Aerospatiale Gazelle

SA341D Gazelle HT.3


training version built by Westland for the RAF

List of Operators of Aerospatiale SA341D Gazelle HT.3

From Organisation with model SA341D Gazelle HT.3
united kingdom Westland
    Gazelle 1973/   
united kingdom Royal Air Force
    30 1973/97
united kingdom London Helicopter Centres
    Gazelle 2002/??
Construction Numbers on database of SA341D Gazelle HT.3


Construction Numbers

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1024 1973 UK XW852 : hcc.4 RAF HT.3 built by Westland; 1979 CFS/E; conv HHC.4 fo+
1050 1973 UK XW855 : hcc.4 RAF Gazelle HT.3 built by Westland; assigned to CFS/RA+
hcc.4 32Sq, visited the Air Tattoo, (Sun) 24 Jun 1979
1089 1973 UK XW858 : RAF HT.3; to civ G-DMSS
UK G-DMSS : ex RAF XW858
UK G-ONNE : March 2012 based at Steeple Bumpstead Essex - private s+
1104 1973 UK XW862 : RAF HT.3
UK G-CBKC : MW Helicopters at Stapleford Tawney -Oct04
UK G-CBKC : private UK Oct04-Jun10
UK G-EZZL : Regal Group UK from Jun10
1120 1973 UK XW866 : RAF HT.3; to civ G-BXTH
UK G-BXTH : ex RAF XW866; Flightline Ltd at Southend-On-Sea 1998-20+
Sep12 believe it is owned by a Farmer in the Dumfries a+
Mannifest Live Ltd from Aug14
at Blackpool
w/o 16jul15 crashed Abbeyshrule, Ireland
1146 1973 UK XW870 : RAF type:HT.3; 2008-2011 XW870/F (9299M) Manston Fire S+
CFS; 2 FTS / F
8 Aug 1995 damaged during heavy landing; not repaired. +
to Defence Fire Services CTE Manston on 29 Nov 2001, st+
1191 1974 UK XW898 : RAF Gazelle HT3; to civ G-CBXT
UK G-CBXT : pictured (pic2) at Weston-Super-Mare Helidays 2008
w/o 01nov08 near Langley Hill Farm, Winchcombe, Glouce+
1199 1974 UK XW902 : RAF Gazelle HT.3 built by Westland.; 1994 18Sqn./H; 199+
CFS, static display at the Air Tattoo, 23 Jun 1979
UK G-CGJY : private, Feb10-Dec13
UK G-RBIL : private, from Dec13
01apr17 flown over Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK
01feb18 landed on private helipad, Hebden Bridge
17jul18 07:40 Hs spotted head south over Honley and Hol+
1213 1974 UK XW906 : RAF HT.3
June 2011 Instructional airframe with QinetiQ Apprentic+
1228 1974 UK XW910 : RAF HT.3; to civ G-BXZE
UK G-BXZE : ex RAF XW910; w/o 03sep01
1244 1974 UK XX374 : RAF HT.3; 1979 as L in Central Flying School (CFS) RAF +
w/o 20apr83 crashed on Snowden. 2 fatalities
1272 1974 UK XX382 : 26 May 1986 flying as HT.3 CFS / M at Southend Air Show+
RAF HT.3; to civ as G-BZYB
UK G-BZYB steven atherton : now in private hands was ex RAF XX382 mike
1314 1975 UK XX396 : RAF HT.3; w/o 30jun81; to 8718M Cranwell /N Airframe T+
13+14jun92 traveling exhibit./N
to Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Munitions and S+
1344 1975 UK XX406 : RAF HT3 built by Westland; 1997 2FTS /P; 19?? wfu/store+
HT.3 7 Sq / P on 5 Aug 1999
UK G-CBSH London Helicopter : ex RAF XX406; 2002 as G-CBSH; 2004 to ALLTASK Ltd
from 2004 ALLTASK Ltd
1727 1978 UK XZ930 : RAF HT.3 noted in store at RNAY Wroughton
In service with RAF 2FTS at RAF Shawbury jul91 coded Q +
RAF HT.3; CFS/Q; instructional airframe as A2713 at Gos+
UK XZ930 : 2000 to HMS Sultan, Gosport for ground instruction; 25m+
25Jul13 seen back at HMS Sultan on trailer
at RAF Coningsby during the Close Air Support exercise
pictured (pic2) guarding the Vulcan Gate at HMS Sultan
1728 1978 UK XZ931 : RAF HT.3; 1980 CFS/L; 2001 wfu
RAF HT.3 noted in store at RNAY Wroughton
