Boeing-Vertol 107-ii

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First flight of prototype (N74060) in 1958.107-II commercial model cert. by FAA Jan. 26, 1962. Kawasaki later licensed to build KV-107-II series. Mgtow: 22,000 lbs. (9979 kg.) Fuselage length: 44 feet 6.83. 2 Main rotors - 50 ft. diameter

Model News

HW Farren Continues Transporting Helicopters, 17-Sep-15 : HW Farren completed another month transporting big helicopters, including Boeing Vertol 107, CH-47 Chinook, Canadian CH-148 and UH-60 Black Hawk

Columbia Helicopters receives first 3 Hkp4s, 01-Apr-13 : WASHINGTON via PRNewswire - Columbia Helicopters has taken delivery of the first three of ten heavy lift helicopters purchased from the Swedish Department of Defense. The total order includes six Boeing Vertol 107-II and four Kawasaki Vertol 107-II models. The price was not disclosed.

Columbia Helicopters acquires 10 Hkp4, 26-Feb-13 : Columbia Helicopters is pleased to announce the acquisition of ten helicopters from the Swedish Department of Defense.

Derivatives & Versions

107M H-46 Sea Knight 1960 In 1956, Vertol began studies for a new medium-lift helicopter, with the general configuration of the company's HUP-1 Retriever / H-25 Mule ...
KHI kv 107-ii 1962 License-built version of Boeing-Vertol 107-II manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan
CH-113 Labrador 1963 BV-107II-9 Royal Canadian Air Force search and rescue version, 6 built.
CH-113A Voyageur 1964 BV-107II-28 Canadian Army basic transport version, similar to CH-46A; 12 built. Two lost in accidents.   Ten survivors transferred to Canadian A ...
hkp4a 1964 BV-107II-14 model for Swedish Air Force; search and rescue version based on CH-46A; 10 built.
hkp4b 1965 BV-107II-15, c/n  501-503; ff?, del to Swedish  Navy (Marinen)  as Hkp4B #04061- #04063 for ASW, minelaying, and SAR duties. Hkp4B #04062 cra ...
Model BV-107/II-15: basic ASW, SAR, and minelaying version for Swedish Navy, 3 built + one modified from BV-107/II-2.
hkp4d 1980 Four Hkp4A were refurbished and upgraded in 1980 to have similar capabilities as Hkp4B/C before being transferred to the Swedish Marinen for ASW, ...

List of Operators of Boeing-Vertol 107-ii

From Organisation with model 107-ii
usa US Army Aviation
    3 1959/65
canada Canadian Armed Forces
    CH-113 Labrador 6 1963/03
canada Royal Canadian Air Force (1945-1968)
    CH-113 Labrador 6 1964/68
canada Canadian Army (1945-1968)
    CH-113A Voyageur 12 1964/67
canada Canadian Armed Forces
    CH-113A Voyageur 12 1964/03
sweden flygvapnet
    hkp4a 10 1964/92
sweden marinen
    hkp4b 4 1966/??
usa Columbia Helicopters
australia CHI
    2 1980
papua new guinea CHI Papua New Guinea
    1 1985/   
usa Columbia Helicopters
    CH-113 Labrador 4 2004/   
usa Columbia Helicopters
    CH-113A Voyageur 4 2004/   

usa New York Airways
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