : xfer US as N208CV, unk
US N904CM Republic Helicopters : 2011 N904CM; ex N232UM, N208CV
23014 CA C-GFNK : Bell 230 cn23014, ff:?; reg Bell helicopters as C-GFNK,+
US N230TX : xfer US as N230TX, unk
CA C-FSUE : xfer Canada as C-FSUE, unk
US N230PR : xfer US as N230PR, unk
IN VT-PPR : xfer India as VT-PPR, unk
US N145RC : xfer US as N145RC, unk
23015 CA C-GADQ : Bell 230 cn23015, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-GADQ,+
US N236X : xfer US as N236X, unk
QA A7-HBF : xfer Qatar as A7-HBF, unk
IN VT-VAL : xfer India as VT-VAL, unk
23016 CA C-FEXW : Bell 230 cn23016 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-FEXW, +
US N303PS : xfer US as N303PS, unk
VE YV-375T : xfer Venezuela as YV-375T, unk
23017 CA C-FOEP : Bell Canada, to N230LF
US N230LF : Bell Helicopter
US N830SF : OSF Aviation Llc at Peoria, IL Apr07-Apr14; Childrens H+
US N830SF : CSC Trust Co of Delaware Trustee at Wilmington, DE Aug/+
UY CX-MPR : Foresbal Uruguay from 28oct14; 06mar15 pictured at Pand+
23018 CA C-GAHJ : Bell Canada
US N2163J : Bell Helicopter
VE YV-921CP : Venezuela, ntu N390MH
Bloque De Armas media company, Venezuela
US N870SF : Osf Aviation at Peoria, IL from Jul02
UY CX-LRN : Foresbal SA, Uruguay from May15
11dec15 pictured in firefighting season inauguration at+
23019 1994 CA C-GLZA : Bell Canada 1994, to N230JP
US N230JP : FC Corp DBA at Euless, TX Jan/Jul 2002
US N4UV : Mansfield Heliflight Oct05-Apr07
US N4UV : University of Virginia Health System (Pegasus)
AU VH-XCW : CareFlight QLD from 2007
23020 1994 CA C-GFNK : Bell Canada 1994
US N5292B : Bell, to JA6734
JP JA6734 : Japan 1994-2003
US N974RH : Republic Helicopters at Santa Fe, TX from Oct03; 17mar+
23021 1994 CA C-GAJR : Bell Canada 1994
US N5292L : Bell Apr/Jun 1994
TR TC-HTS : Turkey from Jul94; Hema Group
Apr/Jul 2016, sold Bell 230 1994 - 2,500 Hrs TT; Overh+
TR TC-HCT : Sep17, sold Bell 230 1994; Bell Service centre maintain+
23022 1994 CA C-FEXW : Bell 230 cn23022, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-FEXW,+
US N5292M : xfer US as N5292M, unk
KR HL9209 : KBS South Korea; to N230MG
US N230MG : Noevir Aviation, NJ 2006-2008
IS TF-HHS : Iceland private; May11 on Sale at Bedford, Texas
US N230HS : Birken Holdings Llc from Wilmington, DE May11
23023 CA C-GLZO : Bell 230, cn23023, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-GLZO+
US N2288B : xfer US as N2288B, unk
JP JA6736 : xfer Japan as JA6736, unk
US N230SM : xfer US as N230SM, unk
23024 CA C-GFNK : Bell 230 cn23024, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-GFNK,+
US N4578D : xfer US as N4578D, unk
MX XA-TBD : xfer Mexico as XA-TBD, unk
US N230MH : xfer US as N230MH, unk
US N880SF : Osf Aviation from 2002; Saint Francis Medical Center, +
18nov11 dam when left gear assembly collapsed on lndg S+
23025 CA C-FEXW : Bell 230 cn23025, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-FEXW,+
US N7942S : xfer US as N7942S, unk
IN VT-AMA : xfer India as VT-AMA, unk
IN VT-IMA : xfer India as VT-IMA, unk
23026 1994 CA C-GFNR : Bell 1994
US N7904F : Bell, to JA6798
JP JA6798 : Japan, to N230JP
US N230JP : FC Corp Dba at Euless, TX Jan/Jul 2002
BR PR-EAL : Reali Taxi Aereo Ltda Aug02-Apr10
ZA ZS-HJV : South Africa unk
ZA ZS-HJV : Capital Air; 09dec10 at Rand
23027 CA C-GLZO : Bell 230 cn23027, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-GLZO,+
US N977SW : xfer US as N977SW, unk
US N9778W : xfer US as N9778W, unk
