Sikorsky S-58 H-34

HH-34F Seahorse


Original designated HUS-1G, search & rescue version of HUS-1 / UH-34D Seahorse for US Coast Guard. Six built

List of Operators of Sikorsky HH-34F Seahorse

From Organisation with model HH-34F Seahorse
usa US Coast Guard
    6 1959/62
usa Air America
    S-58 H-34 110 1965/75

    S-58 H-34
Construction Numbers on database of HH-34F Seahorse


Construction Numbers

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58-985 US 1332 : USCG
US H-17 : aug63
1332 : RLAF, 25may64
58-1043 US 1333 : USCG
w/o 26sep60
58-1049 US 1334 : USCG; preserved at Military Aviation Museum, Clearwater+
US H-16 : aug63
US H-16 : w/o 27oct63
58-1056 US 1335 : USCG
US H-18 : aug63
1335 : RLAF
58-1063 US 1336 : USCG; w/o 29nov62 crashed into water in Gulf of Mexico +
58-1068 US 1343 : USCG
6 C/N.

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