US N931XZ : Rotor Leasing at Las Vegas, NV Dec01-Dec13
private at La Quinta, CA Dec13-May15
ZA ZU-HGZ : South Africa from May15
Oct19 private at Ultimate heliport in Midrand, South Af+
1734 1978 UK XZ932 : RAF HT.3; 1987 CFS/S; to civ 3D-HGW
RAF HT.3 noted in store at RNAY Wroughton
SZ 3D-HGW : Swaziland, to G-CBJZ
UK G-CBJZ : MW Helicopters Ltd at Stapleford Aerodrome Feb02-Apr03
UK G-CBJZ : Golden Europe Jet Deluxe Club Ltd at Stuttgart, Germany+
1735 1978 UK XZ933 : RAF HT.3 built by Westland f/f 16jun78, d/d 17jul78
RAF HT.3 noted in store at RNAY Wroughton
participated in 4th WHC, coded 01, Aug 1981
2 FTS/T noted at St Athan, 23 Mar 1982
UK G-CGJZ : private from Feb10
1736 1978 UK XZ934 : RAF HT.3; noted in store at RNAY Wroughton
1988 CFS /U
UK G-CBSI : London Helicopter Centres Ltd Jun02-May03
UK G-CBSI : private from May03
pictured with Gazelle Squadron at RNAS Yeovilton durin+
09sep16 at a private house in Nuffield Marsh Lane betwe+
, in the static display at RNAS Yeovilton 2019
1742 1978 UK XZ935 : hcc.4 RAF HT.3; 1984 HCC.4 type for 32 squadron; as 9332M G.+
UK XZ935 : At SAAE (DCAE) Arborfield, UK by
1743 1978 UK XZ936 : Gazelle HT.3 built by Westland; to MoD Empire Test Pil+
UK XZ936 : pictured at RNAS Portland
1990 ETPS (Empire Test Pilots School); jul91 still ETPS
13+14jun92 ETPS
ETPS./6 homebase
ETPS at Boscombe Down
Jun11 still with ETPS at MoD Boscombe Down
UK XZ936 : w/o after tail was cut off by main rotors, during engi+
1746 1978 UK XZ937 : ht.2 RN Gazelle HT.2 built by Westland f/f 18aug78, d/d 25se+
noted in store at RNAY Wroughton
UK XZ937 : Not used by RN. Conv to Gazelle HT.3 and del to RAF.
participated in 4th WHC, coded 02
UK G-CBKA : MW Helicopters Feb02-Oct07
UK G-CBKA : private from Oct07
1791 1979 UK ZA801 : RAF HT.3 built by Westland; CFS RAF Shawbury; w/o cras+
1792 1979 UK ZA802 : RAF HT.3; 1984 CFS/W; to civ G-CBSJ
UK G-CBSJ : ex RAF ZA802; to G-HOBZ
1793 1979 UK ZA803 : RAF HT.3 built by Westland, to civ 9Q-CMF
pictured as 2FTS (Flying Training School) /X at RNAS L+
CD 9Q-CMF : Congo DR, ex RAF ZA803
1794 1979 UK ZA804 : RAF; 2FTS at Airforce days 1993 Eindhoven
RAF HT.3; 1996 static display at Mildenhall; preserved +
1905 1982 UK ZB625 : 1st Gazelle of a second batch built at Oldmixon. ff Apr+
UK ZB625 : RAF HT.3
2FTS. at Chivenor Air Day.
UK ZB625 : QinetiQ by 2010
UK QinetiQ : MoD ETPS at Boscombe Down by
1906 1982 UK ZB626 : RAF HT.3; to civ G-BZDW
UK G-BZDW : ex RAF ZB626; to 3D-HVW
back from 3D-HVW; w/o 26nov02
1914 1982 UK ZB627 : RAF HT.3 built by Westland
pictured (pic1) with 7Sqn in green cammo at RAF Odiham+
pictured (pic2) as 2FTS /A at Cottesmore
Jun02 to civ G-CBSK
UK G-CBSK : London Helicopter Centres Ltd Jun/Dec 2002
UK G-CBSK : Knoland Aviation Dec02/Nov06
Falcon Flying Group from Nov06, RAF livery
pictured (pic3) at Thruxton
11jul14 picture at RIAT 2014 with G-ZZLE
as /ZB627 in red/white livery seen at Cotswold Airport+
Attended 50th anniversary fly-in at Middle Wallop, pain+
1915 1982 UK ZB628 : RAF HT.3; 1986 CFS/V; w/o 09sep93
2010 1982 UK ZB629 : hcc.4 RAF HT.3; 1984 HCC.4 type with 32 squadron
UK G-CBZL : London Helicopters Centres Jan/May 2003
UK G-CBZL : Armstrong Aviation from May03
w/o 22nov03 after hitting a power cable at a private la+
31 C/N.

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