Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook

CH-147 Chinook


CH-47C for Canadian Armed Forces

List of Operators of Boeing-Vertol CH-147 Chinook

From Organisation with model CH-147 Chinook
canada Canadian Armed Forces
    8 1975/91

Construction Numbers on database of CH-147 Chinook


Construction Numbers

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b-718 1974 CA 147001 : CH-47C G-001. BuNo 74-22058. w/o 18oct74 prior delivery+
b-723 1974 CA 147002 : CH-47C G-002. BuNo 74-22059. w/o 17aug82 Rankin Inlet, +
b-725 1975 CA 147003 : CH-47C G-003. BuNo 74-22060. to Boeing as CH-47D B-725/+
b-726 1975 CA 147004 : CAF type:CH-147; 1984 450Sqn.
CH-47C G-004. BuNo 74-22061. to Boeing as CH-47D B-726/+
b-728 1975 CA 147005 : CH-47C G-005 BuNo 74-22062; Aug83 pictured with 450 Sqn+
all-ways stationed with 450 Sqn Ottawa until sold
b-729 1975 CA 147006 : CAF type:CH-147; 1988 447Sqn.
CH-47C G-006. BuNo 74-22063. to Boeing as CH-47D B-729/+
b-731 1975 CA 147007 : CH-47C G-007. BuNo 74-22064. to Boeing as CH-47D B-731/+
b-732 1976 CA 147008 : CH-47C G-008. BuNo 74-22065. to Boeing as CH-47D B-732/+
b-796 1978 CA 147009 : CH-47C G-009. BuNo 74-22066. to Boeing as CH-47D B-796/+
9 C/N.

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