BR PT-YTC : xfer Governo do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil as +
23028 1994 CA C-GLZU : Bell Canada 1994
US N41144 : Bell Helicopters 1994, to XA-IKA
MX XA-IKA : SACSA Mexico, to N21380
US N21380 : unk, N420XM (ntu)
US N14UH : UMMC AirCare 1996 op by PHi Air Medical, to N393AA; pic+
US N393AA : PHi from Sep10
23029 1994 CA C-GLZE : Bell Canada 1994
US N237X : Bell USA, canc Dec00
EC HN-403 : Aviacion Naval d/d 1998; w/o 19oct09 ditched 8m off Esm+
23030 CA C-GFNP : Bell 230 cn23030, ff:?; reg C-GFNP, unk
US N69647 : xfer US as N69647, unk
IN VT-UPB : xfer India as VT-UPB, unk
23031 CA C-GADH : Bell 230 cn23031, ff:?: reg Bell Helicopters as C-GADH,+
US N54387 : xfer US as N54387, unk
TR TC-HZA : xfer Turkey as TC-HZA, unk
US N230FC : xfer US as N230FC, unk
BR PR-VHL : xfer Brazil as PR-VHL, unk
23032 CA C-GAJR : Bell 230 cn23032, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-GAJR,+
US N230FD : xfer US as N230FD, unk
001 : xfer Incheon Fire & Safety Management Department, Sout+
KR HL9408 : rereg Incheon Fire & Safety Management Department, Sou+
23033 CA C-FOFB : Bell Canada 1994, to N53697
US N53697 : Bell USA, to RP-C3887
RP RP-C3887 : Philippines, to N230GH
US N230GH : Austria ntu; General Helicopters International Llc at W+
DE D-HVRG : Vereg GmbH at Wilhelmshaven/Mariensiel (JadeWeser) airp+
SK OM-VRG : Slovakia 2015
? : South Africa as unk by Jan16
23034 CA C-GLZY : Bell Canada
US N65341 : xfer US as N65341, unk
US N230GN : xfer US as N230GN, unk
US N230DM : Black Diamond Helicopter at Tampa, FL Sep/Oct 2005
DE D-HHHB : LGM Luftfahrt GmbH Jan08-Apr10
DE D-HHHB : Meravo Apr10-Nov12
ZA ZS-HPK : Henley Air South Africa from Nov12
23035 1995 CA C-GBUQ : Bell 230 cn23035, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-GBUQ,+
US N54987 : xfer US as N54987, unk
BR PT-YDH : Lider Taxi Aereo Jul02-2006?
US N9202N : xfer US as N9202N, unk
US N447MY : Mayeux s Flying Service Inc at Luling, LA Nov06-Apr10
Vertical Access Helicopters at San Antonio, TX Apr10-Ma+
CA C-FGWT : D.K. Heli-Cropper Int L Ltd at Abbotsford, BC from Mar1+
Dec16-May17, sold Bell 230 1995
23036 CA C-GADL : Bell 230 cn23036, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-GADL,+
US N67354 : xfer US as N67354, unk
TR TC-HUS : xfer Turkey as TC-HUS, unk
BD S2-AHR : xfer Bangladesh as S2-AHR, unk
23037 1995 CA C-GADP : Bell Canada
US N39142 : Bell Helicopter, Japan ntu
US N911RC : Palmetto Health Alliance
VE YV151T : Aerotecnica SA, Venezuela
- : Feb15-Mar18, sold Bell 230 1995; Configured for Passeng+
23038 1996 CA C-GFNQ : Bell Canada
US N23890 : Bell USA, Japan ntu
TR TC-HZH : Zorlu Air Turkey Aug98-Feb05
US N8110R : N8110R, to N840SF
US N840SF : Osf Aviation Llc at Peoria, IL May07-Aug14; Childrens H+
US N840SF : CSC Trust Co of Delaware Trustee at Wilmington, DE Aug/+
UY CX-DLM : Foresbal SA Uruguay from 28oct14
15jul16 pictured at Montevideo with CX-LRN and CX-MPR
47006 222 US N2759D : 222 Bell 222 cn47006, ff:?; reg to Bell helicopters as N275+
222ut Feb83 noted as 222UT type at Fort Worth, TX
CA C-GBLL : In 1990 Bell 222UT cn47006 went to Bell Canada at Mirab+
430 conv Bell 430 c/n 43901 f/f 03oct91; Oct94 noted as 430+
47503 222ut US N3177U : 222ut Bell 222UT c/n 47503, Bell Helicopters N3177U; conv Bel+
US N35AZ : Bell 230 prototype c/n 43902 f/f 12Aug91, conv from Be+
CA C-GEXP : 430 conv Bell 430 (skids) c/n 49002 at Mirabel, Canada as C+
40 C/N.

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