Aerospatiale Gazelle

SA341E Gazelle HCC.4


VIP version by Westland for the RAF to be used by 32 Squadron. One Built and three converted

List of Operators of Aerospatiale SA341E Gazelle HCC.4

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Construction Numbers

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1024 1973 UK XW852 : ht.3 RAF HT.3 built by Westland; 1979 CFS/E; conv HHC.4 fo+
1050 1973 UK XW855 : ht.3 RAF Gazelle HT.3 built by Westland; assigned to CFS/RA+
32Sq, visited the Air Tattoo, (Sun) 24 Jun 1979
1742 1978 UK XZ935 : ht.3 RAF HT.3; 1984 HCC.4 type for 32 squadron; as 9332M G.+
UK XZ935 : At SAAE (DCAE) Arborfield, UK by
2010 1982 UK ZB629 : ht.3 RAF HT.3; 1984 HCC.4 type with 32 squadron
UK G-CBZL : London Helicopters Centres Jan/May 2003
UK G-CBZL : Armstrong Aviation from May03
w/o 22nov03 after hitting a power cable at a private la+
4 C/N.